Antrobus Convertible Bag



Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is all ONE bag! It is one of the most ingenius designs I have ever seen. The Convertible Bag by Alison Antrobus is a carryall made of butter soft black leather that converts to traincase for travel, a clutch, a satchel, and a shoulder bag, all rolled into one! It’s not as pretty in design as some bags but the versatility of it makes up for what it lacks aesthetically! I need a bag like this, I carry my little jewelry case in my birkin when I travel and also have to pack a clutch for night, a shoulder bag, and multiple boxes to store my jewelry so they don’t get crushed. With Antrobus’s convertible bag, I have it all in one bag! At $1,250 it’s also a bargain considering how many bags you get. I can not get over it, why didn’t I think of this? At Vivre. Dimensions 15″x6″x10″ with 8″ drop.

15 thoughts on “Antrobus Convertible Bag

  1. kitty on said:

    WOw, this bag is crazi…WAY COOL!!!

  2. It kind of looks like a human face…

  3. Oh my goodness. But where do the drawers go when its a clutch? I’m so confused. Very cool :)

    (On a side note I would like you to know that you are very responsible for my new love of Valextra :P I saw them in hong kong and they are beautiful!)


  4. Bag Snob on said:

    Hi all!

    The boxes are removeable and become detached to put in your suitcase or on your dresser!!!

    Brilliant right?


  5. jessica on said:

    very cool

  6. Angie on said:

    God, I love this bag! I always am looking for a more structured bag… I just wish I could afford it. Time to start saving!

  7. Oh wow, this is the most creative and functional design in bag, never see anything like this!

    Kinda reminds me of Transformer but definitely in a cool way.

    Not bad for the price too, Bag Snob Tina, know where maybe I could get my hands on this bag in Canada?

  8. Katie on said:

    Vivre is an online site- Just go to FAQ to find out how to get the bag shipped to you internationally.

  9. faith on said:

    is this heavy?

  10. Lauren on said:

    Amazing – a real life Mary Poppins bag!

  11. BabsieD on said:

    The bag isn’t heavy–it’s freaky how light it is for such a huge bag. You can also get it (and see it in person) at a few select boutiques, including Apres Peau in DC (

  12. I love this bag the designer was on this show I love to look at “The Big Idea” to promote the bag that she came up with.

  13. Luciana M on said:

    I got his bag! It is an awesome bag! I got it for $875 on sale at The black and white zebra! so cool! I keep showing it to everyone!

  14. Joan French on said:

    It is fabulous!

    Could we also get a slightly smaller version – say two-thirds of the length?

    And other colours – red, reddish-brown with brown trim, mustard….


  15. crystal on said:

    love this bag!!!! cant afford it! cheaper version???

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