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Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

louisvuitton42k.jpgLOL LOL LOL I am laughing so hard I can not type. What am I looking at? This must be a joke! It’s a collage of every gross bag Louis Vuitton has ever produced. Looks like an angry salesperson decided to cut up all the ugly bags on the shelves of an LV boutique and to salvage them, the designers made the pieces into one single bag and called it the “Tribute Patchwork” bag (Tribute to what? Marc’s insanity?). You need to make sure your boss is not around before you read the next sentence, as you will either laugh your ass off outloud or scream with disgust. Ready? Coast clear? The price tag is a hefty $42,000. Go ahead. You can now laugh or scream.

Update: I can’t believe it! This bag has a twin and it’s just as fugly! (but a bit less expensive at $38,000)

UPDATE- The Patchwork series of bags have soldout worldwide (one to Beyonce). Only 24 were made and have all been delivered according to a USA Today article .



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  1. That is one ugly Frankenstein’s monster of a bag. The LV folks don’t seem to have a high regard for their customers taste level what with the recent parade of handbag atrocities. Thanks BagSnob!

  2. oh. my. god.

    anyone remember the sex & the city episode where the jennifer coolige character goes insane and starts making furry, fruit-covered bags? wow. i don’t think you could pay me $42,000 to carry this!

  3. well, I’m sure the vuitton group is very happy about some of the blind buyers out there (and they believe all the vuitton bags are in good quality leather), so they put this bag together on the scrap materials and trying to bet if someone is actually going to buy it….they were probably laughing their head off while making this bag

  4. wow….what else is there to say, that has to be the most gorgeous bag I’ve ever seen, I’m going to sell all of my belongings, work at my Tim Hortons job for another 7 years, not go to school, not buy a car and live with my parents just so i can buy that beauty..o wait, i still might not be able to afford it…

  5. Hahahahaaaaa this is hilarious. Marc Jacobs and his crew must be smoking some very good (or very bad depending …) crack to have come up with this. Ten bucks says we see Paris or Lindsay with this trash ops, I mean bag sometime soon.

  6. Heeheeeeheeheee, I have been laughing all day. Reading Sesame street to my two year old son and seeing Grover’s blue fur set me off too, look at all the blue fur on bottom right corner.

    Kelly is soooo missing out. She’s been traveling to Asia the last two days and her mother does not have internet so she’s totally cut off from blogosphere.

    Glad you’re all as amused as I am!


    Bag Snob Tina

  7. Wow! This one really made my day. There’s nothing I like about this bag except that it’s so expensive I’ll never see it again. I hope I never see anyone carrying this…I mean, what outfit could possibly go with a trash bag?

  8. By the way, I forgot to mention that this is the most expensive bag from Louis Vuitton right now. They probably added up the retail prices of each bag ‘tributed’ on this mess.

  9. Are you sure that they did not kill Grover for that?

    I keep looking at it, sure that I did not see it correctly, or that I missed something. There isn’t even any exotic skin on it… at least I hope not.

  10. This ridiculous price for 42000?????? i’d so get a hermes instead of this hideous collage! i can get some real gd quality diamond with this price too!!!! omg…..they think we’re morons, they think we’re morons, they seriously think we’re morons!!!!!

  11. Someone at LV to a Marc Jacobs: “I dare you to rummage around in the scrap bin, create the most god awful bag and price it for such a stupid amount of money people will think you was crazy!”

    It actually looks like something my 5-year old cousin would make at school! Hideous!

    If I ever see someone out on the street with that bag on their shoulder for the sake of everyone here at Bag Snob, I will grab them by the shoulders, shake them and scream “WHAT WAS YOU THINKING?!?!?!”

    Thanks Bag Snob for making my morning :o)


  12. This must be some sort of special project?? A social experiment?? A dare even?? Surely, they must have just gathered all of the leftover bits and bobs from other pieces and slapped them together with used chewing gum to achieve THIS. I can’t believe this is even serious?? I’ve never seen anything so hideous! Oh no… I’m turning to stone…. Brook , London

  13. What’s with all these patchwork bags? This is surely the sorriest piece of a bag I have ever laid eyes on. And the fact that this is from LV, and the price, just render me totally speechless.

