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The Secret to Luminous Skin


My friends have called me “Luminous” for years and I have never shared my secret with any of them, preferring to let them think I was blessed with skin that glowed like a baby. (You know how a baby glows at the temple and right above the lip? That’s where I apply my secret weapon.) What is my secret you ask? It’s Revlon’s Bare it All lustrous lotion (previously called Revlon SkinLights with spf 15). I’ve tried all the expensive brands of “glow” products but none compare to the subtle glow of Revlon’s product! Most make you look greasy, sweaty, or sparkly, none of which are a flattering look for anyone. My favorite shade is the Nude, it is the most natural. The secret is also in the application, don’t make the mistake of spreading this all over your face or mixing it into your foundation unless you want to look like a greaseball. A little dab goes a long way! After applying your foundation (or moisturizer if you don’t wear foundation), put a drop on each temple and right above your upper lip, you’ll be on your way to luminosity all day long! Just don’t tell my friends 🙂 $14.95 at Target or your local drugstore.



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  1. I have checked Walgreens, Target and Wal-mart for this. I can’t find it anywhere. It has become my greatest quest. I am trying CVS and Drug Emporium next. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that link to the revlon outlet Tina!! I use this product and the skinlights powder as well and when I ran out about a week ago i went to my local target where i always buy it and it was no where to be found! BTW, you said your favorite color is NUDE, is that the same as the Skinlights version BARE LIGHT? Thats the one I use and I love it…