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Our new friend, Megs from Purseblog asked me about a 3-step program the other day and although I am more of a 10 step girl, I do have a 3 minute routine for Busy Beauty Snobs who don’t have time to indulge daily in her beauty regimen.


First and foremost, a good cleanser is a must, putting good cream all over a dirty face is just a waste and you’ll end up with unsightly blackheads. We love Shu Uemera cleansing oils, I’ve been using the Balancing cleansing oil-$62 for over 10 years but recently switched to the Premium cleansing oil- $72 when Kelly told me it banished all of the bumps on her face but I am not noticing a big difference between the two oils although the Premium oil seems to rinse better. By the way, don’t think putting oil on your face will clog your pores or make you greasy. It actually rinses cleaner than foam or cream based cleansers and you won’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils. The cleansing oil will also remove waterproof mascara so you won’t have to spend extra time using eye make up remover. A few pumps of this oil will leave your entire face squeaky clean and blackhead free. Go to a Shu Uermura boutique or counter at Neiman Marcus to assess your skintype and determine which is best for you.

A less expensive option is Cetaphil’s cleanser from the drugstore. It’s gentle on your skin and is non-comedogenic if your skin is sensitive. When I forget to pack my cleanser on trips, this is the one I’ll grab from CVS. It doesn’t wash off my make up as well as the cleansing oil but it’s only $6.99 and worth trying for yourself.


I don’t care how busy you are, you need a good eye cream. The eye area is more sensitive than the rest of your face and you don’t have any oil glands there so it needs extra care (and no, putting your face cream around your eye is not good enough). There are several great ones on the market but my top two faves that I switch between are the Natura Bisse Diamond Bio Lift Eye Cream- $137(I just started using this and I am addicted!) and La Prarie Cellular eye cream-$110 (I’ve used this for almost 20 years and I swear it is the reason I still get carded).

kiehlseye.jpgFor frugal snobs, Kiehls has a fantastic eye cream at a fraction of the cost, the Cryste Marine Firming eye cream is $35 and does wonders for dark circles (although a good night sleep works even better)

diamondnatura.jpgYou should never go to sleep without moisturizing your entire face, neck, and chest unless you don’t mind looking like the miu miu coffer bag. You’ve heard both of our arguments for our favorite moisturizers so you’ll have to decide for yourself. I maintain that Diamonds are a girls’ best friend, while Kelly sticks with her miracle cream.

My cousin Jeannie, the mother of all frugal snobs, swears by Burt’s Bee’s moisturizer, it’s 99% natural and smells yummy too. $15.69 at drugstores and Wholefoods.


You don’t need to do this everyday but it needs to be done at least twice a week so you can slough off dead skin (over accumulation of dead skin leads to… yup, you guessed it, WRINKLES!) and have a smooth surface to apply your moisturizer on. My husband likes Benefit’s Pineapple facial polish scrub- $24 because the enzymes in the pineapple keep his complexion clear but I like Natura Bisse Glyco peeling 25%-50% $130-$170, it’s serious stuff so read the directions carefully before using.

If this is too much to digest just remember Cleanse, Exfloliate, and Moisturize (C-E-M) This is a basic routine every beauty needs to stay gorgeous so skimp on your shoes if you have to but remember your skin is the first thing people see 🙂 Stay beautiful and have a great weekend!



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  1. The smaller bottle of the Shu Ueumura oil is only $27 and totally worth it to try it out. It hydrates the dry and cleans the oily (nothing cuts oil better than oil!), that’s why it’s called the Balancing Oil. I totally swear by it. Before my wedding, I spent thousands of dollars (and months of treatments) clearing my face of all the bumps I feared would show up in all the wedding close-ups, which worked but this oil did the same thing in less than a month of use and is only $27!!

    Beauty Snob Kelly

  2. Ki Ki? Is that you? Thanks for reading 🙂 I’ll keep you college kids in mind when I do my entries 🙂 Guess who’s been asking for his Ki Ki???



  3. Are the eye creams for nighttime use only? Can the moisturizers you suggest be used during the day? Currently I use La Mer for overnight only, but I’m looking for a good daytime cream. Thanks!

  4. Uh, Olive oil and a bit of castor oil will do the exact same thing as these high end cleansing oils, they’re cheaper, and more natural. Plus you can add any number of essential oils to the mix to make it perfect for you.

  5. Hihi,

    I’m 19 years old & I’m not sure what mosturizer would work for me? I’m not using any at the moment. I’m considering btw what you guys recommended. But my concern is if I feed my skin such nutritional stuff, would it cease to work when I am older since my skin would get used to it? Or it does not matter? Both sides are equally supported by people I know. So beauty snob, enlighten me pls. Also, have you ever heard of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Limited Edition, is that good? Thanks.

  6. i’ve been wanting to check out the cleansing oil for a while now. is it very similar to the l’occitane amande shower oil? (for your body, but they seem to be the same concept.) i love the shower oil, but i’ve been afraid of something similar for my face because i tend to break out easily.

    also, when do you think is a good time to start with eye creams? i’m only twenty, but i want to prevent anything before it starts without going overboard or wasting money. thanks!

  7. I read in a magazine that Heidi Klum used Cetaphil and I bought some and have used it since. I love it. I also picked up some of the Almay cleaning wipes that you recommended a few posts back. Can’t wait to try them tonight. Thanks for the great recommendations. I have a long list of products I want to try after reading this blog.

  8. Dear Beauty Snobs, I totally agree with the basic steps of cleaning and moisturising. What about toning? Isn’t toner a primer before any creams?

  9. I think eye cream should be used as early as possible! I’m turning 18 in june, and I use an eye cream at night too! Keeps those signs of clubbing too much away!~