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Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons

Who is funding this stupid line of clothing now that she’s separated from Russell Simmons? Or is it part of her pre-nup? Kimora Lee Simmons is the epitome of tacky and bad taste, as seen on the runway Friday night during her show (let’s not even get into those Baby Phat ads where she’s dressed up as a blonde hooker). She sent models out wearing ‘grillz’ made from rubies and diamonds as a diversion from the ugly clothes she showed (those of you not down with ghetto accessories, go to Jewel Snob for crash course and yes, that’s also me. What? did you think I was only into bags? :). I tried to find something nice to say about her collection but it is hard when every single piece looked like the fashion “don’t” section in Glamour. You know, like don’t wear giant tropical leaf on head when going out in public, don’t forget to wear your bra under your vest, don’t cinch a jacket with shoulder pads with a leopard belt while wearing fingerless gloves, don’t tease your hair more than a foot high, etc. Well, the Bag Snob’s advice to Kimora Lee is DON’T divorce Russell Simmons cuz you’re better as a hip hop mogul trophy wife.




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  1. The clothes aren’t so hot, but the accessorizing is well, nauseating. The stylists should be hanging their heads in shame. Fashion is full of people who don’t need to work, fortunately a majority are good at it. I wish the rest would content themselves with shopping.

  2. the only thing tackier than her clothes & accessories is her mouth. that woman talks like a filthy crackwhore from pre-gentrified harlem. then again, i saw her in isaac and it seemed like someone voice-coached her for weeks beforehand. now if only someone schooled her on design & styling before she came out with this collection. ::shivers::

  3. i think that her fashion line is gorgeous .. ok so whart if you guys dont like it but if thats her styke then let her be ahppy with it =]

  4. Personally I don’t wear baby phat, but what I see in the stores in gorgeous. Is this really from a baby phat fashion show? This stuff is horrific!!!

  5. I actually got baby-phat for christmas.I am a fan for baby-phat.Right after I saw what your kids were wearing I thought personally that i wanted baby-phat.

    Thank You for your time


  6. All of her stuff is so tacky and gaudy. I hate seeing grown women Baby Phat down from head to toe. Some of the things she designs for childern are nice but everything is just so damn hood. She needs to tone down the bling and stop putting that damn cat on EVERYTHING!

  7. personally i really like most of the clothes that she designs and her style of dresses is what is pusing be at gym so i look perfect for my 21st. i dont think i would have that motivation if i didnt love her clothes.

    to be honest with you these clothese are not the best, but they are better.

    btw, the cat is the logo, so of course its gonna go on everything