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The Versace Madness


Let me make sure I have all the details covered; twisted patent leather shoulder straps, topstitched croc stamped leather straps that fan out to the croc stamped patent leather button and studs all over. Why don’t they dangle fringes, add rhinestones and embroider dinosaurs on it as well? And you know what the best part is? This isn’t even a hobo, hiding inside all this craziness is a frame that opens up to a very small and flat compartment. So it’s useless, ugly and pricey!! What’s the redemption? OK, I guess this bag is interesting but Marilyn Manson is also interesting, proving my point that interesting is sometimes scary. I really thought Versace was turning the corner but I am obviously wrong. $3545 at eLuxury.



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  1. This looks like some awful thing you’d see at Target or, even worse, the clearance bin at Marshall’s. Really, it pains me to see beautiful leather ruined in this manner.

  2. Never been to Marshall’s, but while stocking up on Hello Kitty stocking stuffers and gift wrap at Target on Sunday I couldn’t help noticing the tasteful selection of metallic oversize totes and hobo bags. There were in fact no studs, no patches of anything, no extra pockets, not even a grommet. Please let Versace be what it always was, is, and ever shall be, over the top! I’m no mafia princess, or spoiled supermodel but Versace has their niche. Donatella may look like a haggard strung-out drag queen whose face is made of leather, but she has her following. What are you guys, a bunch of bag snobs?