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Bag Snob Pop Quiz – May 14, 2007


You guys are getting so good at this we had to think up ways to make it harder :) Okay, so this week’s pop quiz is a little different. We have two divas, each carrying a great bag, Eva Longoria’s silver stunner and Halle Berry’s urban chic carrier. You must identify both bags correctly to win the engraved Bag Snob bag hook. Leave your answers in comments, first person to answer BOTH bags correctly wins! We’ll announce the winner tonight. Good luck!!!

UPDATE: Congrats to Irena for identifying the two bags correctly first. Eva has the Gerard Darel metallic python bag in her clutches. Halle is sporting the Gustto Small Baca Handbag

. Congrats!!! Please email us your mailing address so we can ship the bag hook to you asap!

(Yes, Eva’s bag resembles the Michael Kors python bag but the bag has gathers on the side, Michael’s bag has straight sides with the ties. The bags do look uncannily alike… Michael Kors’ version is fairly new but the Gerard Darel bag has been around forever, hmmmm)

On a side note, who’s style do you prefer?


22 thoughts on “Bag Snob Pop Quiz – May 14, 2007

  1. Eva – Gerard Darel

    Halle – Gustto

  2. Anonymous on said:

    gusto and michael kors

  3. Anonymous on said:

    gustto and michael kors

  4. Gerard Darel and Gustto

  5. deborah on said:

    Eva’s is Gerard Darel 24 Heures bag aka Charlotte. Halle’s is Chloe?

  6. Angela on said:

    Eva’s is Gerard Darel, and Halle’s is Gustto?

  7. eva has a Micheal kors Python Drawstring

    bag and Halle has a Gustto Baca bag

  8. Gerard Darel and Gustto Baca

  9. oops, should have been more specific, darel’s metallic satchel

  10. Halle – Gustto

    Eva – Chloe

  11. Revinia on said:

    Gerard Darel on Eva and Gustto on Halle.

  12. Allison on said:

    This is my first try. Don’t laugh too hard if I totally screw up please!

    Eva – Michael Kors Python Drawstring?

    Halle – Gustto Baca Patent Bag?


  13. eva longoria:

    gerard darel, 24 hours bag aka charlotte gainsbourg bag ( on their website it looks like the “melrose” spring summer 07 collection)

    Halle Berry:

    tuff call and still not sure, but when i saw the picture I instantly thought of the Gryson Sky bag….

  14. Eva: Gerard Darrel

    Halle Berry: Jimmy Choo

    Gosh, this is hard. Is it me, or does Halle look, erm, fat?

    I’m liking Eva’s look. At least if FLATTERS her body!!! Ahem, HALLE!

  15. Debbie on said:

    Eva – Gerard Darel

    Halle – Gustto

  16. bedmik on said:

    just a guess, but..

    Eva’s bag – Gerard Darel satchel

    Halle’s bag – Gustto Baca

  17. 1. Gerard Darel “Charlotte” on Eva

    2. Gustto “Baca” on Halle

    Love your blog!

  18. Yikes, that dress makes Halle Berry look pregnant!

    I may know what the silver bag is, but not the other. Oh, well…

  19. Hallie: Gustto

    Eva: Dolce&Gabbana

  20. eva’s is the gerard darel 24/charlotte bag (in silver python, i believe); halle berry’s bag is by gustto…i want to say it’s the baca style, but can’t be 100%.

  21. Wow I am doing so well this month…(I won the change pruse too =) )

    Sorry about forgetting the email address.

    I gave up coffee yesterday and it is not going so well.

  22. christy on said:

    I thought the silver one was the micheal kors one too! I was checking it out the other day and wanting it ahhh!

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