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“I’m Not A Plastic Bag” – Update


May 3rd UPDATE: We have just been notified by the Anya Hindmarch team that after another sell-out launch in London through Sainsbury’s supermarket the online pre-order will be delayed. Originally the official US launch date for online pre-orders was 7th of May but this is going to be delayed due to the overwhelming reaction and response to the bags. They strongly advise you to register on the Anya Hindmarch website so they can keep you updated on when the bags will be available. The in-store launch remains on the 20th June in all 4 Anya Hindmarch stores as well as Fred Segal Flair and Ron Herman in LA.

As with all successful ventures, there will be naysayers and Anya Hindmarch has received recent pieces of press in the UK criticising her for having the bags made in China. As we have received enquiries about this we decided to speak to Anya directly to set the record straight.

From Anya:

“Our aim with this project has been to use our influence to make it fashionable not to use plastic bags. ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’ was designed to be a stylish, practical, reusable bag that would raise awareness of this issue and spark debate. We feel that we have achieved this aim beyond our wildest dreams. For more information about where the bags was made etc, please see our website.

Check out the US edition of I’m not a Plastic Bag with navy blue writing! I like it even better than the European version, which sold out within 2 hours in London with lines around the block from 6am! I am so incredibly inspired by Anya’s dedication to change the world, one cotton bag at a time. Please join us in supporting her efforts, all you’ve got to gain is a better world 🙂

Message from Anya Hindmarch to Bag Snob readers:

“When I was first approached with this idea, it gave me the chills. It seemed so important. The thing that struck me was that when I started working at 18 years old in the late Eighties, I remember drinking double espressos and smoking Marlboro lights and working all day and night. I remember the cool young girls I started employing arriving with their yoga mats and pomegranate seeds and their plants on their desk for oxygen and me thinking it was all a bit ‘knit your own yoghurt’. But of course the reality is that now we all realise the importance of looking after your health, what you eat and what you do. It was these cool, fashionable influences that helped it become trendy.”

“The bag project all started two years ago when a man called David Robinson approached me. David – who is a very good man – runs a global social change network called We Are What We Do. They are a fantastic movement who try to inspire people to use their everyday actions to change the world. He is very much of the belief that if everyone makes a small change and does their bit it can actually amount to making a big difference.I just loved the simplicity of that and I agree with it. The first thing that they did was publish a book, which was done in a really upbeat, unworthy way, called ‘How to Change the World for a Fiver,’ and it was very popular – organizations really embraced it and gave it out to their employees. It started with fifty actions that anyone could do to help – things like ‘smile at old people because they know lots of good stuff’ and ‘turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth.’But the first action was ‘decline plastic bags whenever possible.’ We Are What We Do came to see us because they were very keen to take the success of the book into a project.I was enamored with the idea because I do believe there is so much wasted packaging – although I’m far from perfect myself.

But secondly I thought they were really good people and it was a really exciting project to try and highlight – it’s such an easy thing to do. We designed the bag as it’s big and easy and great for groceries, but will probably be used as a school bag or a gym bag. I use mine everyday as a tote bag bringing stuff from home.

“There’s a lot to be said for plastic for sure, but on a recent shopping trip I refused nine plastic bags as I could put things directly into my cotton one – and that’s amazing.If it makes people rethink their behaviour and perhaps makes the supermarkets rethink their solutions then it’s achieved something as far as I’m concerned.”

“What’s really exciting is the reaction from people. “I’ve literally had letters from models, film stars, politicians and even Prince Charles yesterday, all saying ‘fantastic, well done, we all support it and we’re right behind it.”

“I’m not the greenest person around, I drive a diesel car (I have five children) but the point is that ‘we are what we do’ and if we all do a little thing then we’ll solve the damage, we’ll stop making it worse. And it really doesn’t take you long to rethink the way you behave.”

To receive information on when you can get start the pre-order, register for the Anya Hindmarch newsletter at Anya’s website and they will email you directly with the latest updates.



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  1. Anya Hindmarch fakes are beginning to make an appearance. This week I was unfortunate enough to buy on ebay a fake bag which claimed to be be from last summers collection.

    As soon as I received the bag I knew at once that there was something wrong with it, the production qualities were just too low for an Anya Hindmarch bag. Apart from a blurry appliqued bow, there were no labels to indicate that it was one of hers, and crucially, no engraving of her name on the gold rings.

    I contacted the Pont Street shop and the salesperson asked me to email her a photo of the bag. She rang me back at once to confirm that it was a fake. Not only did she not recognise it, she confirmed that ALL Anya Hindmarch bags have her name engraved on the metal work.

    It is a measure of Anya’s success that she is now being copied. Don’t buy fakes on ebay. The seller as yet is insisting that the bag is real, despite having no evidence to demonstrate otherwise.

  2. I just read Linda Grant’s comment and am most unhappy about the fake Anya bags. I have 3 of her bags and 1 cute purse. I rang the AH store in Kuala Lumpur today to enquire about the “I’m not a Plastic Bag” bags and was also sad to note that they will not be sold at the same price as in the UK. Apparently they will cost as much as 4 times more! Nevertheless I have put my name down for 2 bags – they are apparently sold out in London – so why not!

    Bag Snob – I love this site. First read about you girls in British Vogue – can’t live without my daily snob fix!

  3. Thanks for the tip BagSnob! I just called the L.A. store and when I told the woman who answered the phone that BagSnob sent me and that I wanted to be put on the list she exclaimed “Smart woman”!

  4. It came. I have to say it is rather fabulous and so well made! It would actually make a great bag to put a real bag in when you’re travelling and need to carry lots of stuff with one hand. It just fits over the shoulder and has a flat stiff surface so you can put it down without it falling over. Viva Anya!

  5. I don’t get it. Why would you want to carry around a bag that says it’s not a plastic bag? The Isabella Fiori Pirate Bag is WAY cuter…and it jingles.

  6. I’m afraid I must retract my comments about the fake AH bags. The bag was, it turned out, a sample that had never gone into production hence the lack of any trademarks.

  7. I just called all three of the Holt Renfrew stores in Toronto and none of the handbag salespeople knew what bag I was talking about! I guess I’ll have to call again later on to get put on the waiting list, grr. How disappointing.

  8. Thanks so much Bag Snob for the heads up on calling Anya Hindmarch and placing oneself on a list for the “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” bag. I placed myself on the list at the Greene Street store and they called me up yesterday to give me the option of having it shipped to my house! Bag Snob=the best!

  9. The Robertson store called me yesterday to get my credit card and shipping info. It’s $15/bag (limit 2) and $15 shipping. Cheers!

  10. YES. Thank you so much for posting, I was just emailing them last week to ask about the American release!

    Just for clarification, will they be available at all Holt Renfrew locations?

    Rebecca: Tell me if you get any news! I’m near the Toronto location as well. Maybe we’ll have to wait till June to be on a waiting list…

  11. I love this US edition, the colour is nice. Just called up the store in Singapore and was told that the waiting list for the 100pcs that ‘ll be launched in Singapore is all filled-up. It’ll be retailed at S$45, nevertheless, i still requested to be placed on the waiting list just incase someone doesn’t pick theirs up… Pray hard that I’ll get it…

  12. Does anyone know how to get one in Australia? aparently there is no AH stores in Aussie…how sad…

    Cheryl, can you help me to ask the AH singapore if they can ship it to aussie?

    many thanks

  13. Christine, there’re no more stock as the 100pcs are all reserved. Don’t worry, if AH did call me up to collect, I’ll get one extra for you and make arrangement to ship to you.

  14. Christine…that’s because the limited infiltration of US and European brands into Australia has allowed the flourishing of local Austranlian brands (think: No Zara or real Mango allowed the Just Group empire, no BR allowed Witchery, less specialty bag labels like AH and Nuti allowed Oroton) but the downside is no participation in good global deals! Cheryl- the Spore store is trying to get their 100 expanded by another 100 from London (but in the charcoal grey colour which is the “Singapore” colour)

  15. Thanks for all very valuable information here. But just wondering which site I can log on to have an international order from HK?

  16. Hi ladies – FYI: I just called the E 60th street in NYC location and they are still taking names! All bags are being shipped, so don’t fret if you’re out of state!

  17. Cheryl,

    thank you so much sweetie….

    let me know how i can contact you


    exactly!!! shopping sucks in Australia

    are you in Australia too?

  18. Christine, not a problem. You can email me at Pray hard that both of us can get the bag. It’s so funny, i even dreamt that I managed to get this bag at a local shopping centre at only S$11! I think I’m getting crazy over this bag… hahaha

  19. I’m sorry. I like the idea behind this but why would I need to waste money on a bag to carry my groceries when I have sacks already lying around at home. Bravo for the idea but this whole thing is just too trendy for me to care.

  20. Hey Samantha, try calling the E 60th Anya Hindmarch branch. I think the list is not yet closed. The faster the list gets filled up, the sooner they would call back asking for shipping and payment information.

  21. For you Canadian bag snobs waiting for the bag at Holt Renfrew, I just called the Bloor St. location and there’s already a waiting list. The salesperson didn’t tell me how many people are already on the list. She said that as far as she knew, only Bloor, Montreal and Vancouver stores were definitely going to be receiving them (don’t know if Sherway or Yorkdale are).

  22. Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that your best bet in all of your searches would be to call the short hills store. they’re a less known location so people haven’t really been calling there as much as NY and LA… plus they’re super friendly and always ready to help! Just throwing that out there if anyone is still in need of a preorder!

  23. I ordered these from the Short Hills store and the associates are great. Very courteous and enthusiastic. I’m visiting family in May and will definitely stop by the store!

  24. Regarding Holt Renfrew carrying it in Vancouver, I was quite unhappy with the service I got when I called them earlier today…she said that they didn’t carry Anya Hindmarch, and when I mentioned that the “I’m Not a Plastic Bag”‘s a special edition thing, she was like, well maybe we’ll carry it in for fall. Anyone from Vancouver, it looks like we won’t be getting any.

    Hopefully someone will correct me!

  25. Hi

    I live in the UK but would really like the US version of this bag, does anyone know if I can get one shipped to the UK? I want the the USA one to be a bit different, I have got the UK version if anyone wants to do a swap?

  26. Thanks to Katie for the “heads up” on the Short Hills store…I called and spoke with Leah, she was awesome!! I was able to snag two bags … I’d love to get the Japanese version too … a girl can dream…

  27. Hi Bag Snob,

    Thanks for all the interesting comments on the AH bag. I put myself on the waiting list at their New York store over the weekend.Apparently they are coming in June and they have ordered 1000 pieces so no problems getting one. only discouraging bit is the queue!

    Can’t wait till June!

  28. thanks for all the info, bagsnob. I fell in love with the bag after seeing it in Vogue. I just called the Short Hills store and was able to preorder. The SA was really helpful and even said she’d check with the Robertson store if they were still taking preorders (since it’s much closer to me and it’d ship much faster).

  29. I previously posted about Vancouver store being silly, but apparently they just found out about them today. Anyone in Vancouver (Canada) area and wants one of these adorable bags, the waiting list is very short as of now…hurry otherwise the list’ll fill up very soon (as it probably already has in Toronto)!

  30. Awesome – I just placed myself on the list at Short Hills after the Greene street store said they closed their list a while ago. Thank you BagSnob!!

  31. I am so excited I found this information out on BagSnob! I called Short Hills and am on the list!

    I have been hounding my Mother-in-Law in England to get to Sainsburys at 8AM tomorrow (when the bags go on sale) and to try and get me one bag (one per customer). If not, I have my back up already purchased!

    Whew, I can relax a bit and this will probably help relations between my Mother-in-Law and myself. I’ve been obsessed with this bag!

  32. I have to say, that the initial idea of the I’m not a plastic bag, is great, but the side effect of it is not so global friendly, because it is so sought after now , more phones are being used, more computers sat on, more cars journeys to find the bag etc etc. If a large amount had been made in the beginning and not followed by limited small orders, maybe this wouldnt have been so popular! or maybe the stars should stick to their designer bags and leave the shopping bags to proper shoppers lol.

  33. Just been to sainsbury’s to queue for my bag but all gone already!! (People were there at 3am waiting and only 30 bags at each store!!). Visiting LA in June so hopefully I can get one there. USA version is better anyway!

  34. can anyone help me where can i get the bag from. i wrk for siansburys we had 90 come in to the store this morning and theyve all one i was so gutted i dint get one. i tried ringing the numbers above but they not going through am frm the uk U SEE. HELPPPPP………

  35. I managed to get one from Sainsburys …Queued at 5:30am and they opened up the store at 7am. They only had 30 and i was 5th in the queue. So pleased.Disappointed for the others who turned up at 6am.

  36. Does anyone know of anyways in which i can get a hold of that bag….its driving me crazy…i came bak disapointed today as they all sold out in sainsburys…PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE!!!

  37. Brilliant Site – stumbled over it today, will now be visiting alot!

    I am thrilled at getting one of these bags this morning – short que at sainsbury’s when I got there at 06.30 (maybe 20 people) – huge by 7am! The store I went to is pretty big and they had 85 bags. Feel really sorry for the people who didn’t get one and really cross at the people who only got them to sell on ebay for a HUGE profit. There were so called ‘mothers’ there at 6.30 this morning with bleary eyed kids who should have been in bed who instead were there to get a bag – its one per customer – so they gave their kids £5 and hey presto – the more kids you have the more money you make on ebay! There was one woman who already had 3 bags (she had 2 kids) who was then trying to get people to sell their tickets to her – they gave out tickets to the first 85 people at 7am, then you had to go back at 8am to get your bag – I was outraged!!! Come on Anya, flood the market with them and stop the ebayers making such an obscene profit – some are going on the uk site for nearly £200 and loads have been put on today already – SO unfair for genuine handbag addicts like us who just wanted to have one to USE!

  38. Just spoken to a lovely SA in Short Hills store and unfortunately they will not be shipping these bags to the UK. I am in San Francisco in May but obviously thats no good and I don’t know anyone who lives in the States – Bummer:o( Don’t suppose someone fancies getting me one of these and then popping over to London with it? ;o)

  39. My Mother-in-Law went to the Sainsbury’s in Newhaven this morning only to find out that they were not carrying them (even though they were on the list distributed). So, I am not getting my British version of the bag. So glad I have reserved my US version!

  40. i was there early, but there were only 30 bags and the queues were all round the store, is there anyway to get a usa version without paying hundreds of pounds for it?

    so annoyed not to get one.

    PLease help!

  41. hey, i am desperate for one of these bags… i would like the us version, can anyone tell if there is a way to order them from the UK or could someone do it for me?


  42. Love this site – discovered it today! Got my I’m not a plastic Bag today – in Ipswich, UK. Sainsburys store here got 90. I got there at 6.15 and was No 7 in the queue. A couple had been there since 3.30 but being Ipswich that was probably rather ambitious! Anyway, tickets handed out to first 90 at 7.30am – and there were only 57 in the queue, but that said ticket 90 was gone by 7.45. We then had to queue up again at 8am to pay and collect, all in the presence of rather a lot of burly looking security guys in the store! I got mine, I’m thrilled with it and took it out for a walk at lunchtime today witha few admiring glances cast my way! No ways am I selling this on Ebay although I did notice one bag sold this morning for £240 (£$480)!!!!!I was now wondering whether I could start a collection with the US and Japanese ones due out soon. I will try and pre-order on the AH website but I imagine its probably restricted to US/Japanese resident customers? Anyway, I LOVE my bag! LOL!

