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Left: Gabriella Croc Bag Right: Alberto Ostrich

Massimo Calestrini, the designer for Shiro Company, designs a mix of traditional style with modern taste while experimenting with new shapes and materials such as African ostrich and Asian crocodile, and we love the results! Simple but luxurious, he really understands how to make the most of the skins he works with. The ostrich Alberto bag ($6,140)is a great casual bag and judging by the name, it’s a man bag, but nice enough for both men and women. The lack of logo will also greatly appeal to our discreet Bag Snobs.

The crocodile Gabriella tote ($9,697) available in a rainbow array of colors is absolutely fabulous. I am dying to see what the fuschia croc looks like! The signature tag with lizard and danglin charms is a cheeky element that plays down the seriousness of a structured crocodile bag. It’s a bargain compared to the $15,000 Zac Posen is charging for his atrocious turquoise croc bag! Don’t get me started on him. He’s nothing but another over-rated boy wunderkind. Shiro bags at Luisa via Roma.



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  1. I am in love with that crocodile tote – I don’t think I would like it in fuschia as I have never been a fan of anything pink, but you never know. You will have to post a pic if you find one! I can see it looking gorgeous in an emerald green though, like a similar shade to the lanvin bag…

  2. I do not own a fuschia bag but I am really into hot pink lately! I think a hot pink croc would be divine! Emerald sounds nice too….

  3. Bag Snob,

    I absolutely have to agree with you about the hot pink. It would look great and make a really great statement. Also, just a thought, would you consider branching out into briefcases too for us occasional males who are fashionista types?!?!?

    Robin, North London.

  4. I have the fuscia Gabriella bag with all certifications and documentations attached and included. I would love to sell the bag as it has never been used and needs a good home ;). Let me know if you are interested.

  5. Hi I have a beautiful Shiro ostritch bag with a COA . It has the name Desiree on the certificate. It has never been used and I would like to find it a good home. Are you interested? it is a fawn color and really lovely.