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Trick OR Treat?

Happy Halloween! Ever since candy has decided to deposit around my belly everytime I come close to it, this has not been my favorite day of the year. To lighten my mood, and hopefully yours, here is a trick or treat review of costumes with pictures from Glam.


The most obvious of all, Paris IS a trick. How is this even a Halloween costume? I mean, the idea of a costume is to be something different, you know, other than your regular ‘ole slutty self. A real costume for Paris should be like Elmo or anything else along the lines of wholesome.


Oh my god, this is too funny!! OK, so Lindsay Lohan does have a sense of humor and is also practical. She is a fireman and is going to put out her own crotch!! It’s brilliant. This is definitely a Treat!!


Mermaids are like the butterflies of the sea, right? She had a rough childhood and continues to use fantasization as her way of working through image issues. Lucky for us, this is from 2003 when she still looked good so this is a Treat.


I’m not sure what Mischa Barton is supposed to be here but if it’s a stupid annoying chick (or Olive Oyl, same thing), then yes, this is a great costume! But still, she is a Trick.


Here is Heidi Klum with a body everyone wants and she is wearing a fun witch costume covering it all up instead of something typically slutty. She understands the spirit of Halloween, its meant to be fun, it’s not a parade for business at the whore house. Heidi is a treat!



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