  43. Please help me grab a bag!! Had no joy today and not prepared to buy from e-bay! – Any overseas stores with stock still available that you know about? Please!!!

  44. Amanda — If you’re not in a rush, I know Holt Renfrew (Canada) are taking orders, as well as all those boutiques mentioned above (E 60th in NYC, Short Hills in New Jersey) etc…

    For those who got one, is it a big bag? What size?

  45. Amanda, if you are in UK we are out of luck as none of the stores in the US that I have called are willing to ship to the UK……..:o(

  46. FYI – I just called the store in Short Hills and they are no longer taking preorders! 🙁 The nice sales woman said that starting May 7th I would be able to preorder on the Anya Hindmarch website or come into the store the day of. I’m going to try and place an order on the site or may just stop into the store since I live not that far!!

  47. Please may I Pre Order I Am Not A Plastic Bag by Anya Hindmarch. I was sent your email address so I could do this. Please could you let me know either way if I am on your waiting list. Many Thanks.

    Barbara Milven.

  48. Hi, I live in Northern CA and I was wondering if the L.A. store is taking pre-orders? or if anyone knows if the bag will be available somewhere in San Francisco???

    Many Thanks!


  49. I’m so sad! Just called the NYC store and they’ve closed the phone-order list! 🙁 I’ve been watching the website for a few weeks now, and I didn’t know that I can pre-order from phone… so stupid!!!!

  50. For those in Southeast Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia) there’ll be a bag for you with grey writing launching in JULY — able to be preordered too, or bought through Anya Hindmarch boutiques/On Pedder stores…and then a brown writing one’ll be launched in Ireland (Brown Thomas) and Corso Como (Milan) in July as well.

    It seems that Anya really is spreading the availibility of the bag everywhere!

    Here’s the source:

  51. Me again, great site this , I have to say, I phoned Usa stores from Uk last week and no stores are either taking anymore names or they are not posting to UK.

    watch Anya,s site as you may be able to order from the sites in May but no more are coming to UK in near future if at all. Good luck, also if you watch ebay sites look for 100% feedback , not a guarantee I know but all things together help ,genuine bags can be found and look for unusual ending times the bags can be picked up for about £40 – £50 ish, check with the seller first if they can send original receipt like mine has and they guarantee it is not fake. My seller works in Sainsburys so they are out there , if you ordered from the states, then add package and post, the agro and import fees if appropriate and time taken to get here ! then not too much difference in cost , best of luck to you all lin x

  52. Hi All, sorry I don’t have my bag available any more (please no more e mails and you won’t be disappointed). Hope those of you who have missed out get one from the States. Regards to all you bag lovers out there. Alison

  53. Hi, I am trying to raise money for cancer research and was lucky enough to get my hands on “I’m not a plastic bag” In London before they all sold out. I have listed my bag on ebay to try and raise as much money as possible before the race in July. Ebay link is 330114038258 (UK). All the money rasied will go to cancer research ( my webpage is also on the ebay site). Please have a look and if possible place a bid or donate onto my cancer site.

    Heidi x

  54. i will definitely be able to get the US one(blue) and the SE Asia one (grey). anyone here who has a spare wants to exchange one? I really want the UK version.

  55. Hi Charmaine, If you still want to swap I have the UK bag (brown) and want the US one (blue). Let me know if you are interested and you can DEFINATELY get the US bag (blue). Thanks.

  56. On the way home from work tonight, I saw someone on 7th Ave in Chelsea with THE U.S. EDITION!!!!!. I am not kidding. I was on my bicycle and nearly had an accident, because I was checking it out and it did not look like a knock-off. Too perfect. Has anyone seen ANY knock-offs, or know of someone in NYC who has gotten access to these? I have not been to Canal Street, but I would be really surprised if this was being knocked off already. I am on the list to pre-order on Anya’s website on Monday, but I am worried that this is not going to be enough to get one. I also thought that US residents could only order online or I would have just gone to the boutique and paid for my two!! Can we please hear from some others in NYC on this?

  57. No it doesn’t. I have the little green information card( with Anya Hindmarch logo on it) that was attached to it when i Bought it from Sainsbury’s. Are you still interested?? Where are you from?? Im from the UK


  58. Can any one tell me how I can order or where I can order the US bag, also the Japanese version?????

    Thanks Corrine

  59. Hi Charmaine (where are you from) or anyone else interested in the uk version of AH I’m not a plastic bag, I have one available to swop for the US one. I would also like to know how and where I can order a bag from the US and Japan.

    Alison from the UK

  60. Hi, are there any US versions available at all???

    I’ve got myself 2 Italian versions ordered but would so love the US version. Might even considering swapping one if someone is interested?

  61. Can you still pre-order bags through the stores? If so, does anyone know if they will ship to Chicago??

    I am on the AH email list but I don’t know how well pre-ordering online is going to go.

    Any suggestions??

  62. ooh, i’ve preordered the usa version via my cousin who lives in the states.

    i was so upset on the 25th when the bags were out because i didn’t realise there was this big hype about it so people had queued up at 1am in the morning so people like me who have to go to SCHOOL couldn’t get one. and i even checked THREE sainsbury’s.

    anyway so i got home really upset and crestfallen so i was just searching through the internet to see whether i could order it online when i stumbled across this site and information about the us version (which is way cuter than the uk one) so phone the new york AH branch and they said they aren’t allowed to take preorders from the UK.

    so my mum phoned up all our relatives to search for one of my cousins who could order, took about two hours but in the end we used another cousin.

    my cousing ordered four, two on her account and two on my aunts, because my mum wanted one and then my aunt and my cousin wanted one too.

    yeah.. i just thought i should get it out because i’m pretty excited over it.

    however i’m sorry about those who haven’t been able to order, i know the feeling.

    and i thought the Japanese one was in bottle green writing not grey. has anyone seen any pictures of them?

    also my cousin and aunt lives in Chicago so i think they ship it there too.

  63. hello ladies,

    if there are any good samaritans in the US who can get their hands on a spare, i’d love to buy it from you.

    wishin’ and hopin’


  64. Am soooooooo disappointed!! Yesterday the US version went on pre order sale on the Ron Herman site. I managed to add a bag to my cart and then got to the final payment stage. I entered my details then clicked on the final section to complete the order and it kept giving me error messages!!! I tried 3 or 4 times but nothing, it would not go through. Needless to say I missed out and all the bags went! Did anyone else have the same problem. So unfair!!

  65. Hi Gerri

    I was on that website yesterday and I didn’t see the pre order advert or list??? I also subscribed to the website for information for when the bag came up.Bummer!!!!!!!!! Any ideas in how to get one from the US????

    Im from the UK and desperate for a bag!!!! I have a spare UK one to swop for the US version. Anyone interested???

    Let me know


  66. Hi Gerri

    I was on that website yesterday and I didn’t see the pre order advert or list??? I also subscribed to the website for information for when the bag came up.Bummer!!!!!!!!! Any ideas in how to get one from the US????

    Im from the UK and desperate for a bag!!!! I have a spare UK one to swop for the US version. Anyone interested???

    Let me know


  67. My fiance called the Anya Hindmarch customer service line in London (mind you we live on the West coast of the US) this morning. He really wants to get me a US bag for my birthday (he’s already on the list for one from SE Asia, thank God!), oh do I love the man.

    ANYWAYS, The girl on the phone told him what ever he does DO NOT buy a bag on ebay (if you want a real one). Apparently only 1 in 10 of those on ebay are real and they are very easy to make fakes of. Even if it has a tag she said that it doesn’t mean anything. Although she did say that the fakes are of pretty much the same quality as the originals since they were only $15 to begin with and intended to only be grocery tote and NOT a nice purse.

    The girl said the best thing to do is just sign up for the mailing list, if you want to try to get a real one.

  68. bagsnobs, i have a question about this (if you notice this – this topics getting a lot of posts!)

    is the bag meant purely to be used as a shopping bag, or as a regular tote bag? using it as a shopping bag seems silly, because unless you buy half a dozen of them, you’re still going to need other bags (hopefully not plastic) for the rest of you’re shopping. but if you use it as a tote, it doesn’t make a difference because it’s not like you’re using plastic bags as a purse (unless you carry the chanel cabos, haha), so what’s it replacing?

    i love the idea and i love anya, but i just don’t get it!

    – kamo

  69. Kamo-

    I also have other bags that serve the same purpose. Like the FEED bag and a cloth bag from wholefoods. Between the 3 bags, it’s enough to pack groceries for a week. This is meant to be a tote, a grocery bag, travel bag, whatever you want it to be!


    Bag Snob

  70. Hi Alison,

    I’m from the UK too! I went onto the Ron Herman site the moment they went on pre-order and managed to proceed with the process only for it to go wrong at the very last minute! I was soooo annoyed! It’s a shame that technology can’t cope with 100 orders!!

  71. I’ve had two of the bags for about a month and I use them for a variety of purposes. One is my permanent gym bag. The second I use for: doing small amounts of grocery and other shopping at my local shops; as a travel bag – on a recent BA flight from Heathrow where you are only allowed one piece of hand luggage, I put my AH Carker and my laptop in it, then when I got on the plane, removed the Carker and put in my duty free and strolled off the plane at the other end stylishly; taking stuff I need to send to the post office; returning things to people that I’ve borrowed; taking stuff to local charity shops.

    The uses are endless. It’s an incredibly well-designed bag which fits more than it looks, is easy to carry and has excellent weight distrubution.

  72. some of these comments make me chuckle as the same has happened 2 me and my friends but as dedicated followers of fashion and both wanting one i both know that uk customers can preorder one but only if you have signed up 2 the website and that you are unable to preorder one any other way according to the anya site. Most of the ones on ebay sadly are actually fake…they were limited as others stated to one per customer and now we have 2 play the waiting game for the doubt the amount of people will crash the site…as sainsburys are getting rid of plastic bags completely in store soon would suggest that from reports you buy something stronger if your gunna carry your shopping lol…good luck to you all

  73. Just called the Robertson store and they aren’t taking names for the waitlist anymore, but said that they will have some available for people who are not on the list on the the launch date of JUNE 20! Said Anya herself will be in the store too! Very cool. I’ll be heading over there then, hopefully before work.

  74. I pre-ordered from the LA store, and have already been charged for the bag and shipping. I know that the US launch is in June, but does anyone know if the shipping of the pre-orders will be before that?

    Just curious…

  75. To GERRI-

    On May 2nd I managed to pre-order a bag on the website.. I did get the error message but just kept on trying and did manage to get one! The only prob is I messed up my shipping option so I hope they can refund me that ’cause it costs a fortune to have it shipped to Canada.

    Apparently they will be more for sale on the Ronherman site as well as boutiques.

  76. I visited my personal shopper at Holt Renfrew today and she puts me and my sister on the waiting list, im gonna call her tomorrow to put one down for my mom too, woohoo!

    I will be styling her for her upcoming wedding, so exciting! =)

  77. I have already pre-ordered the US version n is on its way coming in June. I would really want the UK version of the bag. If anyone is interested in switching a bag, pls let me know !!! Thanks !!

  78. Could someone clarify whether you nedd to have a US address to preorder on AH website at the end of May.I’m in Ireland and I WANT ONE!!

  79. Tina — Which Holt Renfrew were you at? And did your personal shopper tell you when they’d be arriving/can be picked up?

  80. Hi Bernadette and Laurie

    I really want the US (blue) bag and if you can definately get one I would love to swap my UK (brown) one for it. I only have one spare to swap. I am in the UK, where are you?


  81. OMG! how do I get my hands on one in SINGAPORE?

    Is it thru the on peddar store here? I never knew there;s a AH store here hrmmm.


  82. To Alison

    hi, just read your message. Yes, I have already paid for my 2 US bags. And I defintely want to swap one for the UK one. I also will be able to get the SE asia one in Hong Kong. I am based in Hong Kong. Please let me know if u are still interested.


  83. I just went down to the Singapore AH store and they told me that all 200 bags available for preorder have been completely snapped up! I hope that we in Singapore are allowed to make preorders for the US, Japan, and south-east-asia models online! Can someone from AH kindly advise us on this?


  84. Ali,

    I live in the city of Mililani, on the island of Oahu, in the 50th US State called HAWAII. Come visit paradise when you have a chance, the locals are welcoming and the weather is almost always pleasant.

    My US bags have not arrived yet but are coming because I’ve paid for both plus shipping. I was frightened by the ebay prices so would like to trade only. We would both pay the shipping cost to each other.



  85. seems its too late for me to do any action for this bag?do anyone of you know if there any place still taking up preorder cause i would really really want to have one of this…


  86. To Kat,

    Thanks for replying! I tried about 4 or 5 times but in the end gave up! I was sooooo disappointed! I really want the US version. I’ve preordered 2 Italian versions so if anyone wants to swap for one of those I’d be glad to!

    Anyone know if there is anywhere else in the US I can try at this very late stage now?


  87. To Vivien:

    The Holt Renfrew is in Vancouver, my personal shopper has not mention when will the bag arrive but I think it should arrive in around June (by then the brand new store will be open after the massive rennovation)

    Hope that helps…


  88. When you called the Anya Hindmarch store to pre order how much of your information did the employee take? The lady i talked to only took my phone number and said that i should receive a call in a few weeks… did she take any body else’s address or credit card info?



  89. Hello Charmaine & Laurie

    Let me know when you get the US bag and then we can swop bag and details. I only want to trade as well, I don’t do ebay!!! I will find out how much the Postage will be to give you some idea.


  90. Same, I’m from Vancouver too!

    I preordered mine from Holts too, but I never heard when it’s being launched. Thanks for your help though!

  91. My personal shoppers just tried to get my name on list at 2 Anya shops in Osaka,Japan. No pre-orders, they did not even know about the bags!

  92. I just wanted to share this insider info with all you “im not a plastic bag” seekers. There’s a store in Kuwait (where I live) called Villa Moda. They are selling the bag. And because a large number of the Kuwaiti population are unaware of how popular the bag is. They are not buying it and there is a huge stock. Yesterday I went to the store and I got 5 bags! So if you’re interested, you can call them on +965 241-1072. I’m going again today to buy more for my sisters & friends.

    That’s the official website of the store:

    The guy at the store even told me that yesterday they have shipped 50 bags to the UK alone. They do accept international orders.

  93. If anyone can figure out villa moda’s hellish website then you’re a better woman than I am!

    It’s terrible!

