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Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme

I have been a beauty junkie since I was old enough to walk. My grandmother’s vanity table rivaled that of Neiman Marcus and it was my favorite place to play. I’d carefully open each bottle and jar, and rub all the delicious-smelling creams on my face and neck, mimicking the circular massage motions I’d see my mother and grandmother perform daily. As a teenager I used La Prairie eye cream all over my face because I liked the consistency better than the face creams. By college I had tried everything from Shiseidoicon to Sisleyicon and had an evening routine that took nearly an hour. To this day I am a beauty fanatic, although with a toddler son I have less time than I used to. Gone are the days of hourlong baths with various masks that cleanse, peel, refresh, rejuvenate, and finally, moisturize. I am lucky if I get a monthly facial (and this is a girl who did five masks a week and had bi-weekly facials) so when I discovered Natura Bisse’s Diamond Extreme line of products, I knew there was hope for my poor, neglected skin.

The minute I tried the Diamond Extreme cream my skin became velvety soft, and not in the slippery, gross way that some heavy moisturizers induce. This melts into your pores and heals your skin from within. Gone are the lines from my son’s 5 a.m. wake up calls, banished are the uneven patches of dry skin from hormonal changes after birth; in their place is glowing, shimmering skin. Skin I had in college. Not kidding! I have always had skin that girls commented on, they called me “Luminous” until I gave birth. Well, the nickname is back and the $345 is well worth the price. Available at Neiman Marcusicon for $345.



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  1. Oh, I am so glad you’ve decided to do beauty snob. I am so much more well versed in products than I am in fashion. So this should be fun.

    Your posting about Natura Bisse is so timely because not FIVE minutes before I saw your post, I sent my girlfriend an e-mail asking when we were going to Neiman’s to get our Natura Bisse facials and Laura Mercier make-up done. Natura Bisse has been my favorite skin care line since Neiman’s started carrying it. It is like a miracle for my skin.

    When I was younger, my skin was so awful that sometimes people made fun of me. With regular facials and Natura Bisse products, now I only get compliments on my skin!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. Writing Beauty Snob is so much fun! We can all discuss and share our beauty tips with one another so please let us know if you have any “tips”!!! Stay beautiful everyone!


    Beaut Snob

  3. Hum, I have not tried the Chanel Sublimage… I liked Chanel skincare in College but have not been into it lately. I do love the make up line though. will check it out and report back to everyone 🙂


    Beauty Snob