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CHI Nail polish


I was getting my usual manicure at the Cooper spa last Friday and my manicurist convinced me to try a new nail polish. It’s from CHI – the makers of the fabulous straightening flat iron, I was kind of hesitant as I am a creature of habit and have been using a pale pink shade called Passion from OPI for a long time but the color was comparable and the name (Oh baby baby) was too cute to resist. At first the color looked a bit mottled but once it dried, it was shiny and gorgeous. With OPI or Essie nailpolish, I usually need a change within 4 days (I have natural nails, polish does not last as long but I refuse to use any acrylics or anything synthetic on my nails). But I just realized today that it has been ONE WEEK! And my nails still look nice! My cuticles are in need of attention but the polish is still good, no cracking or peeling so all I needed is a bit of cuticle oil. And I am not careful with my nails, it’s hard to be careful with a toddler so I think this polish is everything it’s boasting to be. According to CHI, there are three ingredients that make this nail polish so amazing. Ceramic for strength and longwear, Silk for shine and Nano Silver to kill bacteria and fungus. CHI Nails is available at Cooper Spa at Craig Ranch. Call 214-383-1010 and ask for an appointment with Shauna or Amanda. I just had a pedicure with CHI yesterday and will let you know how my toes fare!



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  1. I purchased a manicure in early November during a fund-raiser and the manicurist who performed the manicure suggested CHI nail polish in the shade of “Queen of Chiba.” The polish lasted more than a week and I loved the color so much I went back to the salon and purchased it. It is the only color I wear. I love it. Thanks for bringing this great brand to beautysnob readers’ attention.

  2. I’ve heard of this brand before… A friend, who does her nail polish change every week without fail, said this is comparable to OPI and Essie too! =)

    P.S Love this site as much as!

  3. 1 great method to maintain oneself out of nail fungus’ way is by avoiding working in moist and humid environments. The fungus which causes nail fungus infections (as indeed all varieties of fungus) thrives nicely in moist and humid conditions. In case you tend to function in moist and humid environments, it’s practically a given that you will soon or later find your self struggling with nail fungus. In the event you actually need to work in such a moist and humid environment, then the least you’ll be able to do would be to protect your nails and toes from the moisture along with the humidity. It could seem like too much function, but you could uncover motivation for it whenever you contemplate just how distressing it can be to live with the unsightly nails which are what a nail fungus infection is likely to leave you with.