  94. ya i tried the Villa Moda site but i didn’t know how to surf the site or find the bag..

    i mean i live in Saudi Arabia so it will be easy for me to get the bag from Kuwait..

    are there any other sites that sell This Bag ? i really want one..they’re so cool !!

    so help anyone 🙂 hehe Thaaanks alot

  95. hey there bag snob! just checked back onto ur site again after a long while and its feels damn good!and i REALLY love this bag! its an hilarious idea! lol are the pre-orders and waiting list still available for Singapore? ( Cheryl? )

    thanks! =)

  96. Alison, Do You still have a spare UK version ?, my mum is desperate for one and I have really struggled in trying to get one.

  97. Hi

    How can i pre-order one of the bag I am not a plastic bag I do not mind which one can someone help. I have been registered on Anna’s site but have never received any information.

  98. Hi,

    I’m in Ireland hoping to get one of these, but like Jo I never received an email from AH to say they had gone one sale. Is anyone shipping internationally?

    Thanks 🙂

  99. I think Bagsnob mentioned that they’re postponing the pre-ordering in general until end of May, because of “overwhelming demand”.

    I think in Ireland (Brown Thomas) and Singapore, they go on sale in JULY…but as for pre-ordering goes, I’m sure it’ll come soon.

    Ron Herman’s taking orders at 10AM (pacific time) today!

  100. I think Bagsnob mentioned that they’re postponing the pre-ordering in general until end of May, because of “overwhelming demand”.

    I think in Ireland (Brown Thomas) and Singapore, they go on sale in JULY…but as for pre-ordering goes, I’m sure it’ll come soon.

    Ron Herman’s taking orders at 10AM (pacific time) today!

  101. Golly, thanks Vivian. Because I was actually on the pre-order alert email as well, and because of your sharing the fact that a mere 100 bags were up for pre-order on Ron Herman, I couldn’t get onto the site.

    (sarcastic tone) — I appreciate it — from a real fan.

  102. Yeah, VIVIEN. I knew this preorder since last week. Now cuz of your post, I can’t get thru their phone lines. Thanks A LOT!

  103. After an hour of agony I was finally able to pre-order 2 bags on! The website broke about 30 times but I finally pushed through after they became available at 10:30am (not 10am like they said). Now I just have to wait a month to get them in the mail…

  104. Hi

    Does anyone else know wehre else I can pre -order I have spent the last hour and half putting my order through on Ron Herman and at the end there was a error and guess what advised not bags left even though I had it in my basket or does anyone have a spare one they would like to sell?


    let me know and I will send a cheque to you

  105. Jo, had the same problem. Showed 2 in my bag, when it came time to put in cc, got error message. Knew I should have preordered it the minute I heard last month. Little did I know how popular they would be….

    For everyone else, regarding Vivian advising about the preorder. advised, yesterday, that the preorder started today at 10am. Blame them! The site is popular with thousands (maybe millions) of fashionistas!

  106. I’m a softie for a fellow fashionista! So, here’s the skinny! I just pre-ordered 2 Anya Hindmarch bags through Ron Herman South Coast Plaza store. If you log on to the Ron Herman website and look up their store locations you will find the number to the South Coast Plaza store.

    Also the Melrose store is not taking pre-ordered but, will take your name and number and call you the day they arrive on June 20th. They will even ship it to you!!! I hope you all get one!

  107. The same thing happened to me too! It took me over an hour to finally be able to add a bag to my cart on RH and I managed to reach the last crucial payment stage before the whole thing crashed and my cart became empty again! I was so enraged!! All this whilst also hanging on the telephone to try and get through to the customer service! I got an email response from them telling me to refresh my page – I would if their website actually worked!! Then when it did finally show some life the bags had sold out! So unfair!

  108. btw, at the top of the home page there is a pic of the US version and it says ‘win this bag’ when i click on it, it just takes me straight here! Anyone know anything about this/

  109. Okay ladies, I found a site that told me where to call to not only get put on the list, but to preorder…


    check out theinclusive dot com.

  110. Carrie,

    I called the South Coast store this morning too as I lived like 15 minutes from it. hehehe… yeah.. I ordered 3 and my bf ordered 3, we’ll give them to friends and family as gifts! 🙂 yipee~

  111. I got 2 bags this morning at

    I guess its to be expected that most of us wouldn’t get the bags- limited quantity means hard to get.

  112. Booo… silly Irish time difference! Does anyone have an email address for RH, or could somebody order one for me?

    I’m hoping to pick up a couple of the Irish ones so I will do my best to return the favour.

  113. Hey gals! I have posted a post on the 10th of May about getting the bag from a store called Villa Moda in KUWAIT. You can’t order the bag online from their website as they do not offer online shopping service. You would have to call them up by phone. Their number is +965 241-1072. I went agin yesterday and they still have a stock of the bags. I got mine and it’s with the brown text color. It’s really cute but only for very very casual outings.

  114. I too was one of the unlucky ones unable to purchase a bag. I also got to the order complete and the had two in my cart and suddenly the screen blink and when to 0 in my cart. So now i phoning kuwait- Villa Moda – unable to get through. I am from the UK. Is Ron Herman Melrose still put people on the waiting list if so i will give them call tonight at 6pm.

    Anya Hindmarch looks like the last resort, or possibly ebay – (I don’t want to be going there at all

    Any suggestions?

  115. Guys, I would be very wary about this Kuwait store that claims they are selling the bags. Nowhere on Anya Hindmarch’s website (see under FAQs for I’m Not A Plastic Bag) does it mention that Villa Moda in Kuwait will be stocking it. It gives all the other countries…US, Japan, Ireland, Italy etc. but not that one! Makes me wonder how legit it is especially since you can’t order them online too! I’d be careful of ringing up some random store and giving credit card details over the phone. Also, the person that posted that message – no offence but your name ‘confashion’?!

  116. Guys, I would be very wary about this Kuwait store that claims to be selling the bag. Nowhere on Anya’s site does it mention them. Under the FAQ’s for the bag on her site, she lists all the countries that sell them and what version will be available. Villa Moda in Kuwait is not mentioned at all! I would strongly advise against giving out your credit card details over the phone to a store that’s not confirmed as selling the bag. Also, no offence but the person thats posted about that store-their name… ‘confashion’… coincidence?! At end of the day it’s up to you but I certainly won’t be calling them.

    I know that Corso Como in Italy definitely will be stocking it as it’s confirmed by Anya’s site and I currently have my name down for 2. I don’t think they’ve had a lot of requests either so you could try emailing them.

    Good luck!

  117. Hey Carrie and others! I had issues with the Villa Moda phone number too… But I did get mine through RH… check out this blog for the details… that’s where I figured it out.

  118. I strongly suggest against eBay. Why?

    Because you pay crazy amounts of money for a bag you can get for a mere $15, and… most of them are fake. It sucks, but knock-offs are everywhere. Skip eBay and order from the source.

  119. Yvonne, did you call Ron Herman South Coast? When I called yesterday, they said they will have 200 bags coming in next month, and the pre-order list is not nearly full yet.

  120. Hey Baglady, that’s a good point.

    Do you want to swap a US bag for an Ireland bag? I have already given my card info for the presale and everything…

    if you do… email me! kenziegirl at gmail dot com

  121. Bridget, If you don’t mind me asking, who is your SA at Ron Herman? Do you have the number handy? I tried ordering bags yesterday, but encountered many of the same problems as described above. I would love to just call in a pre-order. Thanks!

  122. I just got off the phone (5pm PST) and ordered 3 (limit) from RM South Coast store, shipping is $11. Just call the direct number from for the RH South Coast store and the person that answers will take the pre-order. They are going to charge my card and call me on June 20th when the bags arrive.

  123. Hi All

    Call Ron Herman store – Melrose they do ship to UK, you will be put a waiting list and contacted in June

    The Lavender Trust have the lilac version £78.00 proceeds go to breast cancer awarness.

    Villa (Kuwait) are taking pre orders as the attention has not reach yet.

    Anya Hindmarch sites are taking pre-orders towards the end of May. If the site keeps crashing contact the stores on the day and leave you details.

    Good Luck

  124. Thanks Bag lady

    I have just noticed you comments regarding Villa Moda I was stupidly duped. I couldn’t access the site but other bloggers who did could not make sense of the website.

    Sorry peeps – I honestly didn’t know I though comments made by CONfashion was geniunely anya bag lover – obviously not.

  125. Hi Fiona12

    Thanks for the South Coast info – I will call them today. I did give my details however to Ron Herman Melrose – they are do a waiting list.

    Good Luck to everyone trying to get hold of a bag its very hard – but keep on trying until you exhaust all avenues. Thanks everyone for their information.


  126. if you go on to the ‘we are what we do’ site, go into news & events ( see our press releases )and click where it says ‘anya hindmarch designs a £5 reusable shopping bag’ it tells you there that villa moda kuwait is selling the bag. but i don’t know if this will help anyone as i can’t get though on the phone so i still don’t have a bag.

  127. I know some of you are skeptical about eBay. I just purchased an Authentic “I’m not a plastic bag UK version. I love it! I got it yesterday it came with original tags, receipt and she even sent it in the original Sainsbury shopping bag where the bag was purchased. I think if you’re careful and ask all the right questions you can get an authentic bag. I really want to collect them all so; I broke down and purchased the UK version from eBay!

  128. Has anyone seen a fake “i’m not a plastic bag”?What’s the difference between the fake and the real one?

  129. Has anyone seen a fake “i’m not a plastic bag”?What’s the difference between the fake and the real one?

  130. Hey Yvonne, I have a total of 5 U.S. bags coming my way. I’d be happy to send one your way when I get one.

    Good thing I am connected… and on some presale lists!

    I was thinking of giving them as gifts to my friends and making them a bit more fashionable. They always joke about how my fashion sense is so much different than theirs (hmmm, I’d take offense except they are constantly borrowing shoes, handbags and clothes from me!).

    Email me at kenziegirl at gmail dot com

  131. hey guys…

    im looking for that bag EVERYWHERE!!!

    can you help me….i really want the US edition!!!i live in the UK!do you have any idea where i can order it from???

    or does any of you has any spare to sell???


  132. Thanks a mil, I have mine ordered from RH South Coast Plaza. My aunt in Las Vegas is going to post it on to me. Hooray!!

  133. Hi Eleni ~ I will have a spare to sell. I have orderd 3 bags from the Ron Herman South Coast Plaza store. I also hear that Ron Herman on Melrose will ship to the UK.

  134. I am not certain, but this is what I have heard, so far, about fakes versus real “I’m not a plastic bag”:

    Fakes come with tags as often as real bags

    Authentic bags have hardware with AH impressed into the metal, fakes have unmarked hardware.

    Fakes look much like the real ones, but the difference is in the detail — stitching, fabric quality, etc.

  135. hi kena (or any kind angel out there) is it also possible for you to sell me one US version when it comes out?

    i’m in singapore and there’s no chance i can get any!! i dun think AH or any stores will ship out to the far east where i am.. sigh! pls email me at tk728ster at gmail dot com.

    thanks loads!!

  136. Hello,

    Can any nice souls in US help me to buy the US version AH?


    I have been googling for pre orders but i think they closed the list weeks ago.

    I’m from the UK & i loveeeeeeeeeeeee the bag and desperately wanted one


  137. Does anyone have a spare US version they’d be willing to sell to me?

    I asked my friend in Brooklyn if she could get me one but I think she can’t be bothered!

  138. I have a spare UK bag purchased at Sainsburys in April with tags that I’d like to swop for the US version if anyone is interested.

  139. Hi –

    I pre-rdered two and have an extra American version to spare. So if someone wants to buy it from me or better yet trade me for another version. That would be great cheers.

  140. Hi Eleni ~

    Sure thing I will email you my contact info and let you know when I get the bag in my hot little hands.

    Tan ~ I might have another to sell but, I will need to check with my sister first as I promised I would get one for her.

  141. Hello Bagsnobs!!

    I have an extra US version of the bag that I would love to swap for any of the other versions. Any takers let me know =)

  142. Hi

    I was wondering if anyone has a spare I am not a plstic bag to sell to me I would love to get one. I would love to get one for a present for someone special and who has helped me over the past few years getting through some hard times.

  143. kena – oh thanks for the small hope you’ve given me! pls email me at tk728ster at gmail dot com if your sis is willing to let go of one US version! =) thanks loads!!

  144. I really want a im not a plastic bag!!! please can seomone email me with details of prices of the bags!!!pleaseeeee me been dyin.i woz in the line at sainsbury from 7.15 but didnt manage to get the ticket!! so missed out!!!so please can someone help.someone who got an extra one perhapssss?????

  145. I have one extra UK version of the bag that I am willing to part with, I would prefer to trade for a Japan or SE Asia version, even a US, but I will sell if no one wants to trade. You can email me:

  146. Hi AH Bag lovers

    Well the lastest update is that AH Uk are now doing some sort of lottery for those who registered b4 yesterday. The lucky few will be able to purchase their bag (one per customer) on the launch date 20th June 2007.

    Those chosen will not even be able to specify a colour.

    Bummer, it would have been fair to email all, when other overseas AH was pre-ordering to give everyone a chance to order such as Ron

    I received all my info from this site (THANK YOU ALL) had to do a lot of phoning overseas to get a response.

    Ron Herman was the only site to email me and I live in the UK (although i missed out, but i was given that opportunity).

    We are what we do are will be selling the bags again in the summer (no date set) but keep your eyes peeled.

    I have not forgotton you, will contact you soon Mckenzie.

  147. Hi all, I noticed that there is a withdrawl on my credit card for AH! Apparently they are getting geared up for the preorders whose cc numbers they took, for the bags.

    Soooo… I am preping for the arrival, and am wondering if anyone would like to trade a UK or Italy bag for my U.S. bag….

    Eee! I am so excited!

  148. Thanks Yvonne for the update! I got the email from AH’s site today too. It says that there will be a random lottery, and if you get the email for the pre-order, you will:

    * be limited to 1 bag

    * have not choice of the version

    but, if you don’t use the link (which is non-transferable) within a number of days, the opportunity will go to someone else.

    And, BTW, the post earlier of someone who saw a U.S. version in NY, it was more than likely a fake. If they haven’t been released, there is no way someone could have had an authentic bag in the beginning of May.

    Good luck all!

  149. I´m from Spain and I LOVE THIS BAG!!!It´s So cute.I wanna know where can I buy it??It´s only by internet??

  150. I’m from Italy and I desperatley want one too…

    I signed up for the mailing list but no emails have arrived yet…

    I want to know when to go to Milan to get my bag… (I come from Rome!!!) Does anyone know if you can also buy the bag from Anya’s website and recieve it at home???

    Help… I really would like to have this bag!!

  151. Hi Tan ~

    My sister is going to take the bag. I’m so sorry …..if I get an extra one I will be sure to email you! Good luck with getting one.

  152. can any one help i have queued up gone on web sites mailing lists to get one of these bags and had no luck at all i want one of the uk bags have a disabled daughter and want one to put all her things in when we are out cos they ae big and im fed u of using carriers can any one help

  153. Hello all you bag lovers, I am from Sydney Australia, we are so behind here, that I don’t think any will make it down under, please help me get one…….Daniela

  154. for those of you who live in vancouver…i called the holt renfrew store on may 31st to put my name on the list but it was their first day opening after a renovation so i kept getting disconnected or back to voicemail. i went to the store and put my name on the list and the SA said they already have about 100 people on the list…supposely it’s first come first serve but i’m a bit worried cause all she did was put my name and a friends on a piece of paper…anyone from vancouver put up their name on the list??

