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Best of 2006

It is so fun to look back at our favorite bags of the year and rank them in order of love! This was harder than you might think because we wanted to take into account bags that we feel really made an impact as well as made us swoon. At the top of our list are cherished collectibles we are sure will endure fashion ups and downs. We would love to hear what your favorite bag was for 2006 so send us a comment.

10 YSL Personalized Monogram Muse

personalized Muse. 2.jpgpersonalized Muse.jpg

This was a limited edition monogram Muse offered at Neiman Marcus last year. This was a huge bag for 2006 (by huge we mean important although it was also known as the gigantor bag for the year which we don’t love. Only in the smaller size, please) The personalization on this classic style makes it collectible worthy and distinctive.

9 Gerard Darel Satchel


This bag is on our “it” list for 2006 because we love the new designer, the bags are absolutely fab AND totally affordable. There aren’t many bags out there that can live up to Bag Snob worthiness and is cheap so this was a no brainer.

8 Tod’s Bensonville


Derek Lam’s new direction for Tod’s was a breath of fresh air and the Bensonville made a mark last year with its breezy, young and hip appeal. We always have been loyal to Tod’s for their quality but their strictly classic mature basics didn’t always fit with our party moods. The Bensonville started a change in the traditional house and we can’t wait to see where it takes us in 2007.

7 Anya Hindmarch Carker


Anya Hindmarch will be on everyone’s must have list this year. She brought back the Carker because she sees a shift towards classics and this of course is the perfect classic staple bag. The clean lines and simple elegance will have you cleaning and conditioning this bag until your arms are too weak to carry bags.

6 Chanel Bowling


You don’t normally associate Chanel with cute, fun and young but this bag is all that and still maintains everything that is Chanel. The round shape with the tucked in corners make it just different enough to be unique but is still timeless as all Chanel bags are.

5 Lanvin Monsieur


Lanvin appeals to the serious bag lovers because of it’s edgy and vintage feel. You cannot help but be marked as a fashionista with a Lanvin on your arm because it shows your sophisticated understanding of design and style.

4 Miu Miu Coffer

miu miu bag.jpg

This is our huge break out star of the year! No longer the secondary label, Miu Miu ranks above Prada as the bona fide trendsetter in Miuccia’s empire. (Prada did not even come close to being on this list). This cutest bag of the year is just a tad off beat and that’s why people can’t get enough of it, in fact, it’s one of the top selling bags of the year on our list.

3 Bottega Veneta Litchi Fume


Oh the love! Looking at this bag makes me fall in love all over again because unfortunately it was not one that landed in my closet last year. It is perfection – the slouchy croc and the go anywhere shape will be forever stylish. Bottega Veneta had an incredible year with uber fab crocker and it looks like Spring will bring us more exotic beauties as well as their signature woven leathers.

2 Pierre Hardy

pierre hardy.jpg

Pierre Hardy had a long illustrious career with Dior, Balenciaga and Hermes and finally started his own shoe collection in 1999. So it doesn’t surprise anyone that when he debuted his bag collection it would be nothing short of genius. This Besace bag dazzled fashion insiders and if you ever had the joy of seeing this bag there is not much mystery as to why. It is simply striking and beautiful.

1 Balenciaga Edition


The literal gem at the top of our list is the Balenciaga Edition. We love Nicolas Ghesquiere for honoring Cristobal Balenciaga with a replica of a historical brooch on this modern wristlet. We absolutely agree with his philosophy of respect for the old while celebrating the new. This is not only our favorite bag of the year but we feel it is the most important because in the midst of their mass market motorcycle bag craze, they still remember how the house got to where it is now.



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  1. um i distinctively recall Lindsay carrying SEVERAL Lanvin bags this year as well as Jessica Simpson carrying at least one.

    “If they did carry a Lanvin bag at all, some stylist probably sent it to them and they probably didn’t know what they were carrying. As for being a trendsetter, Bag Snob takes pride in not only NOT following trends but looking down upon trendster wanna be B list starlets.

    So yes, you would be correct, we could never dream of being like them. We are way above that.”

  2. Tod’s Bensonville in Dark Jean and Anya Hindmarch’s Carker in cream.

    I am a banker and both are perfect for work! (Unfortunately I missed out on the Dark Jean and regretting it everyday).

  3. Julia,

    The blue Bensonville is in the Boston Neiman Marcus store….on sale. (there are two left as of yesterday) Call them and they could ship it to you. The leather has a few “flaws”, but the bag is supposed to have a somewhat distressed look. I had to stop myself from buying it. I already bought the YSL Severine bag this season, and I’m trying to cut down to one bag per season. BTW, thanks to the Bag Snob, I decided on the Severine, instead of the trendier Muse, and so glad I did.

    Best to all my fellow baggers

  4. I just bought the Tod’s Besonville in the ink blue today 1/3/07 on Bluefly. They had the ink blue and a dark brown color. It was listed as the Besonville (no second ‘n’). I doublechecked at to be sureand the name is indeed the Besonville style. Also, I love the Pierre Hardy line – I have the downsized version of the Besace – in camel with black trim – got it at Barney’s a while back.

  5. Thank you Sue for the info, but I am based in Singapore and I do not have the number for the store. Since it’s on sale, not much hope of any left.

    I love the distressed vintage leather look and feel of the Dark Jean – it’s absolutely divine – fell in love the minute I touched it.

  6. I really don’t agree with your number one choice, I bought this bag at Barneys and then returned it – the brooch does not approach the original – also this bag it just another verison of the other “brooch” bags in this category. I think alot of Bottega Veneta’s bags were alot more outstanding this year.

  7. Julia

    there is a Tod’s Besonville in the ink blue on the eluxury ( wesite for around $800.oo dollars.

    Good Luck!


  8. Hi Julia, I have bought a navy tod’s besonville last weekend in a designer sale (UK) for £350. ($ 700) It comes with original dust bag and tags. I can’t keep it though, as it was a spur of the moment purchase. If you’d like it, let me know. I live in London and can send it international, signed for.