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Michael Kors Dreams of Camelot


In my mind this is what happened in the design room: Michael Kors, “I am thinking of a knight in shining armor. But not a knight knight, not a traditional knight, but a modern knight, a girl, pretty. And this pretty knight is not the kind of knight that would go and you know, kill people but maybe one that is going to go catch lobsters. And I want this bag to be heavy, really heavy, like 8 lbs because this pretty knight is brave and strong – so strong that she can carry something really heavy all day long, like maybe an 8 pound bag”. You really have to wonder where Michael Kors gets off being so bitchy on Project Runway when he puts out ridiculous bags like this. You know he would totally scrunch up his nose at this bag if he saw it come down the runway and be like, “I don’t get it, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Chain mail? (scrunch) It’s just not pretty”. Bloomingdales for $695.



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  1. My oh my! What a trash! talk about being tacky. I wouldn’t dare be caught carrying that bag, and with that weight what else can I put in the bag that would not cause pain on either the hand or shoulders. 🙁