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Another product I really loved from Beauty Addicts was the retractable LipClick brush. This is a lip brush that retracts into the case and shuts closed on the top. This is perfect for the beauty snob on the go. You can use the brush, click it closed and not get anything else in your purse or makeup brush dirty. You’ll definitely need to clean it out later on, but it’s a wonderful fix if you’re out somewhere and you don’t have anything to clean your brush with. (There’s nothing grosser than a gunked-up brush and nowhere to put it!) The best part of the brush is that there is a tiny lid on the brush as well that clicks shut when you close it. So while you’re protecting everything else in your bag from makeup stains, the brush is protecting itself from any particles or bits that might find their way in a ruin your brush. $18 at

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  1. Robyn on said:

    I love my retractable brush from MAC, but I hate there is no cover to keep dirt out of the brush. Thanks for the rec!

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