    Ever since the tacky, colourful and cartoony bags, the house of LV has been going downhill and has now hit rock bottom. And to think LV almost redeemed itself with the Suhali Lockit range.

    Absolutely a disgrace.

  14. I have got to stop reading your blog at work. I exploded with laughter and disgust followed by seething rage when I saw the price for this atrocity. Completely unbelievable.

  15. ok.. now I love LV and I like MJ, (not everything but still) and I could have sworn I just read an article saying Marc was sober now but he must have snuck a hit on his crack pipe and churned out this monstrosity!!!!

  16. Someone needs to go over to LV, wrestle Marc Jacobs to the ground, and pry the glue gun from his hands. It really seems to me that recently Marc Jacobs has been under the impression that he could pull lint from his belly button, glue it to a shoelace and that we will get on wait lists for one of our own. It’s Orwellian and says something quite frightening about the powerlessness of some consumers. Future anthropologists will need to explain to us one day what is happening here.

    Thanks Bag Snob for keeping the moral compass of frivolous girls in check!

  17. Accessories that would be less expensive and more attractive than this bag:

    a Ford Anglia

    Sam, the World’s Ugliest Dog

    Nicole Richie’s ribcage

    a cane toad

    a slab of raw beef

    Donald Trump’s hairpiece

    Kevin Federline

    a Croc katamari

    Mischa Barton’s outfits

    Mischa Barton’s boyfriend’s junk

    Is it possible to blend them all into one bag for stupid socialites to drag around? That would be hilarious.

  18. Wrong Wrong Wrong!!!

    Conceptually I can see this idea working but LV have completely missed the mark so much they’ve wound up somewhere in the realms of a distant solar system. No one in their right mind would willingly give LV money for this atrocity.

  19. WTF??????? hahahahaa

    I don’t understand this bag, what makes them think anyone will pay $1 for this let alone $42,000?

    Thanks Bag Snob, I can always count on you to make howl with laughter!!!!!!


  21. That is hilarious. I could buy at least 10 dresses with that money. Who buys this? If you did, please comment WHY? It should be burned in a big pile.

  22. Oh no it has a twin…in the new issue of Harper’s with Katie Holmes on the cover. It is toward the middle -end of the magazine it is in a fashion story (the word fashion being used loosely as it does not apply to this bag)and the twin is only $38,000. HAHAHAHAAAAAAA too funny.

  23. I had trouble sleeping, so I decided to go online and browse around.

    Am I still asleep?

    Is this a nightmare?

    This is seriously, seriously shameful. Shameful!!!!!! The whole thing is absolutely hideous but the blue fur is definitely the funniest part. It’s like the bizarre soul patch or pubic hair of the bag. This should definitely go in the hall of fame.

  24. I am not sure if anyone else watches SNL, but there is a twin sketch with Rachel Dratch where she has a third hand coming out of her head…anyway that is what the twin bag (in the scan) looks like.

  25. It’s like a car accident. I want to look away, I really do…but you can’t…what is that? Sequins? Muppet fur? Acid washed denim emblazoned with a less than subtle round of LV’s?

    I want to look away…please God, help me look away!?!

  26. Yikes! 42,000!! To someone who is tempting to buy this bag, please use 42,000 to buy a sensible LV bag instead and donate the rest of the money to charity.

  27. hahahaha~~~I saw it post even on Chinese News Website!!!! That’s hilarious!!! When I read the news, I was like it is so familiar….and then I saw the NAME: “Tribute patchwork”! The journalist even quote the lines from you guys, hahahahaha!! But my friend said this bag is such a beauty, and she wanna buy it so badly….I was like…..kill me, girl =_=!! Anyways, thx bag snob for making my entire day!!

