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Snobgrams 7-30-14

This week, Tina attends meetings in LA in style and rocks a Perrin clutch, while Kelly shows off her Snob Essentials bag and a breathtaking marina view!

Web Snob July 30, 2014

Web Snob July 30, 2014

Today’s fashion news includes Egypt’s budding industry, personalized Prada and more!

Victoria Beckham Small Zip Pouch

Victoria Beckham Small Zip Pouch: I Have 99 Problems, But a Pouch Ain’t One

Right now, I am all about simplifying my life with small pouches. I no longer need to carry baby supplies, so it recently hit me: I myself don’t even understand why I still run around daily with large bags. If there’s a designer who understands the work/kids/leisure balance, it’s Victoria Beckham, so it’s no wonder I’m obsessed with her small zip pouches.

Kirna Zabete Giveaway

Kirna Zabete Giveaway: Balenciaga Tube Bag & $1,000 Gift Certificate!

Tomorrow is the last day you can enter to win this pale pink Balenciaga Tube bag and $1,000 Kirna Zabete gift certificate!


Japanese Brand Yu-Be Comes to the U.S.

I learned a lot of things when, in the spring, I went to Japan for two weeks, like…the women have amazing skin and take their regimens very seriously and I’m not just talking about the geisha. Unfortunately even in the major department stores most people don’t speak a lick of English so discovering new products wasn’t as easy as I hoped.

Francesco Biasia Sorbonne Dark Blue and Neon Yellow Leather Satchel

Francesco Biasia Sorbonne Dark Blue and Neon Yellow Leather Satchel: Inside Job

Ever heard of Francesco Biasia? Not really? Good! That should be the idea sometimes. Wearing a brand nobody has heard of grants you an air of knowing authority, a sense of confidence so different from the kind you get from flashing a label everyone knows. After all, it’s all about taste and not labels, right? (Well, not all the time, but today it is!).

Chloé Medium Drew Suede & Leather Shoulder Bag

Chloé Drew Suede & Leather Shoulder Bag: Off the Chain

This is one of my favorite bags from Chloé, and given how many gorgeous contenders there are, that’s no small statement!

Off the Shoulder

Off the Shoulder: To Bare or Not to Bare?

While I love a good bare shoulder, the newest crop of pieces border on vulgar. Some designers appear to be underestimating the power of the shoulder. Just a flash of skin is all you need to make your point.

Quick Fix Essentials

Quick Fix Essentials: Schleppy to Sexy in Two Minutes

Ever find yourself needing to go from schleppy to dressy with only a couple of minutes to spare? Been there, done that!