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We don’t know why we even bother reading Elle, Vogue or anymore. They feature bags MONTHS after the Bag Snob has already given it’s nod of approval. We featured the Chloe Edith in January (only hours after it’s appearance on the runway) and predicted its popularity but Elle didn’t feature it until their March issue. Pierre Hardy excited us back in April but by the time the magazines featured it in June, we were over it. Gryson bags flew out of Bergdorf Goodman after we featured it two months ago in June, finally noticed it on Aug. 14.

My point is, why bother reading any other fashion magazines or websites when the Bag Snob gives it to you FIRST! And why wait two months for magazines to publish the latest fashion trends from runways when we pick the best of the season within DAYS of the shows.

We’re fabulous, we know 😉



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  1. To completely jump on your band wagon, I totally agree. Not only are they featuring bags months after you do but as I was flipping through the mags this weekend, I kept noticing that the bulk of bags they feature do not live up to the “it” bags that you feature. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. …just thought I’d point out that editorial for magazines is put together a couple months before the issue actually appears. so, vogue, etc. are making the decision to give these bags their nods of approval at the same time as you are, it just takes longer for a magazine issue to appear than it does for info on a blog to show up, obviously.

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious but it doesn’t deter us from thinking that we are fabulous 🙂

    The Bag Snob

  3. I read and understood what Allison had to say. I would just like to point out one small, but, important detail. Fashion is and will always be an Instant Gratification business. The Bag snob just happens to get the real jump on magazines, answering the needs and desires of the shopping public who want to know what’s coming. After all they are bored by what they have been looking at for the last few months. We always want to know what’s next,people will always be excited by the thing that is just around the next bend. The magazine business needs to wait to publish their opinions,needing the support and discussion of many editors and stylists to decide if they,as a group, feel that this is the next big thing. The Bag Snob flies by the seat of her ever fashionably stylish pants and gives you the answer now! She feels no need to wait! I say you go on Sister Style, Lead On!

  4. I think this points out the future of publications, espcially for fashion. Blogs will take over for trend spotting while fashion magazines will be relegated to being nice glossy pictures to look at while we sit on the toilet (in other words, it won’t change).

  5. I appreciate Allison’s point that magazines are making the same editorial choices at the same time as you and I do love reading my magazines but there’s no denying that the long lead time from concept to publication for magazines is giving blogs the upperhand at introducing the latest and greatest in styles/ fashion.

    Bloggers are now the trendsetters instead of magazines and that automatically puts the magazines in the role of playing catch up, even if their ideas are conceived simultaneously.

  6. I agree! I don’t read magazines anymore actually except I do look at Italian or French Vogue for inspiration (I should really learn the language) and the occasional V. I just look at internet articles and Style sections of newspapers online. They’re the best and way ahead of US Vogue or any other magazine.

    More power to you guys!

  7. What’s not to love about a site devoted to bags

    (and fashion), But there is SO much out there.

    I would love to see more focus on designers off the beaten path, and designers doing socially conscious projects (like the “feed” bag)

    keep up the good work, and keep growing!