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Fabulous Ferragamo Sami


I saw this bag at Neiman Marcus today and stopped twice to admire it before realizing it was a Ferragamo! These photos do not do it justice, in person, it is the softest shade of nude in buttery kidskin and you just want to cuddle it. I love that it does not have the over done Ferragamo buckle but a tiny engraved plate on the front, so subtle that you have to really squint to see it. The straps are adjustable which is an important design element for petite girls like me. The ruching on the sides are held together by straps giving the traditional bowler bag a very feminine look. Cell phone, blackberry, and zippered compartments ensure that you stay organized all day long. I love what Ferragamo has been doing since the cute grandson, James, took over it’s line of handbags and accessories. Like his grandfather who started the company 90 years ago in Hollywood as a 16 year old immigrant, James is handsome, talented, and a hit with Hollywood starlets! $1,190 at Neiman Marcus



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  1. That bag looks like a Shar-Pei. Maybe that’s why you wanted to cuddle it. This week I’ll take the Chanel bag and matching pumps. I love white patent leather. Could Marc Jacobs fit inside that bag? I saw a photo of him on next to Uma Thurman. He looked like a midget.