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Bag Snob Pop Quiz – May 4, 2007

rachelbilsonbagpop.jpgWe’re bewildered by the style that many young stars have embraced recently, is dirty and frumpy is the new trend? Rachel Bilson is usually so perky and cute but today she looks like a haggard mother of five who hasn’t slept or showered in days and has accidentally put on her three year old’s jumper. Not that anyone should aspire to dress like the Slut Pack either but whatever happened to looking pretty? I’m not so crazy about the long fringes on her bag but it’s the most attractive thing she’s wearing. First person to guess the designer of her bag will receive an engraved Bag Snob bag hook! You guys should know the drill by now, leave your answers in comments and we’ll announce the winner this afternoon.

UPDATE: Congratulations Julie Lim, you are the first to guess correctly, it’s a Zac Posen. Your Bag Snob hook is on the way!

27 thoughts on “Bag Snob Pop Quiz – May 4, 2007

  1. julia lim on said:

    its the zac posen woven bag!

  2. zac posen

  3. goldsunrising on said:

    Zac Posen Large Woven Hobo

  4. Christine on said:

    Zac Posen~??

  5. zac posen

  6. Christine on said:

    Sorry if it is a double post, not sure if it went through last time~~ Zac Posen bag~

  7. Susannah on said:

    It’s a Zac Possen

  8. zac posen! i thnk… =) adore that bag

  9. Esther on said:

    It’s Zac Posen’s Large Woven hobo!

  10. mariel Caballero on said:

    Zac Posen

  11. mariel Caballero on said:

    Zac Posen, I tried to post this already, but it’s not showing up in comments. I hope you get it.


  12. Janice on said:

    zac posen woven leather tassel bag

  13. shuzluva on said:

    Zac Posen!

  14. shuzluva on said:

    Zac Posen!

  15. Cybil on said:

    Zac Posen

  16. amara on said:

    Zac Posen

  17. jeanie on said:

    zac posen!

  18. Fiona on said:


  19. shirl on said:

    is it zac posen?

  20. Irena on said:

    I just got my Devi Kroell coin purse. It is a very cute metallic silvery pink. I can’t wait to use it. Thanks Bagsnob!

    As for Rachel I think it is a Zac Posen.

  21. Hsiao Chan Chang on said:

    Car shoe

  22. Michelle on said:


    It is just a guess i’m going to say Zac Posen. I can’t really see any upclose details, so that is my guess.

    a fellow bag snob

  23. aviva on said:

    zac posen woven large bag

  24. Julie on said:

    It’s the Zac Posen Woven Large Hobo!

  25. I think the young hobo look is very cute. I have been wearing this look since the day before forever. I enjoy mixing the hobo look with classic shoes and a classic bag. Just my opinion :)

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