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Bling is the new teeth


Lil’ John

Remember your first kiss with dorky Billy from the 8th grade who had braces? You dumped him cuz your friends laughed at him and called him brace face. Now if only Billy had these $500,000 assher cut diamond ‘grillz’ on his teeth like Baby and Lil Wayne maybe you woulda thought twice before dumping him cuz everytime you kissed him you could have taken a diamond or two. For those of you not down with the latest in ghetto bling, ‘grillz’ are hand made gold/platinum and diamond molds that fit on your teeth. Dental impressions are taken and your custom teeth molds are ready in just two weeks. Just what you always wanted right? Jewelry for your teeth. Leave it to the rappers to think up more tacky ways of adorning themselves.


Baby and Lil’ Wayne showing off their ice


Paul Wall and TV Johnny, grillmakers to the stars. They are as scary and gross as the rappers they design for.


If you want to be a psycho ghetto rapper for Halloween you can get the same look with these lesser priced teeth grillz at $550 – $1,000.

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5 thoughts on “Bling is the new teeth”

  1. First of all, who ever wrote this; your probably just jealous that you can’t afford bling like that. You can keep your snobby comments to your self!


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