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Pierre Hardy Shoulder Bag


I’ve had this bag for a month now and I cannot get myself to switch it out. I know, it’s a crime to carry the same bag for a month straight (ok, for evening occasions I use a smaller bag) but this bag is so perfect for everything I need. First of all, I love Pierre Hardy and have been wanting one for a year now but I needed something that will go across the body when I am carrying around my wiggling toddler, so when they came out with this long shoulder strap version, I knew it would be the answer to all my yearnings and problems. The nude with the subtle metallic trim is so beautiful and the buttery soft leather is super ultra light (the entire interior is lined with the same leather and it is still light!). There are 2 outer pockets that I cannot live without, a smaller one in the back for my cell phone and the front with the flap for my daily planner. I love that being chic and stylish with this bag does not come with the price of losing a much needed arm and the heavy lifting of most of my beloved bags. Sure, it doesn’t go with exactly everything but having a great bag on a non matching outfit still beats carrying around a messenger any day of the week. At Barneys for $1265.



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  1. How much does this hold? This is really, really nice. I didn’t find any measurements on the Barney’s site. I have been looking at these bags ever since you picked them as one of your top 10 of 2006.


    This bag is a good size, probably around 14″ across by 10″ tall and fits lots of stuff! I love mine.


    Bag Snob Kelly

  2. i love that bag but i prefer it in black suede with the gold metallic leather trim. i’ve been begging my dad to get it for me but he’s a little hesitant 🙁