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To Chanel or not to Chanel


Chanel addicts be warned, the latest line from the House of Coco is irresistable and may cause you to max out your credit cards. Chanel “New Lock” bag available in 3 sizes in black or white

I was about to jump on the treadmill at my gym yesterday when a woman approached me and introduced herself as a fellow Bag Snob in need of advice. As I jogged away the pizza, cookies, and ice cream I had the night before (life with a toddler, what can I say?) I listened to her tale and her cry for help. Apparently she is addicted to bags and shoes (sound familiar?) and has purchased three Chanel bags (blue, brown, and purple) in the last month and could not decide whether or not to return the last purchase(the purple version is similar to the bag pictured above). She also thought of selling the brown one to a friend but couldn’t bear to part with it. Her friends have all advised her to take it back but my advice was to keep it if she really loves it and will use it often BUT don’t buy another bag for the next 6 months. Or she should return the one that she will use the least.

While it’s true that Chanel bags are classics and will be treasured for a lifetime, we really don’t feel it is necessary to buy a dozen each season. One nice classic bag per season is sufficient for any collection (even ours!). She also told me she can not resist the urge to buy buy buy when she sees new bags in magazines or online (especially if she finds out it’s hard to get or if it is a limited edition-it’s the hunt that is thrilling for her. We’re all just animals aren’t we?). Which made me think, are we encouraging shop-a-holics to buy without abandon? Or are we making a positive contribution to the US economy? As I ponder these questions, I ask you, “To Chanel or not to Chanel”? Should she keep the bag?

42 thoughts on “To Chanel or not to Chanel”

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! this my dream bag! ohhhh! looks so good! buttery supple soft leather! i wish i could purchase! i redeemed myself by paying my debts! it’s time to zip zip again! gosh! wish i could buy it now, very hard to purchase chanel here in manila. you are right this is so irresistable! uhm uhmmmm!

  2. I think she should return two of the bags and keep one. I know this sounds hard, but, by next season Chanel will have another bag to drool over and she can go ahead and purchase.

    Three Canel bags in one go just sounds a little bit crazy. She will appreciate the one she´s got even more if she only has one.

  3. I feel this Snob’s pain. I really do…I have the issue with shoes more than bags since bags have a tendency to cost more that double shoes and…well the hubby just doesn’t appreciate it. So we compromise. One bag per season from him and I must buy all of my shoes except the staples (think black and brown pumps and boots).

    I think that if said Snob has such a hard time resisting, she should return the bag she’ll wear the least, and swear off for a little while. That way, come her next purchase it will at least be special. I cherish each bag I receive, and the best part is the hubby knows it and enjoys that I enjoy my bags! The shoes on the other hand…;)

  4. How can you not Chanel with a bag like that – its gorgeous!

    We all need a Chanel bag in our lives but three is kind of excessive. I think you should keep the purple one and return the other two. It will be much easier to cherish and love the one Chanel bag rather than having to divide your attention between all three.

    Plus you just know that Chanel will come out with something just as gorgeous or even better next season.

    Good luck to the fellow Bag Snob! May the Chanel be with you!


  5. Return two of the three bags. I’d say (without seeing photos of the other two) to keep this one pictured. Purple will go with a lot, and is different from a typical black or brown bag, even a Chanel.

    Personally, I limit myself to one bag a season; only two per year. This is all any Bag Snob needs, since past year’s bags are still there to enjoy. After several years, I pass on my bags to my sister, or give them away to others who are not able to purchase at this price point.

    The fun is in the hunt. Presently, I am on the prowl for my spring/summer bag. I know I want a white, nude or light pink leather, and I’ll look for the next two months before pouncing to purchase.

    ps.. thanks BS, your opinion definitely factored into my fall/winter choice.

  6. I have been in her position. No matter which one you return you will regret it and wish you had not. (I wrote to yo once about the YSL Nadja Bag).It is still the beginning of the season and it is not likely that they will be on sale any time soon.

    So my advice is keep the bags, get over the guilt. Enjoy them! But no more bags for the next 6 months or until they start putting out the fall merchandise.

  7. Oh by the way are all the bags the same but in different colors? Becasue then maybe I would return one. But if they are all different styles…well then see my first response.

  8. even though it’s a lovely bag, i don’t think three is necessary. one or two will probably get neglected anyway once she figures out which one (or two) she really prefers. unfortunately this is something that should be decided before purchasing 😉

    if finances are an issue, i think it’s important to learn how to be a snob on you’re own budget. while i would love to pick up so many of the bags featured on bagsnob, it’s just not realistic for many people (myself, being a student, where all my money is going into architecture supplies!)it is important to develop a good eye for quality and design, but one must resist that urge to buy buy buy, only to be overwhelmed with things, even exquisite things. i myself am content to get a couple bags a year that i can wear with everything and love to death. you just have to know what works for you!

