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Hermes Spring ’07

Let me just start by saying that I love change and believe in evolving and updating one’s look on occasion, taking into account one’s age and position in life at the time. That said, I am not one to change for the sake of changing. Which is what Jean Paul Gaultier did with the classic Hermes Kelly bag. He crushed them and wrapped a thin leather strap around them. Why? For what purpose? It’s horrible and useless and I hate it, what are you supposed to put in there? A couple of crumpled bills? I’ve often committed to print that Hermes could do no wrong, I am now officially retracting that. Because this is just wrong wrong wrong. Jean Paul, I know you are French but there is an old America adage you should be aware of, “it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


5 thoughts on “Hermes Spring ’07”

  1. Yes my friend, a crushed bag that will probably cost more than the classic version… would you pay $7,000 for this? Being a loyal Hermes client, I am mortified and feel it is a disgrace to the design house.

    Bag Snob

  2. it doesn’t even look practical to use. I’ve seen it unfolded and the shape isn’t good. I personally think if you need to fold a bagup to pack for travel etc., you should just stick to a Longchamp tote.


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