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Bend it like Beckham with “Instinct”


Sure, the super sexy soccer star is married but he’s now available in a nice little bottle! Instinct by David Beckham will be sold in the US this summer. Stay tuned for more of the glamorous (if some what over exposed) couple and their new venture, Beckham Beauty House. Not that they need the money, David just signed a $250 million, 5 year contract to play for the LA Galaxy. Nothing against soccer or Becks (he’s majorly hot although I question his taste in women) but I can’t help thinking what that money could do for the LA school district…. just a thought 🙂



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  1. And while you are busy being alturistic (sp?), I am busy wondering what he could do for me. He is soooo hot, it’s sick.

  2. seriously, does LA need Becks and Posh roaming around the already overcrowded streets?

    He should move to Dallas, where the streets are large and wide and at least then I am able to stalk him properly.

    Kidding honey, just kidding! (in case hubby or hubby friends reading)

  3. I don’t know, out here in the sticks in Georgia, the couple would be left alone, the 3 boys could develop a seriously strange accent & I could corner him somewhere in our 1 block long downtown area.