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Lanvin loves Green for Spring


We’ve been enamored with the influx of pretty pale palettes of spring bags (have you noticed our love of white bags in particular?) but we also adore the jewel toned bags that are so important this season. Lanvin’s bright green patent leather bag with chunky hardware is a must have for us, ever since I helped my friend’s husband buy that fabulous green birkin I’ve been obsessing over this under-appreciated color! Green is a lot easier to wear than you think, use it in place of boring browns or creams and you’ll be instantly glam. I love that Lanvin bags are only distinguishable by their gorgeous design and discreet tag rather than a blazing logo. But we’re not big on long shoulder straps when there is a cute short strap already so take it off before you use it. 923 Euros at ($1192 USD)



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  1. There seem to be a lot of bags in patent leather–a white patent Fendi in the window at Bergdorfs. Do you like that trend?

  2. Hi Gilda,

    We love patent leather and feel it is a classic rather than a trend. Exotics, patent leather, distressed leather, are all different ways designers can express their design ideas and we love it all!


    Bag Snob

  3. I do like green bags as well. I was actually sporting a yellow crocodile vintage Versace bag this Fall as it was a great contrast with Fall’s sombre pallets. Brook , London

  4. Love this bag! I am also loving yellow all of a sudden. Question; is it spring yet? I’m wondering when I can start throwing a little spring in my step vis a vis shoes and bags. It’s too cold to do much else here. I wore white patent leather mules out on a mildish day last week and got some looks!