  155. Hi All

    There may be hope yet, bags in the US version will be in the UK at Dover Street Market and Designs Museum London on the Launch date 20th June 2007 – Seems a bit unfair – as Londoners will benefit.

    Helen – received an email from Heather – Holt Renfrew Manager in Calgary there is no pre-orders or waiting lists at all stores – first come first serve.

    Other emails I recieved the same will apply:

    Brown Thomas, Ireland

    Jerome – Collete, Paris (who are doing 3 colours)

    Esther – Press Office – AH – Hong Kong

    Isabel PR Director- AH – US stores

    first come first serve.

    US version some fashionista is currently sporting may not be a fake – as there is promotions ie UK Fashion Week through goodie bags networking, the same will be for the US before joe public get any info. I saw Linda Evangista in a photo and next to her a woman was sporting blue version on her arm.

    In march – Lilac Version – a promotion for Cancer Awareness.

    How far would we go ie. go onto ebay for bidding for days for overpriced bags or queue for one morning for the real deal.

    Yes, the hours waiting are long, can’t beat the atmosphere – meet new people, have fun and a bag in your hand at the end all for £7.50.

    I will be queueing.

  156. I live in Virginia. There are no stores that will be carrying this bag. Is there any where that you will be able to order the bag? Thanks

  157. Hi ladies,

    I pre ordered some bags from RH South Coast Plaza in May but the money has still not come off my card. Is anyone else in the same situation? Has anyone got theirs yet?

  158. hi all

    i live in New Zealand (yes i know other side of the world.) Anyways I am desperate to get a ‘i’m not a plastic bag’ bag, dont care which version just a bag would be good. Does anyone know where I can order one online??? Please please please… I need this, would distract from my life of all blacks and sheep.

    cheers guys

  159. helen, I called Holt Renfrew in Vancouver about a month ago and the person I spoke to said he would put my name down. But at the same time, he hadn’t heard of the bag yet at that time, but was very friendly and said he thought it sounded great. He took my name and number. Not sure if I’ll ever hear back, but you’d think if they were not going to let people sign up for a reserved bag, they would let you know that so you could go into the store. Oh well, we’ll see how good their customer service is with this. Maybe by June 20, my lust for the bag will have completely faded already!

  160. Hey everyone. I want to just set the record straight– I have two bags, both purchased at Harrod’s in London, with their tags and receipt. They are most definitely authentic. AND THE SILVER HARDWARE IS NOT ENGRAVED!!! That is something Anya does on her high end bags, but not this one. I know there are many of you from regions of the world that will not get the bag– and as I understand all of the waiting lists have closed. I hate to suggest that anyone pay a ridiculous price for a bag that cost $15 to begin with, but for those of you that are desperate, ebay. You will pay a fortune but at least you will get a bag, and the Anya rep who told you that 9/10 are fake was most likely annoyed as is understandable that people are ebaying them. Most of the “fakes”on ebay look NOTHING like the original bag and are very up front that they are not trying to be the original. Just a suggestion. Good luck to all.

  161. i have 10 arriving on thursday coming- my dad works in kuwait and bought 10 for me today from Villa Moda – the anya hindmarch site tipped me off a few months ago about this store – google anya hindmarch villa moda – a few forum posts about it. anyway if anyone on here wants one before i post on ebay let me know – offers considered. i can post recorded on friday after receiving payment.

  162. Hi Louise, I am not sure. I have just gotten word that I have a 3rd bag being sent to me, but I have promised one in trade for another version. If I end up with duplicates I might be willing to sell, and a couple of other people have already emailed me about that. You can email me if you like and I will contact you if I have duplicates, my email is

  163. Hi Michelle – as per my email yes i have the brown version available (uk version) contact me asap as i am placing them on ebay 1 at a time.


  164. SOS-

    I have two ordered from RH South Coast Plaza, and my credit card hasn’t been charged. I stoppped in this weekend, and they said they won’t be getting them in yet until 6/20, and I was on the pre-order list. So not to worry (I think).

  165. I just called the South Coast and Melrose Ron Herman Stores and both said that the pre-order lists were full. I also asked if they would have any bags for customers that just come into the store on the 20th, but they said no…so I guess I’m out of luck =(

  166. Bridget, thanks for that info!

    I’m beginning to hear horror stories about the quality of these bags. Apparently they are not that strong at all, the fabric is coming away at the eyelets after moderate use. I know it’s only a cheap bag but there are cheaper stronger bags on the market. There is no excuse for this poor quality! 🙁

  167. SOS-

    I have received my bag from the Anya Hindmarch store in LA, and thought the quality was very good- it has gotten some use, and the handles are strong, the fabric reasonably strong. I’ve only brought groceries home in it twice, and I’ll let you if I have any problems….


  168. Got my 2 US bags today. Dissapointed that I was charged $30 for UPS shipping to Hawaii,SA (Todd) said shipping was $15 for both! Poor PR from the AH, LA store. Thought the release date was next week. Anybody know for sure?

    BTW, the bags are nice but I feel defrauded.


  169. Hi,

    I have had my Bag since April 25th (queued up at Sainsbury in Essex, England). I always use it and it is quite strong. Obviously I don’t fill it up with bottles of drink/water etc as it will start to come away at the eyelets. I also have the US Version pre-ordered and I am very excited to hear that they are being delivered already,(a friend in Texas pre-ordered for me).

    Would love to buy the green and grey ones if anyone is interested in selling when they are released?


  170. Hi,

    I have had my Bag since April 25th (queued up at Sainsbury in Essex, England). I always use it and it is quite strong. Obviously I don’t fill it up with bottles of drink/water etc as it will start to come away at the eyelets. I also have the US Version pre-ordered and I am very excited to hear that they are being delivered already,(a friend in Texas pre-ordered for me).

    Would love to buy the green and grey ones if anyone is interested in selling when they are released?


  171. Helen — I’m not sure about this whole “first come first serve” policy for all. There is a waiting list in Vancouver, and they have set aside 100 or so bags for the people on that list. However, I believe they closed the list recently, as even on the Holts site it says “first come first serve”. I would call them, and see if you’re on the list right now. Otherwise, those who aren’t on the waiting list will have to wait until June 20th to get one and see if they sell out as fast as the UK.

  172. I got mine today !!!

    I think it’s too cute … but I can tell I’m going to get sick of it. I think e-bay is calling me … the bags are up to $250 ! CRAZY

  173. Hi all,

    Found this forum today. Anya I’m not a Plastic Bag Rules!!! I am staying in Singapore and will be receiving my UK Brown bags in 2 days time. I have an extra one to swap for the blue USA version. If anyone interested can e-mail me at Thank you so much and have a good day you all !!

  174. OH NO!

    Ron Herman from South Coast called, and said anyone who has preordered more than one bag is now ONLY GETTING ONE BAG. They were undershipped and everyone is limited to one now.

    I’m SO PISSED! I ordered 2 bags, one for me and one for my friend, if they had not told me we can order two, my friend would’ve put her name down too, now she’s left without a bag, WTF???

  175. I just got a call from Ron Herman South Coast Plaza. The sales representative called to inform me that we’re under shipped which means they are only selling 1 bag to each customer that is on the pre-ordered list.:(

    Oh they also informed me that depending on where you are on the pre-ordered list you might not even get one. You can call the South Coast Plaza store to confirm this info. I guess 1 bag is better than none. 🙂

  176. I got the call from RH today too, only 1 bag is coming my way. Thank goodness I got on the list at AH, so I have a confirmed 3 bags coming, total.

    I’d love to trade one for a brown or green. I’d be happy to do the trade with each of us only paying shipping to the other person.

    Any takers?

  177. SOS — did you get your bag from a retailer (RH, AH, Sainsbury) or eBay?

    I have only heard great things from people who received them from retailers, and have heard nothing but horror stories from those who got them through “other means.”

  178. i will get the bag soon n it is malaysia version.

    not sure about the color but i would like to swap to the us or uk version.

    anyone interested on this swap?

  179. Luckily, I got 2 bags directly from AH a week ago. Today, both my daughter and I, got calls from SA “Bridget” at Ron Herman, she said we will get NO bags as they were short-shipped. What a nightmare, Bridget told us to go to Whole Foods and get AH bags! Whole Foods is not in Hawaii yet.

    I am ticked enough at RH to never shop there again; I have 5 daughters, the one who got the same call as I did, quiclky asked for my spare AH bag. The other 4 girls are out of luck.

    Anybody else think RH is making up stories and the sales associates are wearing our bags? The excuse was so unbelievable that I will boycott RH from now on.

  180. Kenzie – I don’t have my bag yet. I heard the about the ‘quality issues’ on another website. They were Sainsburys ones.

    Gutted about that RH South Coast Plaza info as I wanted one as a present for someone 🙁 I had three on pre order, hopefully I will get one, even ONE!! Shame really as shipping for three would have been the same as for one from RH – Las Vegas – Ireland.

  181. Hi, Tisu. I am staying in Singapore. I placed my name at the local Ay store here. But I heard that the selling price here will be S$45-65 which is like so much more from UK or USA. I really wonder why. Does Anya Hindmarch London allows this? I thought the bag should have a good cause. Do you know how much will it cost in Malaysia?

  182. By the way, I got my brown bags today. I am so happy. The bags are fantastic. But they arrived without tags (although in its paper wrapper). Which really pissed me off. I confronted the store. I had extra to swap for USA version if anyone interested.

  183. Hi, Tisu.

    I’m interested in Malaysian version (can you confirm that it is Gray)

    I have UK version and also pre-ordered US version, you can choose either brown or navy.

    Please contac me:

    For girls who pre-ordered in NY stores.

    I called AH store yesterday. A lady told me that they are shipping out soon, should be delivered this Wednesday-Thursday..

  184. Many US grocery stores have been selling cotton bags for over 5 years for around $4.50. If you want to make a statement, buy the store version, and give the difference you would have spent to charity.

  185. I don’t get the big deal. It’s not the most original idea in the world. I bought one “I’m not a plastic bag” tote for me and two bags for my children (who LOVE them) months ago, at

    No lines, no waits, no paying hundreds of dollars on eBay. And we have indeed used them to replace plastic bags when we shop… isn’t that the idea?

  186. sol — I get what you are saying, but these bags are more about the trend and less about the social consciousness. Anyone can write the words on a bag (as the cafepress bags are on the site you referred), but it is like a very inexpensive Coach or Louis Vuitton bag to some people. The fact that they are in limited supply makes them all the more coveted.

    Tomorrow is “go” day! Good luck ladies!

  187. I got this on email –

    How can I buy I’m Not A Plastic Bag in the US?

    After the huge excitement surrounding the launch of I’m Not A Plastic Bag in the UK we are pleased to announce that we will be launching a limited edition version of this bag with navy blue lettering in the US on June 20th.

    The bag will be available from all US Anya Hindmarch stores, Ron Herman and Fred Segal Flair for just $15. Due to overwhelming demand purchases will be limited to two bags per customer.

    The bag will also be available from Holt Renfrew in Canada for $18 (Canadian dollars).

    From 18th July the bag will be available at selected Whole Foods Market stores.

    Anya Hindmarch Stores

    Please note that our stores will not be accepting orders by telephone – purchases must be made in person.

    New York

    29 East 60th Street, New York, NY10022 10am – 7pm

    115 Greene Street, New York, NY10012 11am – 7pm

    New Jersey

    The Mall at Short Hills, 1200 Morris Turnpike, NJ07078 10am – 9pm

    Los Angeles

    118 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA90048 11am – 7pm

    Ron Herman Stores

    8100 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.90046 Tel – 323 651 4129

    325 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Tel – 310 550 0910

    11677 San Vicente Blvd, Brentwood, CA 90049 Tel – 310 207 0927

    3900 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA 90265 Tel – 310 317 6705

    South Coast Plaza, 3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Tel – 714 540 9870

    Fred Segal Flair

    500 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401 Tel – 310 451 7139

    Post 26

    225 26th Street, Suite 35, Brentwood, CA 90402 Tel – 310 451 7139

    Holt Renfrew – Canada

    Toronto Stores

    Bloor Street, Toronto Tel – 416 922 2333

    Yorkdale, Toronto Tel – 416 789 5377

    Sherway, Toronto Tel – 416 621 9900

    Outside Toronto

    Ottawa, Ontario Tel – 613 238 2200

    Calgary, Alberta Tel – 403 269 7341

    Edmonton, Alberta Tel – 780 425 5300

    Vancouver, British Columbia Tel – 604 681 3121

    From July 18th I’m Not A Plastic bag will be available to buy from the following East Coast Whole Foods Market stores. Further details will be available on this site a week prior to the launch:

    95 Houston Street, New York, NY 10002

    250 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001

    The Shops at Columbus Circle, 10 Columbus Circle, Suite SC101, New York, NY 10019

    905 River Road, Edgewater, NJ, 07020

    90 e. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830

    429 North Broadway, Jericho, NY 11753

    222 Main Street, Madison, NJ 07940

    2101 Northern Boulevard, Munsey Park, NY 11030

    471 Rte. 35 North, Red Bank, NJ 07701

    187Millburn Avenue, Millburn, NJ 07041

    701 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042

    44 Godwin Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

    4 Union Square South, New York, NY 10003

    110 Bloomingdale Road, White Plains, NY 10605

    235 Prospect Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

    A limited quantity of blue US I’m Not A Plastic Bag will also be available from:

    Dover Street Market, 17 – 18 Dover Street, London W1S 4LT

    Colette, 213 Rue St Honore, Paris Tel – +33 01 55 35 33 90

    Design Museum, Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD

  188. Correction, the SA who called to say the pre-order was void because they were short-shipped was Britney, not Bridget as I stated above. Britney was calling from the Ron Herman store in Beverly Hills.

    I’m so bummed about the shoddy treatment. from Ron Herman

  189. I just came back from the Holt Renfrew in Toronto where the bags sold out in 20 minutes today and wasn’t able to get my hands on any…. they turned the rest of the people in the line away.

    I am really DISAPOINTED at Holt’s since they were allowing a maximum purchase of 10 bags per customers and the first couple of people coming out of the store were loaded with bags and were all planning of selling the bags on ebay.

    Does anyone know where else in Toronto you can get the bags?

  190. Did anyone get the email from AH for the 1 bag order? I did 🙂

    Hoping I get green or gray, but I’ll be thrilled with whatever!

  191. Hey girls,

    I just came back from the SoHo, NY Branch of Anya Hindmarch and purchased 2 “I’m not a plastic bag” bags. My boyfriend, who was with me also purchased two more bags lol =D anyways, I will be posting only 3 bags (i’m keeping one lol) on ebay this evening (june 20, 2007). I will also have receipt available when requested. My user name is Sweety310 and my b/f’s user name is crukz…. hopefully this is helpful for whoever wants their hands on a US verison of the tote. I swear that these bags are not fake and I can promise you that you’ll be thrill with them!

