Fendi Beaver Satchel


Maybe it’s because Halloween is upon us, but when I look at this bag all that comes to mind is that it looks like Chewbacca’s shoes. I doubt that’s what Fendi had in mind – they should really pay more attention to their bag designs so as to not make anything resembling furry creatures or footwear, or in this case, both. It also looks like a Gremlin if you stare at it for a long time (which I’ve done while trying to figure this bag out). At Barney’s for $3560.

2 thoughts on “Fendi Beaver Satchel

  1. holy crap, I see the eyes and the nose… $3560 seems a bit excessive for beaver fur

  2. I was staring in the Prada window this weekend and saw what looked to be a miniature shnauzer with handles. I find this a disturbing trend. So does my dog.

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