  28. Can you all believe this s**t!! He’s going to hell trying to sell this ugly ass bag for $42K. I want to see the nut that actually buys this…

  29. Wait! Is this the one that you can turn inside out & have a different ugly bag tomorrow?

    I love LV, I really do, but not this one.

    Why did Marc do this? Is this a commentary on fashion & I’m too stupid to get it?

  30. Ok, I just heard today that MJ has had a relapse & has taken himself to AZ to rehab, his partner Mr. Duffy confirms.

    So, there’s our explanation……

  31. Wonder which drugged out slut actress/singer will be paid by LV to carry this bag so that everyone has to have it. Come on ladies do not get suckered if a celebrity carries this bag. spend you hard earned money on a nice dinner or a beautiful out-fit, down-payment on a house-ect…

  32. Way to tell the truth and tell it like it is Bagsnob… because we sure know VOGUE doesn’t have the guts to!

    This bag is fugly.

  33. I seriously think this bag is a piece of art. People might be just jealous and say it’s horrible because only 24 were made and only 4 will be shipped to the USA…and they already have homes!! and I don’t think Lindsay and Paris are two of them! maybe Kimmora Lee Simmons!…anyway..I think the bag is gorgeous!!

  34. What is the world coming to? Do you know what I would do with $42,000?. I would like to see which four Americans actually have their names on the list for this piece of crap. I guess the bag is so exclusive because they ran out of scrap bags to produce anymore.I have a couple of “IT” bags from past seasons and consider myself a purse junkie myself,but $42,000 for a piece of garbage?? I honestly don’t think even Kimora Lee Simmons would go there!

  35. Thank goodness only 24 made and only 4 are coming to the US. The scary part, it is said that celebrities are not the purchasers. I would expect a celebrity to be the only people stupid enough to buy this trash. Sadly, there are other stupid people out there with money!

  36. So guess what? The USA Today reads: SOLD OUT.

    They have ALL been bought and no more will be made!

    Ridiculous! Absolutely heinous!

    There are starving children all over the world and SOMEONE is dishig out $45,000 on this monstocity…

    What a shame.

  37. This kind of trash are usually sold in night markets in side lanes for about $5 (at most). The people who bought them must related to the designer because they feel they have to support him – as nobody in their senses will!!

  38. i lOVEEEEE THIS BAGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it rocks my FREAKING SOCKSS !!!!! BUY ME IT !! <3

  39. OMG whuever said it was GORGEOUS is SOOOO right that girl daniela seems cool…. she knows fashion unlike EVERYONE ELSE… im an independent fashion designer; i graduated valedictorian of my fashion school & this proves to be the number one masterpeice produced by loius vuitton…. sooo you should all admire for its true and unique BEAUTY. please go to fashion school. thank-youu

  40. I think the bag is kinda kool. Gonna make replicas and sell them for $100! I’m in a small town and they will be a big hit! Wish me luck!

  41. This is probably the ugliest peice that I have ever seen done by LV. I never thought that i would hate anything that they do because I’m an avid collector of their limited edition purses…but this “thing” is absolutely hidious!!

  42. You guys probably won’t believe this is really me. I’ve been visiting this site for quite some time now but I never really comment on anything. I just feel I need to defend the people who bought this bag since I was one of them. It’s a magnificent piece of art and I feel that it’s not intended for use. It’s more of a priceless painting you display in your living room. I think it’s beautiful and it was definitely worth buying. And it’s amazing to think that there were only 4 that were shipped to the U.S. and I’m one of them so that shows that it’s special.


  43. hahaha!! This bag is soo


    GAWDD, i mean it.

    I mean like c’mon, I can make this. EVERYONE CAN MAKE IT!!! it just patchwork stuck on together. WOW.

    It costs thattt much… FOR WHATTT??

    MJ is such a bad designerrr.

    well for this time.