  192. Did anyone sign up for the Anya Hindmarch newsletters from their site? Apparently, because of high demand, they would let you know by June 20th if you have been chosen to buy it online. I got “chosen.”

    I was just wondering if anyone else did too?

    I’m kind of wondering if I should go through the hassle to purchase online, because I don’t know how long it will take to get here. Plus I wanna use it before I go on vacation!

  193. I went to Ron Herman Melrose at 9:45am this morning, and got 2 bags within an hour!!!! Line is not long at all!!! YAY~~~~~

  194. Congratulations!

    At last the wait is over … we are delighted to let you know that you are one of the lucky few to be selected to buy I Am Not A Plastic Bag.

    That email completely made up for the three months spent obsessing over this bag! And I sort of like not knowing what colour I’m getting although fingers crossed for brown. 25% chance! 🙂

  195. the NY stores started selling the bags today and as a person who brings canvas bags with me to grocery stores, the idea of using fewer plastic bag is fantastic. i am not going to buy one because i have plenty of perfectly good canvas bags at home. i see girls walking around using them as trendy pocketbooks and i can’t help but feel that the real reason for these bags are lost in the frenzy of trying to have the latest and most talked about “it” bag.

  196. this bag was on sale this morning at Holt Renfrew in Canada. It’s a chaos. There are 3 HR in Toronto. The one on Bloor has hundreds of people lining up (not sure since when) but all 800 bags were sold out in 10 minutes. The one in Sherway Gardens had about 20-30 people lining up. There was a family of 6 who lined up in the front. Each one of them bought 10 bags which took up 60 out of 100 bags at this store. The 3rd store at Yorkdale was even worst. They allowed people to line up the night before. They gave out number tickets to these people which allowed them to go to the store & purchase the bags this morning. For the people who lined up this morning, no one had a chance to get the bag. This is so unfair, as Holt’s website has posted that there would be no waiting list. Why would they give out tickets the night before? People have already started putting all these bags on eBay. There are a lot of very disappointed & upset people this morning at Holt’s & they are going to complain. In the first place, Holt’s shouldn’t allow people to buy 10 bags.

  197. Ordered my single bag from the Anya site! The color is a mystery, but the shipping was not. $20 for shipping. Ay ya yai.

    Also, I got a call that my other 2 bags will be delivered via UPS tomorrow. I think I may take the day off work, since they’ll arrive sometime between 8am and 7pm.

    Oh well. How did the rest of you fare? Did any of you get a bag or a few?

  198. Hi,

    I just bought 3 AH bags today from Holt Renfrew (Canada)…waited in line for 4 hours. The Canadian version of the bag is the same colour as the US – we were told by a salesperson, that the navy blue lettering is the same for all of North America.

    I read this site prior to buying the bags and as soon as I was able to, I checked the rings…there is absolutely NO engravings on the rings at all. As far as I can see, the only place that says Anya Hindmarch’s name is the inner top of the bag itself.

    Anyway, just thought I should mention this – in case, somebody thinks they have a fake “It’s Not a Plastic Bag” bag…you might actually have the real deal.

    Take care.

  199. jana & vancouverite – wooo hooo i got the bag! i did have to line up but i had some company so the time went by quickly and everyone in the lineup was quite nice. it would have been more pleasant to pick up the bag whenever but i put my name on the waiting list then got a call back a couple of days before the sale and was told “first come first serve”. all in all i guess it’s an experience!! i wasn’t impressed with the way holts handled the calls and the lack of information. but today when i bought the bag i was impressed with how they gave out numbers and the way to the queue was velvet roped to make sure everyone was in the proper lineup. once the store doors opened i saw floods of people running down the escalator towards the line but they were cut off by security. anyways i’m so giddy with excitement!!

    i have an extra one and was wondering if anyone with an asian (green lettering)wanted to trade?

  200. The limit was 10 per customer in Toronto. What a scam. Only the first 40 people in line got a bag. Who needs 10 bags? Apparently all the Chinese people in line. They’re all on ebay now.

  201. I got 2 bags out of Ron Herman, Malibu this morning, by a phone order! I have been following them for a few months, and was so excited. One for me and to sell. On ebay they are going for $200.00 already! Oh my, that is robbery right?

  202. after weeks of waiting on a couple of the lists, i was not even called to say they were in! i finally got thru the RH line only to say they were sold out, and they didnt have enough for the people on the wait lists!! I was so disappointed!! :(:(

    Does anyone have on here have one to spare? they can sell me?

  203. Congrats Helen 😀

    I was on waiting list @ Holts in Vancouver, so I was lucky enough to get one when I dropped by at around 1pm. The lady said that they were all gone in around an hour. Apparently, a lady was there at 1am lining up to get one (or more)…I was stunned.

    Anyways, I got an e-mail from Anya Hindmarch saying “Congratulations, you’ve been selected!” etc…and if I don’t choose to buy one, the link’ll be given to another customer. I wonder how many people got chosen for the lucky draw!

  204. My 2 blue bags from got delivered to my door yesterday morning, I was so excited I could’ve kissed the UPS guy! I took one to Trader Joe’s and the girl at the checkout thought it was great as she was filling it up with my groceries. I’m using my second bag as a purse. My fiance works out of Beijing in the summer and his assistant has ensured that I will be getting one from the Anya store in Beijing. I can’t wait for him to get back in August with my gray SE Asia version!

  205. Correction:

    Ebay user name is c2ped_jai

    It’s up right now.. check it out.. I’ve only posted one of the bags, but once this auction is over i’ll post the other 2… hope this helps!!! Good luck

  206. Sophia/Grr, I feel your pain, I was one of those at Yorkdale since 7 am only to find out that they were sold out. I mean come on! I called Yorkdale HR 3 times this week and the manager told me the same thing, no waiting list, the doors will be opened at 10 and the bags will be in the middle of the store, this is all on a first come first served basis. No way, the opposite happend, all the ticket holders got the bags, all given 10 each. I have contacted head office and I DEMAND and explanation. Please voice your opinions, the more voice the better. I told head office today that I don’t care where they’re to find me a bag but they better because this is all misrepresentation, it was a scam! Them shi shi la la’s in HR sold them bags really fast so they can resume to normal shi shi la la duties and that blond with the clipboard in her hand that sounded like a dumb broken recorder that kept say, “it was a corporate decision, it was a corporate decision, oh please give me a break bleacher. Please again, voice your opinions. The more voices the better. And yes, I did notice that 99% of the lineup were all Asians. The prices on ebay are ridiculous and as much as I wanted a bag I am NOT and I repeat NOT supporting that when I could have purchased it for $18 if a little honesty was exercised in the whole matter.

  207. I reside in Los Angeles and have been using a ‘non plastic bags’ for years. When I first moved here from Europe 10+ years ago people used to look at me like I was strange for using my own totes/bags for groceries. In Germany most supermarkets charge .05cent for a larger size plastic bag which is reusable, most people in Europe use baskets/totes. It is what is ‘normal’. Also, no one ‘bags’ your stuff. LOL!! Glad people in other parts of the world are FINALLY catching up with this principal…

    A. =U..U=

  208. Hi – Sorry to all of you who didn’t get the back and congrats to those who managed to secure one. I am confused though – why has it been mentioned a couple of times that the people standing in line were “Asian” would the same conmment have been made if say most were Russian or Polish? I don’t see what that has to do with trying to secure this bag. Just a thought.

  209. Well Ladies, I got my bag from the Fred seigel

    store in Santa Monica. It had turned out to be a nightmare. After waiting in line for 2 hours,

    and watching people walk out with their 2 limit bags. By the time they had gotten to me I was #61. We were only allowed to purchase 1

    bag. And had to prepay and to come back later to pick it up. It was really weird that the store, had changed the rules and, we only got to purchase 1 bag while others previously got to buy 2, upon complaining to the manager, we were told like it or leave it!!!!!!. WELL! we were also told they were sold out…

  210. I lined up at ten after seven at the AH store on 60th and Madison. All in all, a lovely experience! I was about twentieth/twenty-fifth in line so I wasn’t worried about getting one especially after discovering that branch had gotten in 1000. Everyone in line was wonderful company, and the sweet sales staff gave out complimentary water and bagels to everyone and I mean EVERYONE in line from Madison all the way down the block and around the corner to Park. After complaints of people trying to cut in line a senior member of Anya’s team gave out pieces of AH ribbon that you were to turn in as you made your way into the store to prove you had legitimately been in line. The 60th street store is tiny so although the doors opened at ten they only allowed between 5 and 6 people in at a time to purchase their bags so I didn’t get into the store until twenty of eleven. There were people coming from the back of the line complaining that it was moving too slow and trying to persuade them to have an “express cash only” lane which they politely declined. Also I witnessed several people just show up and complain that they didn’t have time to wait in line and try to just walk in and purchase bags. All were politely turned away which I was happy about and which I think is more than fair. People who didn’t make the 500 limit cutoff also tried to persuade individuals who weren’t buying two bags to buy for them, a proposal I believe most everyone declined. I am very happy with my two bags and look forward to them being launched at Whole Foods in July to stock up on more, although I’m disappointed I wasn’t chosen to purchase one from her website. I’m hoping someone will choose not to buy and I’ll get the chance to purchase one from another country other than the US. Overall I thought that the selection process was fair and I was quite pleased with the lovely treatment by the sales staff. YAY ANYA!

  211. jana – you were able to check on a waiting list? i was put on the waiting list with a friend of mine and then told that there was no waiting list…boooo!!! you must be a big shopper at holts lol well it’s alright, just wish they were more honest. but i guess i shouldn’t complain i have a bag and i can’t wait to use it~

    thanks for the info jana!

    btw…vancouver holts had a limit of 3 per person.

  212. I was able to get one bag from Ron Herman and my boyfriend got one too. Yeah! I didn’t think I was gonna get one since I missed all the pre-order from AH stores. We didn’t get on RH’s wait list until early this month and was told that there were already more than 100 people on the list. Anyway, I was very excited to get the call from RH yesterday. Hopefully the bags will be shipped tomorrow. There’s no way I’ll put them on Ebay.

  213. Hi, I just got two Canadian versions of the beloved AH bag, would love to trade one fo a uk version? Anyone interested? Thanks,


  214. i work at ron herman in westhollywood and have two bags i am putting up for sale on ebay that are real.

    i can send any photo of proof if you are interested.

    i have two. so if you happen to want a real one..i will send you my email link.




  215. A little rude to imply that all the Asians were planning to buy and resell the bags, no? I am Asian and honestly, I want a FEW, to give to my mom for grocery shopping (trying to teach her to stop using plastic bags!). Isn’t that the whole point of this bag? Just my two cents.

    If I order the bag online, how long will it take to ship? I’m wondering if I should just order it now, but I don’t know how long it will take! I want mine now because I’m going to Asia next week, but then again, I could wait and get one there? What colours are the Asia version? I don’t even know where they sell it there though.

  216. Hi I’m Not A Plastic Baggers’

    I waited all day for my email from the AH website, kept checking but no email came….went home from work disappointed…checked early evening and received one saying sorry you have not been selected……..

    And then this morning got into to work and checked my email and got one from the “We Are What We Do” people saying that I have been selected….yipeeeeeeeeeeee. (They had the same process as AH).

    I am now just waiting to see what colour? either Blue, Green or Grey…Hopefully Green or Grey (I have the Brown and Blue – I know I am a luckly girl!).

    Congrats to all that receive either email, I would be interested to hear how many emails there were sent saying yes?

    Keep Refusing The Plastic Bags Girls….As that is the Idea…..Not making a Profit!!!!

  217. Aww I’m so annoyed.

    Been on the newsletter constantly waiting to see if I’ll get the chance to buy one and I didn’t =[

  218. Toronto ladies,

    If you didn’t get a chance to enjoy a bag and feel scammed and cheated by Holt’s: complain, complain, complain. And complain to Anya –

    People are profiting from such a worthy cause and movement. Let’s not point fingers as to culture – the fact remains that who needs 10 bags for shopping? The 10 bag maximum per customer was a Toronto thing alone!, nowhere else in North America was such a thing allowed. The latest bag on e-bay sold for C$179.00. I will not buy the bag for such an elevated price when it was only supposed to cost C$18.

    My girlfriend and I even witnessed, a store clerk at a Toronto store “fixing” some ladies up with bags quietly. WTF!!!

    C’mon – I am really PISSED at Holt’s.

  219. First off, though HR was unfair in their dealings, I don’t think it’s fair to judge the people in line because they were there first. Whatever their race, they were there early. I think it’s messed up that HR allowed 10 per person.

    Also, to all the “fans” who are putting their bags on eBay and directing us to them, that just seems so messed up.

    If I sell one of my bags (waiting lists, shipped to me, I think I’ll get 4 total), I certainly won’t be selling them for more than the shipping cost + cost of the bag. It seems to dillute the message.

  220. I live in Montreal and finally got a hold on 2 bags there at Holt Renfrew.

    They started giving tickets at 8 am, even though the store opened at 10. I was there since 7 and I was 12 person in line. I’m very happy, it wasn’t a hassle. ONce I got my tickets, I could leave the line and come back later.

    They had a limit of 3 per customer, they sold out in 15 mins!

    Now I have a concern about maintaining the bag. I notice the inside bottom is made of a rigid cardboard type material. Would it be safe to wash it with water, or unsew the bottom in order to toss it in the washing machine?

    pls help

  221. I understand that HR in Toront’s decision selling maximum 10 bags was crazy and people who waited long in lines were so dissapointed and mad.

    However, I don’t see why some of us here accusing ‘Asians’ of grabbing all the bags & selling on ebay. The statement that almost all who got bags were asians selling on ebay is totally offending and racist comment, and don’t know why allows such comments here. Are asians prohibited from having AH’s bags? NO way.

    Canada is a mulitcultural nation, and everywhere you go in Toronto, you meet people from all over the world. Among them, of course, asians take up a huge proprtion of Toronto population. If you go to schools, shoppings, parks, or work, you see many asians.

    WHY would you accuse Asians of this situaiton just because you saw many of them yesterday??

    I saw one asian girl (late teens or early 20’s) who arrived late and didn’t line up, but asked so many people soliciting to sell her a bag for 1 hour. I didn’t like that, too.

    HOWEVER, as some of you who were in line recall, there was a WHITE guy, soliciting people in the lines that he would offer $100 for a bag. Even before we were admitted to the store!!! Someone told me that he was trying to get it at $100 and sell it at much higher price to the people at the end of the line. Later, staffs at HR found him and kept him out of the crowd. U think it’s appropriate if I say, white people were soliciting? I don’t think so. I shouldn’t say that on the public web board. We can’t blame any racial group just because we saw some from that group did something unpleasnat to us.

    Let’s just stop blaming ANY RACIAL groups here. If you really wanna blame someone, make a officail complain to HR for its policy.

    FYI, people I met while waiting on line were very nice and I enjoyed the long hours of waiting very much. I talked to 5 people around me, I was THE ONLY ASIAN. DO you wanna still say ‘those who got bags were all asians!’?

