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Bvlgari's New Parentesi Collection



I’m not one to balk at new styles but when it comes to jewelry, I’m a firm believer in sticking with the classics. Bvlgari has been a personal favorite of the Jewel Snob for years (I’ve been collecting since my early 20’s!) because it’s commitment to design and quality is unparalleled. Founded by Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek who embraced Rome as his home, the design house has created timeless pieces since 1884 and has since cultivated loyal fans around the world. One of my favorites, the iconic Bvlgari Parentesi, has held reign for decades but this year, Bvlgari introduces the new Parentesi. I was not sure how I would feel about the new line as I am a huge fan of the original (and yes, I do own the entire white gold Parentesi set so I know what I’m talking about here) but the minute I set my eyes on this gorgeous new interpretation of the Roman inspired Parentesi design, I knew I was in trouble. Bvlgari’s latest endeavor once again reflects it’s ancient Roman roots with modern flair. I love the 20+ carat diamond chain of round cut and pave diamonds (it’s not that much really since the chain is 16 inches long :). And the Parentesi pendant with 1.71ct emerald diamond as it’s center piece is to die for, it’s ultra luxurious but tasteful, a difficult combination to maintain with serious bling bling but Bvlgari does it flawlessly. Priced at $138,160. At Bvlgari – 201 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills or call 310-858-9216

Here is another piece from the same line but about 10 times bigger, check out the ice on the chain! It’s not something you’d wear everyday but if you want to impress, this is the piece to go for. Price furnished upon request at Bvlgari.




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  1. I am as impressed as you are of the new Parentesi collection. I am very much interested with regard the price of the necklace in the new collection which i saw in Time’s Style and Design Spring 2007 Edition featuring the same picture as in your page. Thank you so much.