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3.1 Phillip Lim


In this highly anticipated and much talked about 2nd season for 3.1, Phillip Lim takes down 7th Ave with a collection that will make Marc Jacobs cringe with insecurity. Well, there were few glitches and tardiness but hey, it’s show biz. I worked runway shows before in a past life, and it is never easy (Naomi Campbell claimed the tents were too cold and refused to go to makeup; Tatiana Patitz eats it on the runway when her roman style strappy sandals come undone and the rest of the models wouldn’t go after her). But all that is irrelevant cuz I’m telling you, this guy is taking over! His Spring collection is mostly white and very simple, but the cut, fabric and just the right amount of detailing makes every piece wearable on a daily basis yet fit to be a collectors item. Now, who else can you say that about? This is what we all look for when we build our wardrobe, polished yet wearable, and as simple as that sounds it is nearly impossible to get it right, but ladies, here it is. I own several of his dresses including a little white strapless from Net-a-Porter that I wore everywhere ALL summer. His spring ’07 line was crisp and refreshing and so easy, I know what I’ll be wearing next summer.




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