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Diamond Crocodile Birkin


What’s better than a Black Croc Birkin? A Black Croc Birkin with bling! Earlier this year, Doyle New York auctioned off this black crocodile Hermes Birkin customized with a clasp and lock featuring 14 carats of pave diamonds that sold for $64,800. So in the world of bags, this officially is the ultimate in the Holy Grail of bags. This same auction had 11 Hermes bags in total, including (pictured in order below) a royal blue ostrich Birkin bag that sold for $15,600; an Etrusque crocodile Kelly bag that sold for $13,200; a black crocodile Kelly bag that sold for $12,000; and an anthracite crocodile Kelly bag that sold for $10,200, all from a single owner. So in the world of snobs, she is officially the ultimate “Heather”.

blue ostrich birkin.jpghermesetrusquecrockelly.jpgblackcrockelly.jpganthrocitekelly.jpg

8 thoughts on “Diamond Crocodile Birkin

  1. I have this bag, and I must say… It is the epitome of luxury.

  2. Hello, I love bags and like this blog.

  3. Actually, the prices aren’t bad AT ALL! It’s a bargain, if you ask me. They could easily fetch a lot more. Birkins with regular leather are just a few hundred dollars away from the Croc ones that were being sold!

  4. Hermes Birkin is the best! I love this picture of Marc Jacobs and Hubby on the beach. Marc with her Hermes birkin. Can can you buy this bag on the net?

  5. This is the gorgeous bag. How much is it now?

  6. I like to buy such a bag for a girlfriend, but i don’t know if she would like it.

    i like to give presents to nice lovely girls.

    i like the bag very much..

  7. I have it…but it’s NOT that GREAT. Sheesh. However, it was a good “hand-me-down” for my five-year old.

  8. henri would you be my bf? ;P

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