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Gerard Darel Metallic Satchel


All you stylish girls out there are in for a treat. We told you how hot Gerard Darel is so you will scream with delight for this glam and fab affordable satchel. Seriously, for $350 you can’t even get a decent Coach or Furla but why would you want to? Trust us ladies, if you are hip and stylish with no access to a trust fund, you MUST get this bag. You will not be sorry. And did I mention I have a practical side? I am getting mine in silver because what goes better with white in the summer than cool silver? And Christmas is right around the corner so you can be sure to spot me at holiday party in something black and carrying this bag. How’s that for money well spent? At Neiman Marcus.



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  1. bagsnob, love your blog! and love the bag. unfortunately, it’s sold out in silver at neiman marcus, and i’m not much of a golden girl.. do you know of any other places online to purchase gerard deral? i searched around but haven’t had any luck.

    if not, could you perhaps recommend a bag that is similar in style/price? i’m a college student and am looking for something stylish, and as you said, not requiring trust fund access. the GD bags are pretty amazing, but if i must settle for an alternative i would love your advice!

  2. Greetings,

    I was reading the Bag Snob this morning and saw that someone was unable to get the metallic bag from Neimans online. You might suggest to them that they try the NM 800 number (1-800-825-8000), this is direct access to all the stores. The 800 number is different from the online store, both receive some of the same merchandise. It might be easier for your blog fans to find the bags they want by using this service.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your shopping adventures in NYC. And to just talk with you, both Ray and I have missed you! XOXOX, Kelly

  3. thanks for the advice, i’ll be ordering this bag soon (happy birthday to me). does anyone who owns or has seen this bag know how large it is? the GD flap satchel is 12x21x5″ according to neiman marcus, but there is no size info for the metallic. thanks!