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Bags and Beauty

Bags and Beauty: Top 5 Bags (and Hairstyles) with Braids

Braids are having a moment. There’s something about the texture, romantic and a little earthy, that feels so right. Just look to the recent ethereal hairstyles showcased by celebs like Amanda Seyfried, opting for a modern, less appropriated update on cornrows.

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El Camino Travel: Travel with a Personal Photographer

Put your selfie stick down! El Camino Travel is a new group travel service that organizes trips for you and your friends (you can also go as an individual if you’re looking to meet new people), and sends a professional photographer along with the group.

Top 5 Squared-Off Bags

Top 5 Squared-Off Bags: The Box is Tops

I prefer structure over schloppy, floppy bags. But sharply boxy bags are not always functional. They can be unforgiving at your side, difficult to get in and out of, and hard-edged to the touch. Not the latest bunch!

Alaïa Laser-Cut Leather Shoulder Bag

Alaïa Laser-Cut Leather Shoulder Bag: Fresh Cut

Thank you, Alaïa! Just when you think bucket bags are getting boring, one comes along that reinvigorates the love of the trend. Credit all their trademark laser-cut handiwork. These intricate details are insane!


Milli Millu The Quebec Shoulder Bag: A Little Goes a Long Way

Milli Millu founder and designer, Mireia Llusa-Lindh, is one of my favorite gals who knows her bags. Like me, looks are absolutely important to her, but the perfect bag also has details for conveniences.

Grunge-Inspired Eye Makeup at Fashion Month

Grunge-Inspired Eye Makeup at Fashion Month: Lashing Out

We try so hard to get our mascara to look natural, but the makeup artists of Spring/Summer 2016’s Fashion Month have another idea in mind – clumpy, grunge-inspired lashes of all colors and lengths.


Snobgrams 10-1-2015

In this week’s edition of Snobgrams, Tina is featured in PaperCity Magazine, and Kelly heads to the Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas!

Moschino Shop Shoulder Bag, Fresh Print Backpack, and iPhone Cover

Moschino Fresh Print Backpack, Shop Shoulder Bag, and Fresh iPhone 6 Cover: Let’s Take a Commercial Break

Where does fun end and tacky begin? Apparently at the house of Moschino, where satire loves to take an all too serious turn. This is what happens when a designer wants to express himself but lacks the creativity to come up with something original. My only advice is to look to your…toilet-cleaner?


Web Snob September 30, 2015

Ralph Lauren steps down as CEO, H&M sues Forever 21 for copyright infringement, and more of today’s news…