  222. To Jenn:

    Well said – I was very dismayed to see those comments made regarding the “Asian” and Chinese shoppers. That was in poor taste!

    By way, I was wondering how many people were successful in getting their bags from the wait lists at the various Ron Herman locations. I had heard that some of the stores had cancelled their wait lists and only sold those coming into the store.

  223. Hi Liz ~

    I was curious on how you were able to purchase 2 bags. I was on the waiting list at Ron Herman for a month and was told yesterday that customers were only allowed to purchase 1 bag. Why were the employees of Ron Herman allowed to purchase 2 bags?







  225. K –

    Only Ron Herman at South Coast Plaza limited their customers to one bag per person, because they let too many people pre-ordered.

    The Ron Herman at melrose did not allow pre-orders, so they had plenty of stock available yesterday, that’s why their customers are allowed to have 2 bags each~

  226. Ron Herman at Brentwood also limited customers to one bag per person. Their Beverly Hills store cancelled the wait list about 2 weeks ago.

  227. Gosh Liz,

    You might want to be careful, posting your name, ebay username, and employer on a public blog site. Especially since a lot of the people reading this bag are quite annoyed that Ron Herman cancelled the waiting lists, and as a result did not get a single bag. They might let your manager, Ron Herman corporate, and Anya Hindmarch know just how disgusted they are that employees are permitted to buy bags to resell for profit, while loyal customers who waited on a list for over a month were turned away. Hmmmm I bet if something like this hit the press it would be devastating for Ron Herman.

  228. Oh, how ugly this has all become.

    I received 2 bags today, UPS! Yeah!

    But I am dismayed at the finger pointing to different races and horrified by the posts from RH employees who got 2 bags (when i only got one from RH), who are posting bags on eBay. So, that means that people who were true fans and waited in line didn’t get a bag, while these employees are able to pull a profit off their bags. That’s so wrong.


  230. weird, I am not a RH employee, and I got to buy 2 bags from Ron Herman Melrose, so did everyone who waited in line with me that day.

    I wonder if RH Melrose is the only Ron Herman that lets people buy 2 bags?

    I also preordered 1 bag from RH South Coast, so now I have a total of 3 bags… 🙂

    From what I read through here and online, Ron Herman seems to be very disorganized during this whole ordeal!

  231. Hi,

    Well I really can’t believe what I just saw on Ebay, one seller had the Navy Version of the bay, which is one of 38…….yes 38 bags she has/had for sale, based in Canada!!!!!

    How can that be right, she must have queued up with her family and friends.

    Sainsburys here in the UK had the right idea, no pre-orders, you had to queue up, got a ticket, had to stay in line for an hour, and one bag per person.

    A much fairer system.

  232. I Agreed with Michelle (UK). 1 person with 38 bags is really disturbing. Another thing I notice while browsing ebay is how these people actually took a picture of the bags together in a pile. Are they trying to show that they won the battle or something? It really down-graded the bags (although the fact is they cost USD15), making them look cheap, like a pile of rubbish. It is so sad to see.

  233. I agree that does sound fair. Anya’s store had the right idea as well, giving us a piece of ribbon to prove we waited, two bags per person, end of story.

  234. Hi Ashley ~

    I just got a call from Ron Herman’s Melrose store on Saturday 6/23. They have a few bags left…due to people who were on the waiting who’s info was incorrect. You might want to try calling and see if you can get a bag. Here’s the number 323.651.4129. Good Luck!!!

  235. Hey Joanne,

    The people who I know @ Holt Renfrew (Vancouver and Toronto) both have said that there’s no more coming in. You could call and ask, perhaps they have one lying around somewhere, or someone forgot to pick theirs up.

    Good Luck!

  236. I went about this all wrong. I first saw an article in the May issue of Los Angeles Magazine and thought that I would just go down to the Ron Herman at South Coast Plaza and they had sold out it 1/2 an hour. I see on Anya’s website that the bag will be available in July at some Whole Foods stores in the east coast but, anyone know if they will be available out here through Whole Foods?

  237. I really want to get a hold of this bag. I live in Vancouver, BC. People lined up outside of holt renfrew even before the stores were opened. They were automatically sold out! Where or how can I get my hand on one of those?! I looked at the postings above and some poeple wrote soemthign about pre-order/ waiting list?! So do I just call up the Holt Renfrew here in Downtown Vancouver to save myself one? Please give me some feedback! I need a life saver!

  238. Thanks to people like this woman with 38 bags, the US version is actually going relatively cheaply on ebay. For those of you who are dying for the bag but did not get one, I would consider this as an option. No, you won’t get the bag for $15, but I for one can say that I paid $20 to get my bag shipped to me so it actually ended up costing me $35. Good luck!

  239. I TOTALLY agree with you Michelle! I have seen quite a few people posting on Ebay, greedy people out to make a buck.

    They post pics of their receipts with purchases of 10 bags or more and piles of bags in the listings…Obviously those people dont give a shit about making a difference in the world! i dont know how they got a hold of so many bags!! It just angers me to see that!!

  240. Hi,

    I have a Blue Version that I would love to swop for the Green Version, I live in Essex in the UK so if anyone has one in the Essex/Suffolk area, I could meet up and do a straight swop?

    I am not interested in selling, just swoping?

    Please email me if you are interested:


  241. Anyone have info on the Japanese launch?

    Has anyone been successful in getting on any waiting lists in Japan – or figured out a way to get their hands on one?


  242. Was anyone on here lucky enough to get picked for the WAWD lottery to purchase a bag? I did and I got my bag really quickly! Was very impressed but then I noticed that the apostrophe on I’m was practically falling off! I emailed them and they sent me a replacement bag which arrived slightly disappointing as it’s a different colour and it’s got exactly same problem – apostrophe hanging off! It seems the stitching machine didn’t grab the blue/brown material only caught it a couple of places!

    These bags must have been produced in a great hurry! Just wondered if anyone else had the same problem.

  243. I was one of the few people in Toronto with the common sense to take time off work and get to the Holt Renfrew store(@Yorkdale in Toronto) before 8am. Anyone who REALLY wanted one of these bags should have been smart enough to realize that yes there would be a line up, and first come first serve means- get in the line early or you will not get a baG!! There were women FREAKING out (for about an hour) at the Holt Renfrew staff, one lady was causing a huge scene in front of her little girl, it was ridiculous!! Common sense people, common sense!! I did my research on this bag, and I know that everyone in the UK that got this bag stood in line for hours to get one. I got to the store at 8am, stood in the line up, got my ticket(which they started handing out that morning, not the night before) and waited until they let us in the store shortly after 10am to purchase. The transaction went smoothly once we went in to pay for our bags, they were already prepackaged for us. The sales staff was amazing, the ‘woman with the clipboard’ outside was extremely nice. I do agree, maybe a 10 bag limit was a bit excessive, but tough luck ladies, get there early and wait for them like everyone else did!! And for the racists on this page, talking about all the ‘asian’ people in line, I am a white woman and I find this extremely offensive, shame on you for bringing race into this!

  244. I live in Florida and have desperately been trying to find the I’m Not A Plastic Bag. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be anywhere in the SE section of the US that sells them. I WILL NOT buy from Ebay b/c the chance is quite high it will be a knock off. However, I will be willing to pay a reasonable amount of one. If anyone is any country can assist me, I’d be most appreciative.

    Many thanks and happy blogging!

    Susan, Palm Harbor, FL.

  245. Hey, I carried my bag 1st time today but was littble bit disappointed that the canvas material gets dirt sooooooo easy & quickly.

    After a few hrs wearing it, I found very faint greenish color stain at the end of the bag. I wore navy top today, so I’m curious the color came from there. Of coz I may be wrong and I got the stain from somewhere else.

    BTW, does anyone know how to get rid of this stain? I saw one posting here abt cleaing the bag w/ tiny brush to get rid of dust.

    For my case, can I use brush+water+soap to wash the bag?

    Neways, ladies, just be careful to keep our cute bags clena! ^^

  246. Hi BagLady,

    I also got picked by the WAWD lottery, I have just checked my bag (blue version) and it has the same problem.

    I also have the brown version and the ‘ is stitched ok on that bag?

    I have just contacted them for a replacement, you mentioned your received a different colour, what version’s were not stitched?

  247. Rach,

    Whatever you not put it in the washing machine without somehow detaching the cardboard at the bottom (if possible) as my mate put hers in the machine and the cardboard has gone all funny…

    She washed it by hand first and the water was to hot and the colour ran but sorted itself out after being washed in the machine!!! So only cold or warm water.

    So I think it is best to just to ‘spot’ clean it just on the dirty areas for now.

    I have taken as hand luggage and use it most days, you just have to be careful where you put


  248. RH went the extra mile! Big Brown delivered 2 bags from the Corporate office yesterday. One for me and one for my daughter who suffered the same “Sorry, no bag for you, we were short shipped, but go to Whole Foods” phone call.

    The delivery was a result of me being upset enouch about the RH fiasco to email the Corporate office, a nice woman named Samantha Gilman responded to the inquiry. After explaing what happened, who did what, etc., Samanta sent me the 2 bags. We had ordered 2 apiece but are satisfied with the remedy.

    BTW, Samantha said they are investigating the employees reselling the AH bags. Any worker who cheated will be terminated.

    I will retract my statement about never again shopping with RH. I was very impressed with the customer service.

  249. For those who want to clean the bag without damaging it, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or like product. I usually carry a small piece of the eraser in my purse. Works almost every time; I use the eraser on my bag and fabric shoes too. JUst moisten slightly and rub the smudge off.



  250. Rach- Before you carry your bag again spray it down with a stain/water repellent. You can usually buy a can of it in the shoe section in Target or a store like that. I sprayed my I’m Not a Plastic Bag tote down with it and it has yet so show any sign of dirt or stain. Even though I’ve been carrying it everyday for two weeks. Good Luck 🙂

  251. I’m trying to find one or hopefully two of these bags for loved ones birthdays. Any idea how to get on a list or to buy one? Any help would be appreciated.

  252. hi,

    anyone knows where I can get hold of the im not a plastic bag tote in San Francisco or Vegas.Thanks in advance!

  253. ok just got a called i have to make payment for my gray color edition bag since i am in singapore within these 3 days and have to collect it in august

  254. Hi,

    I have a Blue Version that I would love to swap for the Green/Grey Version, I live in the south east in the UK so if anyone has one in this area, I could meet up and do a straight swop?

    I am not interested in selling, just swaping?

    Please email me if you are interested:


  255. I was just wondering if anyone would like to swap the blue bag for the grey or the green one.

    I am based in the UK but am willing to post to most places.

    This is a real one and willing to enclose a copy of the receipt from ‘We are what we do’.

    Please let me know if anyone is interested.

  256. I really am dying to get the US version or even the UK version or even the S E asia version is fine by me.

    I live in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I woke up this morning at like 7 o’clock and went to KLCC, where the AH store is. I didnt expect people would be there already at that time.

    I later found out that the people went to que as early as 1am!!! crazy.

    can anyone teach me how to order pleaseee~!

    im so desperate for that bag!

  257. I have an Authentic “I am not a plastic bag” US version that I purchased from Ron Herman in LA. I would love to swop for the Japan GREEN one. Please email me at for more information. I would be happy to mail the bag internationally as well. Thanks! I can also include the original receipt from Ron Herman.

  258. christina of singapore:

    hey i’m from singapore too, could u drop me an email? want to ask you something abt how to get a bag from AH Singapore!!

    drop me a line at tk728ster at gmail dot com.

    thanks christina!!

  259. Can someone please tell me how to get one of these bags or sell me one. I am going crazy. Please help! Thanks

  260. i’ve got 3 UK version and 1 US … and i would like to swap that for a grey/ green one. Please email me if anyone’s interested

  261. where in new york and short hills i can biy these bag? what is the name of the store and telephone numbers. PLS HELP !!!

  262. I have one (I’M Not A Plastic Bag Anya Hindmarch ORIGINAL) left from Holt Renfrew in Winnipeg, have original receipt and the blue book that came with it. If interested email. One was sold successfully on EBay. One left.

  263. Hi –

    Anyone interested in doing a swap? I have a US blue version I would like to trade for a Japanese green version.


  264. Hi Mi –

    In case you don’t hear from Tel re: the swap…please let me know if you would be interested in doing a swap for a green. What country are you located in? Thanks.


  265. Hi Mi –

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a UK brown just a US Blue to trade for your Japan Green. If that would work for you let me know! I am in the US by the way.


  266. Hi Ladies,

    I am Really interested in trading someone a U.S. blue version 100% authentic from the Ron Herman store in L.A. receipt included ….for a GREEN one, if anyone is willing, please email me at 🙂

  267. Hi – I have two I’m Not a Plastic Bags I would like to sell. They are brand new unused. Please leave your email address and I will contact you. I am in the US. The bags were both purchased at Ron Herman in LA.


  268. Where can i buy one in NYC? I’m from Toronto and can’t find one anywhere.

    The Holts bag buyers aren’t socially minded enough to buy this bag i bet.

  269. Hi –

    I don’t understand people who say I want the I’m Not a Plastic Bag – but don’t want to go to EBAY or pay well over the actual cost of the bag. If you didn’t know about the bag and weren’t diligent enough to call around and make sure you could order one or went to a place where you could physically line up to get the bag – then I don’t think it is fair to think that now you can just buy the bag for a little over what it sold for here in the US. So unless, you have are on the East Coast or have a kind friend who will stand in line for you July 18th. I suggest if you really want the bag – log onto to Ebay and buy one from a reputable seller. I myself have been chasing this bag since March and after dozens of phone calls I was finally able to get one in my hands. And if I hadn’t, I definitely wouldn’t expect to get the bag for cheap now because let’s face it – there’s a limited quantity for it and if you really want it – you are going to have to PAY FOR IT. thanks!

  270. Hi –

    I don’t understand people who say I want the I’m Not a Plastic Bag – but don’t want to go to EBAY or pay well over the actual cost of the bag. If you didn’t know about the bag and weren’t diligent enough to call around and make sure you could order one or went to a place where you could physically line up to get the bag – then I don’t think it is fair to think that now you can just buy the bag for a little over what it sold for here in the US. So unless, you have are on the East Coast or have a kind friend who will stand in line for you July 18th. I suggest if you really want the bag – log onto to Ebay and buy one from a reputable seller. I myself have been chasing this bag since March and after dozens of phone calls I was finally able to get one in my hands. And if I hadn’t, I definitely wouldn’t expect to get the bag for cheap now because let’s face it – there’s a limited quantity for it and if you really want it – you are going to have to PAY FOR IT. thanks!

  271. I have been trying to buy on of these bags I’m not a plastic bag without any help. I have written, I have been online and nothing. I am totally disabled and not able to shop. Why are they not selling these to US instead of going to other countries. I think this is just a publicity stunt. If anyone knows where I can buy one, please let me know. Thank you.

  272. I have one Asia version, got it from Malaysia KLCC Anya store. Original…. brand new with tag and receipt too !! Willing to sell….