  9. She bought THAT bag in purple? It can’t be the same one…I put my name down for that bag at a trunk show and they said it only came in black and white. I didn’t think it was out yet. Maybe she meant the ultimate soft? Anyway, I think she should return at least one of the bags, but I’d keep the purple for sure.

    HI there,

    She did not show me the exact bag as I was on a treadmill but from her description, it is similar to the one picutred above.


    Bag Snob

  10. My thoughts are to return two of them. Having multiples of the same bag, unless it is a Birkin, in which case all bets are off, is a little too “much”. I can say this because I have two Chloe Edith bags gathering dust in my closet, and the Bag Snob luckily talked me out of a third bag. My daughter is happy that she is going to get pristine vintage bags some day, but I think it takes away from the uniquness of the bag to own them like they were a blue light special.

  11. One stand out from the crowd is good, but living in debt isnt! ‘Set long term goal by buying only classic, timeless designs.

  12. I WANT THAT BAG!!! Do you know how much this bag is??? Also, I have not found a reputable site that sells Chanel bags…do you know of one??

  13. Personally, I feel an exhibition of such utter decadence is rather fabulous. If you’re in the financial position to afford them all and shoes to match (why not??), go for it. However, if it’s leaving you feel remorseful, guilty, or a bit ashamed of yourself, then perhaps a return is in order. I sometimes find that when shopping myself, once I make one purchase it releases somewhat of a tidal wave leading to multiple purchases. I will confess that I have never purchased three of the same bags in varying shades, but I can’t confess that I wouldn’t like to! Brook , London

  14. I would return 2 bags and keep one just as the matter of principle – I think common sense should be stronger than desire (even if sometimes it doesn’t want to be ;-). Of course, if the bags are considered. But if shoes…well, it is a different story…;-)

  15. From one addict (bag & shoe that is ) to another : Keep one and return the rest. There is always the next new one. On the way.

  16. The bag the lady in the article was talking about is the most likely the Ultimate Soft in purple. Chanel just launched it for S/S 2007. I have the black one it is lovely. The bag pictured has the same leather as the Ultimate Soft, which is lambskin. It is much more durable that your standard lambskin classic flap because it is lightly coated with a protective sheen. Yes, my name is Anne and I have a grave Chanel addiction. It is sickening how much I know about Chanel and her bags.

  17. if she can’t afford, which typically is the case for folks rethinking such purchases, take it all back.

    luxury isn’t fun, if you can’t think of it as discretionary spending. the bag is great, but it looks like a mix of old chanel and derek lam. the mademosille (sp) strap is gorgeous, but it’s been done so many times before. also, there is always something better coming so never despair!

  18. This bag is on the Chanel website. I called the store in Costa Mesa, California. I was told that the bag is $2,500 and won’t be in until March.


  20. This gal sounds like she has a serious shopping addiction. If she has no financial issues regarding the purchase that is one scenario but if she cannot pay the bill or has spread the charges over 2 or 3 cards she is in big trouble. I would advise her to inward to see why she had to buy three.

  21. She should keep them all – why on earth not ? Keeping these means nothing when it comes to buying more , it’s always favourable to add to a collection , however large it might become .

  22. Hi, kinda need your advice here. Cleaning out my wardrobe to make space for new bags. Was wondering whether to ditch a camel calfskin Celine Boogie, a camel calfskin Dior Saddle or a black Chanel caviar quilted bag (not the classic 2.55)?

    Which would be a better bet to keep for the next year?


  23. If she can afford them, keep them. If it will be a financial burden, return what she needs to, hopefully being able to keep at least one. Yes, it’s extreme to have 3, but sometimes you need to treat yourself.

  24. She should definitely keep one and return the other two.

    It sounds like she has a shopping addiction (the serious kind, not the fun, harmless kind). It’s not like we all haven’t been there, but it’s important to know when to stop. When you can’t afford it, the bag or shoes is not fun to own… it feels bad, which is not at all how a purchase like this should feel! Even if you can afford it…

    Extravagance is best in moderation.

  25. You have to think of what you’re going to retire on and your purse quotient has to be reasonable. Check out this funny thing on how many purses a gal ought to own: http

  26. pretty! but i can’t find it! not in hong kong, or malaysia, or singapore… anyone knows if i can purchase this online?

  27. This is a beautiful bag! This woman sounds as if she is an extreme shopaholic. Keep one bag, and return the others.

  28. My Chanel lady called me on Saturday about this ‘NEW LOCK’ dream bag. Its has arrived to the west coast and you can call the Madison Ave shop for details. Price for this beauty @ $2595.

  29. I have just won a bid on eBay for a new Chanel gold bag with the classis CC metal on the front and gold entwined handles. how do i know this bag is the real McCoy i was told it came with the authentication card and code etc. I am still awaiting its delivery. How much does an average bag cost?

  30. If the lady in question has the funds, as not to make a dent in her life, then she should keep,the bags apart from the one she has a little doubt about.

    A good saying ” If in doubt do without”

    However it is my true belief that one can never own too many Chanel Handbags.

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