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Bag Snob’s New Wallet


pinkgold.jpgAfter three years of alternating between a black caviar Chanel wallet and a black Hermes H wallet in boxcalf, I decided today it was time to part ways with my beloveds and bought the most incredible Bottega Veneta wallet. It’s the same shape as the third wallet from the right in the photo above but in the limited edition color on the left. A gorgeous pink covered in gold, it is the perfect shade for a wallet as the distressed gold treatment to the wallet will camouflage any stains it may sustain from being tossed around in my many bags. I’ve always used black or red wallets because they get so dirty so I was very excited to find this! Call the Bottega boutique and ask for Cory, he will hook you up with anything you crave. 214-265-0136



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  1. You have been posting a lot lately Bagsnob – I just checked in again to show my better half the Chanel and explain to him why I need it (he agrees, aren’t I lucky) and there’s yet another wonderful post!

    I am on the lookout for a new wallet too, but I must confess, I found that the wallet I got the most use out of was not my black Chloe nor my argyle check Vivienne Westwood, but the Nightmare Before Christmas wallet my sister bought me for a laugh! Please don’t mock me. Anyway, unfortunately I am probably no longer young enough to get away with it nor old enough for it to be ironic, and of course the pleather didn’t last the distance, and the plastic card slots haven’t held up against such frequent use… so can you suggest anything Bagsnob stylish and yet slightly quirky, suitable for a twentysomething who values a mix of classic style and contemporary coolness?

  2. Ooohhh, isnt the latest Spring/Summer season of Bottega Veneta the best ever??!! It smacks of utter chic-ness and feminine sensibility. Can Tomas Maier do no wrong? His softly sweet palette in sorbet tones of dusty pink, soft beige and pale yellow is leaving me drooling all the way. BV – the ultimate understated lux!

  3. Hi Boston Momma,

    I give my old wallets to family and close friends. I used to give away a lot of my old bags but I no longer do that, it will all stay in my collection for my granddaughter one day. She will think I am so cool 🙂


    Bag Snob

  4. Now here’s one I am IN LOVE with. I love Bottega; have their hobo and I’ve had one of their wallets for years. But it isn’t the intreblahblah leather. Now I must have one. And that color . . . .

  5. I love this one! I especially think that the pink one is adorable and will go with my “Newly dubbed not-it-Chloe Paddington”. LOL

  6. I just bought a beautiful new wallet in Liberty, for those of you UK/London based gals. It is a similar shape to the Bottega wallet but in chocolate brown patent leather with the Liberty crest on the front. It is Liberty own brand so a bit unusual and very chic. Even better, bought in the sale at 75% off. Heaven.

  7. Being that this is metallic, which I LOVE, what kind of bags would this color go with?

    I’m guessing gold, pink, but any others? I’m just not that stylish.

    Also, how many wallets is too many???

    I know that one can never have too many bags.