  273. im not a plastic bag rocks!! hehe its so stylish. my hubby bought it for me at sainsbury. and im from using it evryday to work.

    thank you dear..


  274. I would like one of these bags just because they are so cute. However, I live in Palm Coast, Florida, not NYC or California.

    Where would I get one of these bags without having to hunt all over the country for store names and store phone numbers?

    Not new to this concept, for years I’ve been using the canvas bags you can buy at our local Publix and Winn Dixie stores for under $5. So if you are not a snob, and could care less about designer bags, check out your local grocery stores, book stores, libraries, zoos, etc. Or, make your own.

    Do the planet good.

  275. Someone’s offering the purple version… Are there any purple version? Because as far as I know the bag (so far) only come in brown (UK), blue (US), green (Japan) and gray (SE Asia).


  276. Hi

    Can any1 advise me if there is any engraving on the rings of “I’m Not a plastic Bag” ? Cos afraid i mayend up bUYin a fake on ebay..


  277. In answer to above questions, yes there is a purple bag, sold in conjunction with Lavender Trust, a breast cancer charity, for 75 GBP. Only 100 were made, it was impossible to get. I saw one on ebay go for 450 GBP, which is about $900 US. Frankly I am disappointed that people would profit from a charity, but since so few were made I guess it won’t be a huge problem. Also, there is no engraving on the rings of the bags, but in the newer (US, Japan, and I assume Asia) versions, there is a small gray tag in the inside of the bag towards the bottom. This was not in the UK version, but possibly if the ones to be sold in Ireland and Milan were newly manufactured, they will have it.

  278. Okay, I have been a lucky girl so far and the one bag missing from my collection is the gray Asia version. If anyone has gotten it and is willing to trade, I can offer any other version for trade. My email is:


  279. Hi,

    Has anyone notice that the UK version is bigger than the others?

    To be honest I think the UK version is the best one!

    I have a blue version that I am interested in trading for a grey version plus a small amount of money!!!!

    Please email if you are interested in the trade on


  280. I’m a big fan of environmentally friendly gadgets. I love this design and versatility but I am appalled by the fact that the company is keeping the bags in such short supplies. If she wanted to spread a message about bags, why not make enough so that the rest of us can have one too without having to subdue to the outrageous pricing on ebay.

    In fact, I think the only person who benefited from this whole thing is Anya herself because so much publicity has gone to the high demand of her bags.

    I still very much love that bag, but I have resorted to buying a $.99 compact bag from target for now until they decide to make more of Anya’s bag, probably when the fad dies and someone wants to make a profit out of these things.

  281. Hi, we had paid more attention on your bag” I’m not a plastic bag” . That is good originality and effective way in environment-protect . I want to order them to China for sale. Could you tell me how can I make order to you? I wonder if you have the factory manufacture the bag in China ? You know manufacture it can be save more money for you in China.

    I know it sold in Hongkong , but how I can get it directly? Pls let me know the factory phone or fax or E-mail address.

    My phone: 0086-351-8897090 , fax No.0086-351-3189191


    Our company: shanxi king-founder trading company

    Thank you very much!

    Fei Fang

  282. I bought several of the whole foods reusable bags while I was there on Wednesday, they are $1 each, and super cute! And I would actually carry groceries in them, since my Anya bags are too precious. I recommend them!

    And still looking to trade for/buy a grey asia version bag too!

    Email me at

  283. are the the letters stiched on???? Anyone knows as I am getting from ebay and want to make sure I am buying the real thing

  284. i was just wondering,

    the blue version is US version

    the brown version is UK version

    the green version is japan version..

    is there such thing as a grey version?

  285. Hi tai tai,

    I’m interested in the grey version, if you’d like to sell, pls email me, as you didnt post your contact details.


    If anyone else do have any other versions for sale, kindly email me.

    I’m based in KL, didn’t manage to get any from KLCC as there were only 50 bags for sale. Only up till the 12th person in the queue managed to get the bag. Everyone was so upset after that as they waited 4 hours for nothing. At least they could have told some of us to go home. Worse off, they got celebrities to parade the bag, rubbing it in our faces while we were in the queue waiting helplessly.


  286. The Grey Version is the Asia Version, not sure how many where made?

    There is also a Lavender Version (for Breast Cancer UK.

  287. Thank you Stephie for sharing the info. I wonder how many bags we are what we do are selling. My order was like number 12,000+ . Wonder if soon Anya’s I’m not a Plastic Bag is no longer popular when it becomes not so limited anymore.

  288. Thank you Stephie for sharing the info. I wonder how many bags we are what we do are selling. My order was like number 12,000+ . Wonder if soon Anya’s I’m not a Plastic Bag is no longer popular when it becomes not so limited anymore.

  289. I am Sharon from China. It is so exciting to be told about the “I am not a plastic bag” story. I do appreciate it that David and Anya are doing great things. I wish the fashion trend would be soon come to China and I believe that the Chinese will do their bits to make the world a better place.

  290. I´m from Spain, and i´m dissapointed too with the fake bags in ebay.

    The question is, what do i have to do to buy this bag? I was in london last week and it´s impossible to find out. Well, I only find fakes on illegal shops in Oxford Street…

    But, I really want to know how could I buy the bag from Spain, if anybody knows, please tell me! In Spain there are a lot of people very agree with the “no plastic bags” but nobody does anything! Anya, Spain loves you, send us bags to buy here!!

  291. I have two green bags and accompaning books for sale.

    Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing at:

    I will ship anywhere in the world, (will get a quote for posting by insured mail first) so if you are not in the UK get in touch with me.


    Stephie x

  292. Elena in Spain – or anyone else for that matter, who is NOT in the UK – I have the green (Japan) version of these for sale! They are genuine and I have e-mails proving legitimate purchase, with the eco book.

    For questions, please email me at for details.

    Thanks Stephie x

  293. Well, I personally have a U.S. blue version of the Anya H. tote on EBay right now, and I assure you it is authentic. I personally waited in line for it in the rain on 7/18 at the Whole Foods store in CT. I even have the receipt to prove it. My item number is: 250147003642. Look for My EBay Id 203bh.


    If anyone would like to purchase one without going through the hassle of an auction, please e-mail me at

  294. Hi

    I have just noticed on ebay that they are lots of fake bags being sold… beware of sellers with more than a few bags for sale….and I think the Purple ones are fakes…..also a New York Seller has loads of them….How did they get them? from China????

    Check out peoples feedback, and if the bag is cheapish….stay clear….buy from ebayer that have sold a variety of items in the pass…

    Hope that helps!

  295. Beware, there is a seller on eBay who is selling all the bags – except they are fake. I have his details. I have informed eBay.

    He even has the “purple” ones for sale! Can’t quite translate “Lavender” from Chinese!!

    Stephie x

  296. I have just bought this link from ebay and have just bought my Anya Hindmarch bag direct, definately not a fake.

    Link info was 99p, small price to pay for the bag ive wanted for such a long time!!

  297. I feel the market is collapsing for these bags, now that the fake market has got it’s act together. There are several sites on ebay -selling fakes. I even asked one seller if I could get his bag “verified” as genuine by Anya Hindmarch – he emailed me frantically asking me not to bid!!

    I have two bags left for sale to NON UK readers only. I am doing this for those of you outside the UK who want to buy a genuine bag!

    I have proof of purchase from valid sellers. ie the design museum and online too.

    Please contact me –, if you would like to buy one.

    Stephie x

  298. Sam, if the link is for the ‘we are we do’ website, yes the bags are original…Only available to UK.

    We are talkng about the sellers on Ebay, with fakes for sale…..they do look real but the bags should either come with tags or the environmental books.

    There are sellers with photos of the bags in PLASTIC BAGS!!!!

  299. While I agree that you should be very careful when purchasng anything on Ebay, do not assume that every bag on auction is a fake. I waited in line with a friend on 7/18 and we purchased 6 bags (3 each),which we are now selling on Ebay. We have never sold on Ebay before, but we have the receipts and pictures to prove ours are authentic. If a seller cannot furnish you with a receipt of purchase, then don’t buy it. Also if the bags are sealed in plastic, they are probably fake, because the Whole Foods store that sold them in U.S. wrapped them in tissue.

    If you want to check out my bags:


  300. How right you are!

    Sellers with genuine bags for sale on Ebay, will send them out in the tissue wrap they came in and/or provide a documented receipts with the bag. I send with the bag my purchase emails from “wearewhatwedo”.

    Now I have sold my intial lot of bags but I have another three from friends to sell on – they will arrive in the next 2-3 weeks.

    They are from the same website and are 100% genuine, though I don’t know the colors yet, as it is not specified what they send out for each order.

    If you are NOT in the UK and want a bag to be held for you – email me at:

    When the bag is in hand I will contact you to send payment by paypal. First come, first served. Shipping is $30.00 to the US – I don’t profit from it – it’s what it costs me!

    Can’t say fairer than that can I?

    Stephie x

  301. And further more I contacted Anya Hindmarch and wearewhatwedo – and pointed out that the fakes are being sold in plastic bags and that just makes them look stupid.

    Anya Hindmarch’s spokesman said “he couldn’t do anything” but wearewahatwedo said they’d look into it immediately and speak to eBay……

  302. Hello All,

    I am a college student that skipped school to wait outside of Wholefoods in Chelsea New York City in the pooring rain to get my hands on this adorable bag. I have one that is brand new (still in the tissue paper) that I am lookinh to sell. It’s the New York bag with the navy lettering. The most you could buy was three and I kept one for myself and gave one to my sister… I was almost too greedy to part with the third one.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing this bag please let me know.

    I am only accepting real bids right now..and if the money isn’t enough I will put it on ebay.


  303. Well done Stephie…

    I emailed Anya Hindmarch this morning but have not heard anything yet, you would think that they would be bothered?

    Hopefully We Are What We Do can sort it out…

    Up close (photo) (item number on ebay 300135631255) the fakes look crap….handles to long, looks like there is no cardboard in the bottom, and advertised in plastic bags!!!

    Ok if you want to spread the word, but you can tell that they are fakes!!!

  304. OK I know this is a really late post and everyone here already has their own ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ bag, but I just got mine yesterday and I’m so excited! I live in Malaysia, the bags were sold out on the first day they went on sale and I hear there were people fighting at the store. The best thing is, I didn’t have to pre-order or stand in queue to get mine… my boss gave me one!!! She’s such a darling and I’m one happy bunny 🙂

  305. This seller of the eBay fake bags – is the prime one I reported. There are a couple of other sellers too – but he is the main culprit.

    I don’t know why Anya Hindmarch is not interested, it’s her copyright – the “bow” – that is being infringed. She seems to employ staff that are not taking this seriously at all. Maybe if any Bag Snobbers are around town they can go into her stores and raise some awareness?

    I for one want to have an original, not some fake made in a sweat shop by some poor child who isn’t fed or looked after properly.

    Sorry – end of rant!

    Stephie x

  306. Hello Everyone– I saw the lavender bag that went for $2000 also– Kind of crazy, I wonder if it was just a shill bidder driving up the price so it could be offered to a second chance? However, I can say with 100% certainty that there are REAL lavender bags. I have heard 100,200, or 300 were made– not sure of the real number as the person at lavender trust I bought mine from said “less than 300, I think.” But I was able to buy two and could have bought more had I wanted, they did not put limits on quantity. I am sure there are fake ones on ebay, but rest assured there are real ones out there! Two in my closet! I ordered direct from lavender trust, so I know they are real, and it was nearly impossible to find the right person at the company to contact– and no link on the site, which is why not a lot of people know about them. I got mine in May and I am sure they are sold out by now. Also, for those patrolling ebay, one of the less obvious signs of fake bags I have seen is that the AH bow logo is too large and too thick on the fakes– there are some really good ones out there that you would not know unless you had the real thing in your hand! By the way, also, for those ordering from WAWWD– I just got one and it is grey– my guess is that these are the ones that would have been sold in the last SE Asia release, had there not been such pandemonium at the first one. So I am guessing that anyone who orders one as of now will get grey. Only one I did not have– I am happy! If anyone has recently gotten another color from WAWWD, please post! 🙂

  307. Yes, there are a lot of Anya Hindmarch fakes on eBay. I think one third of the “I’m NOT a plastic bag” auctions are fake ones.

    Be SMART of NEVER bid on the fake ones.

    Or before you bid, make sure the bag has the original tag, original tissue paper wrapping and receipt from the authorized store. Otherwise, it will be risky in paying so much for a bad quality fake.

  308. I have one asia grey bag for sale to NON UK readers! This comes with receipt and the book also. I was going to keep it to go with the green and blue that I have – but I feel that I should let someone else have the pleasure of owning a little piece of Hindmarch “heaven”!

    Please email me to duscuss price if you are interested in purchasing:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Stephie x

  309. yesterday got one(grey) from malaysia KLCC.endures 6 hours drive fr singapore, cos on waiting list in local AH but never get pain no gain.

    some questions tho, do they really have a small tag inside near the bottom and come with a guidebook like some people mentioned above?

    mine only come with an environmental tag on the handle.

    just curious, mine got some stain on the handle, possibly glue, and the body colour a little shabby, honestly doesnt look as good as the picture. anyone got same problem?

  310. I can’t be sure – but I would be surprised if there are any real bags left in the stores; such was the stampede in the Far East for them initially.

    I think you should take it into your local AH store and ask them. If it is a fake then contact your seller and ask for a refund by post. Or taek to the trading standards office in your country and file a complaint – they can prosecute in cases like this.

  311. Bgirl– the SE Asia (Grey), Japan (green), and US (blue) versions have a small grey tag in an inside seam towards the bottom. The UK brown and UK lavender do not. (Although the newer release in Milan and Ireland of brown might). The book that I believe you are referring to only came if you ordered the bag from We Are What We Do. Otherwise the little tag on the handle came with bags from Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods, Ron Herman and Anya Hindmarch stores. Also, for those of you worried about getting fake bags, DO ask for a copy of receipt, but lack of tags is not a sure sign, as the bags sent from WAWWD did not have the little tag on them, and neither is tissue paper as people pull this off to inspect, take photos, etc., and a faker can very easily wrap a fake bag in white tissue to make it look legit! Also, NEVER BUY A BAG WITH ONLY STOCK PHOTOS! If the seller can’t provide more photos, or theirs are the same as other sellers or completed auctions, BEWARE. Those are not their photos and that is not the bag you are going to get!

  312. Hi,

    I have just looked at my bags, the blue one has a grey tag, but the grey one (bought from London)and the green ones (2) bought from WAWWD do not, also the brown one (queued at sainsburys) is sightly larger. I know mine are originals so I don’t think you can judge the bags by the ‘handcrafted in china’ tag, the fake ones probably have them as the are made in china anyway!!

  313. My green one has a grey tag (bought from the design museum).

    The grey bag has now been sold.

    I have some others from friends to sell. If you want a bag and are NOT in the UK, I will be happy to sell one — or more to you!

    Please note that these bags come with the eco book (rrp $18) and are 100% genuine. I supply the email receipt in with each purchase.

