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Gerard Darel


Speaking of Gerard Darel, I am anxiously awaiting the entry of the boutiques into the United States as I’m sure all of you are. My friends and I have coveted the line of hip and understated bags for years, snatching them up by the truckload everytime we are in Paris. Check out the latest goodies, the Savannah bag in Rosewood on left is just the thing a girl needs to update her wardrobe without looking too trendy. A blush pink-y brown, it’s such a groovin’ bag to dash around town with! And the Violet hued quilted 24 hour lambskin bag, is that not just fabulous? I love the butter soft “Portobello” range of lambskin bags, what a fantastic addition to the line! Unfortunately I can not find these bags anywhere online for you dolls, you’ll have to do what I do and plan a trip to Paris to indulge :) Check the website for more sumptious additions to the line. Most Gerard Darel bags are under $500 so you can spoil yourself with several of the lovelies when you find them!

11 thoughts on “Gerard Darel

  1. They have a good selection at Ogilvy (in Montreal) and they ship.

    and Belissima in Long Beach has a couple.

    Hope that helps.

  2. thank you for introducing this good quality and good price Gerrard Darel range. I will go to Paris next month and I can’t wait to snatch one!

  3. I just picked up a couple more Darel’s in Paris last week. They are really fabulous bags. But do tell more about boutiques in the US…where and when????

  4. Anonymous on said:

    i am in love with the violet one. wow. any idea on the pricing?

  5. beautiful yes, but the quilted one looks way too much like a copy of balenciaga’s matelassé!!

  6. Jacquie on said:

    I love the bags. Great find. I just started a shopping blog. It’s really new so I’d love you to check it out at

  7. planorx on said:

    I got one in Paris last March, Just love it!!

    Thanks for the info.

  8. j0s1e267 on said:

    How I wish I can get my hands on these babies!!!

  9. Catherine on said:

    Great price point! Love that Savannah bag. Couldn’t get anything going on the website, just black & white photos with no music even.

  10. serpah on said:

    You can buy Gerard Darel bags at Their selection is not very good (they only have two). They are located in the States, and they carry lots of other handbag (and bra) brands.

  11. Anooshka Zakarian on said:

    You can purchase Gerard Darel in the US

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