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Stella McCartney Patent Messenger


Since I am the practical Bag Snob, here is a bag for the girl who just needs to get some stuff done when she goes out. This Stella McCartney messenger is so of the moment in ultra hip faux moss green patent (no animals ever suffer for Stella’s designs). The outer pockets and cell phone holder on the strap makes running errands a breeze. It even has a little loop on the strap to hang things off of. Who wants a black nylon messenger? Leave it to Stella to help us find function and fashion all in one. At Neiman Marcus for $795.



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  1. Dear Bag Snobs,

    Two thumbs up for your marvellous site. I have a small objection though: Are you not a bit too harsh on good old plastic LVs (I agree with you, their prices make no sense whatsoever), while at the same time you seem excited about a plastic Stella selling for 795? it is not that it’s ugly, it’s just that it’s way too expensive for what it is!! (And yes I believe that no animals should suffer for our vanity, so I’d rather stick to my plastic speedy!!)



  2. Now THAT’S a nice bag! If the strap were long enough to wear it crosswise over your chest and leave both arms free it would be perfect.

  3. Re Alexandra’s comments on the LV bags: I wouldn’t just be put off by the fact that they are made of plastic but also by (a) the price, which frankly over-values materials and workmanship that go into an LV bag and (b) the loud over-use of the LV logo, which is just tacky. The Stella one is better than those of course, particularly the fab colour, but the price seems high when I could spend another 100 quid or so and get the Anya Hindmarch of my dreams!

  4. When I first heard Sir Paul’s daughter was going into fashion, all I could think was- yeah, how nice for her, rich girl that she is…

    She has proven herself, more so every season.

    And she sticks to the convictions of her parents.

  5. Can anyone tell me what season this bag came out? I got one today 2nd hand & I love it. Am searching thru the runway hotos trying to find it…pls help…I like to know when my bags were born…

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