  44. i’m not shocked by the price just the over all uglyness of the bag……i could see it in a LV museum, sort of a collage of their most famous bags etc…. but to walk around with it! Sheeesh! it looks like MJ created WHILE he was in rehab… best stick to weaving baskets, back to basics marc darling back to basics!!

  45. Let’s just say that old Louis himself could have emerged from his grave and presented the bag to me in person and I would graceously turn him down. This has got to be the ugliest creation I have seen in a while. It’s like looking at one of those conceptual pieces of art and trying…trying really hard to make sense of it.

  46. this is the most hideous thing i have EVER seen. looks like the bag threw up all over itself! & any idiot who would waste $42k on this monstrosity really needs a head examination. YUCK!!

  47. 1st off i am not a huge fan of the plastic LV ( vinyl) as they call it. And i first i hated this bag. But upon delivery I must say I LOVE this bag! I really do. Its well made ( unlike the stuff that most people covet from the brand) and overall its a cool bag! It releases one’s inner tacky . So i say job well done louis vuitton. Still not a huge fan of the brand as a whole . But job well done on this bag !

  48. Ooh and the “twin as you call it ” is not a twin its the other side of the bag! LOLOL. $38000 – $42k is the range of the bag as each bag is one of a kind. Its one of those bags you have to see and own in order to really get the it. Almost like those (fugly ) old lady looking birkins that we love so much.

    They a so fugly that they are beautiful . Just like this bag. ITs so fugly is beautiful .


  49. Opinions are individual, and no opinion can be right or wrong. Obviously they are opinions because they represent an individual’s point of view, and that varies per individual. Besides restating the obvious, I want to say that I think this bag is great. Looks great and goes with a lot. It’s also a bit rebellious, and when it comes to fashion it is the designer brands who dictate what is in or not in. I really like this bag. I like most patchwork bags. i think it’s a great piece, and I want it now! 🙂



  51. I know why Louis Vuitton did this –

    Louis Vuitton products never go on SALE,

    so whatever is not sold is shipped back and destroyed. So I guess this is their way of salvaging those unwanted products. LAME!

  52. To the idiots who bought this bag saying it’s a piece of art – it shows how uneducated and uncouth you really are.

    You can buy better art than that piece of crap.

    Then again I guess it shows there’s a market for idiots with too much money. Probably spending their grandfather’s hard earned cash.

    I think I’m going to barf all over a garbage bag and sell it for 50,000USD.

    Maybe Paris H. you’d like to buy it too!

  53. so much hate over one bag? you all need to get out. its a bag. so what if it has a big price tag? some people pay for that and its personal preference if you like it. im sure alot of time was put into making it so they dont need people critising their work..

  54. I have both MJ and LV but..

    That’s extremely ugly and insult the loyalty consumer with lunitate price ever made!

    Marc should go for brain rehab !

  55. Yes, this bag LOOKS like a joke!! Not only would you never find anything, but if you did manage to use every umm purse on the bag, could you even lift it? I’m sorry, but in today’s economy, why would LV even create such a monstrosity!

  56. the little blue bag with the flowers in the middle reminds me of something a six year old would be carrying around..(for approximately 5,000 dollars i must add)

    Overall this bag is just an ugly mess. I laughed so hard when i saw that all of them sold out, and one to Beyonce! It’s sad how people will buy things just because they’re the most expensive

  57. I think that bag is beautiful WHY??? because its different and I personally like different. I dont think it’s worth the price tag but all in all a good effort : )

  58. I am seeing alot of dislike for this bag but for all of you out there that like this bag just wait till some china man from some sweat shop copies the design and buy it for like 30.00. thats really all i would pay for it lol

  59. i like the bag, expensive but think of it it like 10 louis vuiton bags on one huge louis vuitton bag….it is very styish,come to think of it, beyonce was spotted using it last year….it is no.7 on most expensive designer stuff on earth…i wonder who is rch enough to have one aside from beyonce

  60. this is an example of MJ designing whilst not sober. the bag looks like a giant vomit pile of LV bags! gross. a spectacular example of what happens when you have loads of money but no taste.