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Trovata Canvas and Patent Tote


Here is another travel tote for you jet setters out there. This Trovata canvas with cranberry color patent makes such a statement you will not get lost in the crowd at the airport with it in hand. The combo of the canvas and patent leather is practical and adds that element of style that makes it a must have. And it’s on sale so you don’t even need to get into the eternal debate of what you need vs. what you want. It is down from $595 to $359, that’s like almost half off! Barneys just started their sale today and it was a total mad house with women yelling at each other, fighting over stuff! I mean, the sale wasn’t THAT good. Of course everything I wanted was NOT on sale (DvF summer dresses, so many good ones!!). So I’ve totally gone off track here with the original topic. The canvas and patent overnighter – if you need one, this is it for the put together traveler. At Barneys.



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  1. Hi, I think it’s actually spelled Trovata. It’s a luxe version of a carpenter’s bag that you can get from the hardware store for much less $$.

  2. thanks for catching the spelling error Deborah, Kelly is 7 months pregnant and not always on top of things lately 🙂

  3. Oh my, I am losing my mind. But this isn’t as bad as some of the things I’ve done lately. I never know what day it is and if you have something scheduled with me, just assume I will forget and not show up. And I am NOT a flake, I am a super reliable person!!

    “So says you my pretty…. even on vacation I am checking our website cuz I just assume that she’ll forget to do entries or post comments and more often than not, she does.” From Tina hahahahhaa

  4. This has now been marked down to $299. I just saw it on the Barney’s site and checked here first to refresh my memory regarding your comments. It’s very nice.