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Car Shoe Canvas and Deerskin


carshoemoccasin.jpgWeird name? Striking resemblance to what Prada once was? This line was founded in 1963 by Gianni Mostile, who was a shoe snob (only handmade shoes, please) and a race car fanatic. They were acquire by Prada in 2001. Ahhh, now it all makes sense!! You may know Car Shoe for its signature nubbly rubber bottom moccasins ($345 at Bergdorf’s). This bag makes me feel nostalgic for the good clean days of Prada. I love this bag for summer – there is no better compliment to natural canvas than brilliant orange and you are getting real luxury with the deerskin. And the quality is close to Prada so you are getting a bargain for $890. Some are calling this line the cheap Prada but there is nothing cheap about the quality and if they need a diffusion line with nice well priced bags so they can go nutty with the designs at Prada, then I’m all for it. The big brass plaque is a little big for me and you might say their logo with the car tire on it is a bit tacky but with the simple style and obvious quality, I find it to be a cute contrast to the otherwise grown up bag. At Bergdorf Goodman.



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  1. Pergolesi (Italian bags) also uses deer skin and their bags range from $300-1000. I love their bags. They are buttery soft leather. So nice to the touch.

    From what I heard though that deer skin does not soak up the dye as well as calf skin so the color fades in time.