    Postage is $30 to US and Canada $35.00 elsewhere – all by insured and trackable post. This is what it costs me!

    Get for yourself or tell your friends to get a piece of Hindmarch history and contact me:

    Have a nice eco-friendly day! Stephie x

  314. I got my bag from the AH store KLCC, I was on waiting list since May,never expected them to call telling they still reserved one for me-since i heard the launch day chaos over there. Anyway, based on miki’s comment, I guess different bags from different batches or supplier maybe?

  315. Hi –

    I have an extra US blue & SE Asian grey if anyone is interested.

    I have receipts and the bags are new and unused.

    I would never try to pass of a fake or used bag as I would not want to be on the receiving end. I think that is terrible.

    If anyone is interested please email me:

    Thanks! Pat

  316. Bgirl,

    Hi. Am from KL too. Been on the KLCC Anya waiting list since May also. But so far, no calls. Did you call them? Just wondering if I should call them.



  317. Hi Caroline,

    Go to and check out this seller called goodguyyoung. He’s not selling anything but states very clearly, with pictures, how to spot a fake. And yes, the letterings are sewn on but some of the fakes are too.

    Hope yours is the original.


  318. hey there Ramona,thank you so much for the info:] i just found out today that there’s a street of shops here in singapore selling a whole load of fake “i’m not a plastic bag” bag. its so annoying that people come out with fake ones! but mine is real. hahaha. thank god!

  319. Hi there

    i have a grey asia version i’m not a plastic bag for sale if anybody is interested, it is direct from WAWWD so have email confirmation for proof of purchase and it also comes with the Change the World 9-5 book. If your interested e-mail me at


  320. Hi Ramona,

    I am actually from Singapore, been on both AH KL and Sing’s waiting lists, I didnt call KL but I did call the local store and confirm that they won’t have enough bags for all, only those on the 1st n 2nd pages the most (I was in the 4th).

    but u could try calling the KL one tell them u’r on the list n whether u can get a hold of one. I have a feeling they try to be as fair as possible to spread the bags for all on the list.

    good luck.

  321. Hi Caroline,

    All I did was go to and searched under “I’m not a plastic bag- How to spot a fake”. goodguyyoung is the seller’s id. I just came across it by accident.

    BTW saw some fakes in KL too. At the weekend bazaar they’re selling for rm85! And the funny thing was, the guy selling them had the nerve to say that mine was a fake! But I got mine from the Anya shop at KLCC. At least on Oxford Street, London, I hear the fakes sell for GBP5 only.

    Where in Spore did you see them? Was there last weekend.

  322. heyy romana, are you from KL? i did’nt get it in singapore. my cousin go it in London for me when they first came out. i guess i was just paranoid for thinking it was a fake. hahaha!

  323. The Singapore launch is on August 18th, I think. However, due to the stampede in Hong Kong etc, I heard that Singapore is only selling to those on the wait-list. You should call the shop at Ngee Ann City to be sure.

    And yes, Caroline, I am from KL.

    Take care, ladies.


  324. I hope you can help me pinpoint a fake from the real one. Where exactly is the metal work do I see the engravings?

    I am very interested to buy one on ebay – but of course, would like to make sure if it’s the real deal.

    Please do use the link to my name to contact me.

    Thanks in advance!

  325. Hey guys…

    I know it’s already August. But could there be another launch for ‘I’m not a plastic Bag’ bags anywhere in the world? or maybe in europe?

  326. I have one asia grey bag for sale to NON UK readers! This comes with receipt and the book also. I was going to keep it to go with the green and blue that I have – but I feel that I should let someone else have the pleasure of owning a little piece of Hindmarch “heaven”!

    Please email me to discuss price if you are interested in purchasing:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Stephie x

  327. Hi Gita,

    So far, no news on any new launches, except the one in Singapore on August 18th. But that’s only for the wait-list.

    However, you ought to try the We Are What We Do website and order through them if you are in the UK (or have any friends or relatives there). Check out their website a.s.a.p

    But if you really want one, I know some people in Malaysia are selling them through ebay Malaysia. Saw some nice ones but don’t know if they are authentic.

    Good luck!

  328. I still have a few bags for sale. I can send you pictures if you like. I and a friend personally purchased them at the Whole Foods in Greenwich, CT on 7/18/07. The bags are authentic and come with tag attached, a copy of the receipt, and still wrapped in the tissue Whole Foods wrapped it in. (I will also wrap it in plastic and ship it in a sealed mailer for extra protection). Since the Ebay prices seem to be coming down, I have dropped the price for my bag.

    from Bonnie H

    P.S. I also have two up for auction on EBay if you would like to check them out:

  329. Hello

    I have a spare green “I’m not a plastic bag” bought from the official website and shipped to the UK. Am prepared to ship abroad. If interested mail me and we can discuss details.


  330. Hi, I have 3 gray/grey Asian versions and 1 US blue version for sale. Bags are in Singapore. So will be great for Asian buyer. They are from WAWWD with email receipts (but no book, too costly too ship to Singapore, so I left them with my brother in UK for the moment). Email me at with your offer if you are interested. Singapore buyer can do a meet up too.

  331. Hi, I have 3 gray/grey Asian versions and 1 US blue version for sale. Bags are in Singapore. So will be great for Asian buyer. They are from WAWWD with email receipts (but no book, too costly too ship to Singapore, so I left them with my brother in UK for the moment). Email me at with your offer if you are interested. Singapore buyer can do a meet up too.

  332. Hi, I am looking for the brown UK version of the bag- i would also be interested in the navy US edition. If anybody is willing to ship to the US and prices are resonable please contact me- trying to bid on these on ebay is stressful!



  333. hi all.

    I know this is late but does is anyone willing to sell or help me purchase a “i’m not a plastic bag” bag?

    I’m living in Singapore and news has it that Singapore is not bringing in the bag anymore due to the chaos it caused in other neighbouring SE Asian countries ):

    I nearly purchased one on Ebay but after all that talk about fakes, I decided not to

    It would really be nice if anyone who has an extra could sell it to me.

    THANKS (:

  334. I would be grateful if anyone is willing to sell me a “I’m not a plastic bag” bag and have it shipped to Hong Kong. There are lots of fake ones available from the street hawkers in HK but I would like to have a genuine one. Any colour will do since I do not want to limit any choices. Please email me.

    Many thanks! ^_^

  335. Check out this link on how to spot FAKE I’M NOT A PLASTIC BAG, it’s a tutorial created by GoodGuyYoung on Ebay

    You know you’re getting a fake when 80% of the bags on Ebay are sold from Asia now, with people with little or no Feedback.

    Sellers should really take a unique picture with their screename near the bag and provide some sort of receipt proof as to how they obtained the tote!

    Beware of sellers that claim to be from North America too, they just register with a fake address and they’ll ship their items from China.

    Now you even have US or Canada residents who buy fake bags from China and resell them claiming they are authentic from the USA !

    Colors other than navy blue, brown, grey, dark green and lavender (careful) are fake.

    Pay close attention to the wording, which should be stitched on and the font size.

    The Anya Hindmarch bow logo should not appear too big or too small.

  336. Hi,

    Does anyone know the color of the bag on printed paper tag with US navy blue sold at Whole Foods Market stores in July?

    ( I know that is brown bags sold at June)

    please tell me.


  337. Hi, I have 3 gray/grey Asian versions and 1 US blue version for sale. Bags are in Singapore. So will be great for Asian buyer. They are from WAWWD with email receipts (but no book, too costly too ship to Singapore, so I left them with my brother in UK for the moment). Email me at with your offer if you are interested. Singapore buyer can do a meet up too.

  338. I now have my last ever THREE (asian grey)”I’m not a plastic bag” for sale!

    Wearewhatwedo in the UK have sold out and so these are the last.

    They are 100% genuine come with the eco book (rrp $18.00) and I supply the email order receipts and send onto you in the original cardboard packaging envelope.

    Shipping is $30.00 insured, tracked to the US and $35.00 to the Far East.

    If you want one of these bags email me @

    Payment can be made by Paypal. These are not going to hang around for long!

    Stephie x


    I now have my last ever (asian grey)”I’m not a plastic bag” for sale!

    Wearewhatwedo in the UK have sold out!!

    It is 100% genuine! Comes with the eco book (rrp $18.00) and I supply the email order receipt from wearewhatwedo.

    Shipping is $30.00 insured, tracked to the US and $35.00 to the Far East.

    If you want one of these bags email me @

    Payment can be made by Paypal. These are not going to hang around for long!

    Stephie x

  340. Hey I just got a call from my daughter Erin in Halifax, Nova Scotia that she had a figt for me. SO not being the type of person to let a gift maybe wait even a second, I rearranged my work schedule and took and she had a new bag for me to carry my things.

    My children are convinced that I am the “Original Bag Lady”

    Erin presented me with a ” I’m not a Plastic Bag” tote.

    I am thrilled and can hardly wait for “Joanne David’s” here in Halifax on Hollis st to have there first arrival.

    I know they will sell like hot cakes.

    Look forward to speaking with anyone who has a bag or would like one I can probably arrange some shipping.


  341. Hi everyone!

    I got TWO bags from Stephie and i can tell you that they are 100% original! I got the bags just two days after she shipped them (i live in Madrid) and im really really pleased with them! I highly recommend her, shes very professional.

    Thanks Stephie!


  342. This may sound nuts but is there a way for me to buy the I’m not a Plastic bag…if by chance there is a way please let me know..



  343. Hey… i’m dying to get one too!! but i live in australia… so i’m planning to bid one online… but i’m wondering if anyone’s heard of actual fake ones luring around ebay??

    or are they like what linda grant says??

    Thanx guys

  344. hi there, i know i’m way too late. I missed the launch here in the UK. And since, I have been looking for somewhere to buy this cute bag. does anyone know where i can grab one this late? I am very hesitant to buy one on ebay.

    thank you.

  345. I do not know about other countries, but here in Singapore, I’m not a plastic bag is not a unique bag anymore. They are easily seen everywhere and worse most of them are fakes. Throughout the launch, I have been able to get hold of few bags and then I decided to sell them all off. After all the fakes appearing , the bag is just no longer desirable to me. However, because of the bag launches, news and happenings, I find myself more aware of the crisis of using plastic bags and the environment (despite few issues raised by people on how “green” this bag is). I think I can do a little on my part now (like bringing my own bag to supermarket) even though I no longer have any I’m not a Plastic Bag. I guess in this case, overall this I’m not a Plastic Bag is a successful awareness campaign. Kudos to Anya and We are what we do!

  346. Thanks Isabel for your kind words above. I do try to help!


    I now have my last ever (Asia Grey) “I’m not a plastic bag” for sale!

    Wearewhatwedo in the UK have sold out!! Fakes are rife on eBay too. So buy this and know that it is 100% genuine. Comes with the eco-book that started the campaign (rrp $18.00) and I also supply the email order receipt from wearewhatwedo.

    Shipping is $30.00 insured, tracked to the US and $35.00 to the Far East.

    If you want one of these bags email me @ payment also by Paypal to that address.

    Stephie x

  347. Hi, i thought i will let this “dying for the AH beg” cool down first. It was truly frantic all over the place. I am in KL, and will like to buy one off somebody who had purchase I’m not a Plastic Bag from AH store in KLCC.Please no fake, will appreciate to see ORIGINAL receipt from the AH store in KLCC. As they are so many fakes out there I dare not even buy thru e-bay or anywhere in asia.

  348. hey, i was just wondering if you could tell me some CLEAR signs of a fake. I was too late to purchase the bag at Holts in toronto. i met this guy online that told me he has the UK AND US version for 35$CA. I will be meeting with him next week and upon viewing the bags i want to ask him some questions. any advice on which questions to ask or what to look for in case of it being phoney..thanks all for your help..cheers

  349. I’m in Texas and wondering where i can get one?? IS there an online store i can put my nameon a waiting list? Help…!

    It’s adorable by the way!

  350. Hi cyl,

    I’m in KL too. Just in case you are interested, I saw an Anya bag being sold at a shop in One Utama, the new wing. I asked the owners of the shop and they told me that they were selling it for a friend. I didn’t ask if it was an original, though. But if you really want one, at least go check it out. I think it’s the grey one. The name of the shop is Ultimate Toys, they actually sell collectible figurines, toys, etc. So the bag is actually out of place in there. That’s why I noticed the bag at the counter.

    You have a better chance of getting the bag from sellers who got it from the WAWWD website London. There’s one on ebay Malaysia.

    I am speaking from experience bcos I managed to get one from a friend who brought one back from London for me. Make sure that it comes with the invoice/receipt from the WAWWD website.I did loads of research and even had the Anya shop in KL verify that my bag was authentic.

    Hope this helps.

  351. Hi Romana, I am so glad to read your mail. You are lucky. Yes, i know about the WAWWD thingy but I was too late. I wrote in but it is all sold out. The one in ebay was sold off too, I believe. OK I shall head to Ultimate Toys and check it out. THANK YOU so very much! By the way, you mean I can actually get the AH store in KLCC to verify that the bag is authentic?!

  352. Hi cyl,

    I’m ashamed to say…. that I actually have 3! 2 from KLCC and 1 from London. I really don’t know why but when it first came out in KL, I became totally crazy about it.

    BTW, check out this seller “nieldan” on ebay Malaysia. He has one Japan edition from WAWWD. But be prepared to pay way more than rm55! I’m quite sure his is an original. So that means there are 2 on sale on ebay.

    I don’t know if the Anya shop in KLCC will be willing to verify it for you now but earlier on, no problem. They could even double check the receipt to make sure that it’s not fake.

    Good luck!

  353. romana, i went and check out the bag in ultimate toys. i love to have the bag but i am not crazy enough to pay approx usd222 for it. further, store cannot provide original receipt of the bag but will only give their store receipt.

  354. Does anyone know if there is a new bag with Pink writing? I also saw an all black one that someone had on the plane on my way back from New York.

  355. I have put together 6 guides (and have several more in the works) on how to spot fake Anya Hindmarch “I’m NOT A Plastic bag” eco bags on Ebay. My Ebay (US) ID is: christid2303 if anyone is interested! There are a number of guides on Ebay on these bags but many have outdated info that only tell how to spot a BAD KNOCK-OFF, not a replica. Mine covers the details on the replicas. Hope this helps!


  356. How to get the real I’m not a plastic bag. I’m in thailand. Anyone can order and delivery to me. I’ll pay for delivery fee. Thank you.

    my e mail : a n n e i m p r e z a @ g m a i l . c o m

  357. Hi everyone,

    I’m a girl from Denmark, and I LOVE this bag!

    Can anyone help me, where I gan buy it, for under 200 $?

    It’s unbelievable a bag cost that much (when its original price was 5 $) .

    So please help me.

    Maybe someone could buy it for me in the Usa, and send it ???

    Well, thanks.



    I now have my last ever (Asia Grey) “I’m not a plastic bag” for sale!

    Wearewhatwedo in the UK have sold out!! Fakes are rife on eBay too. So buy this and know that it is 100% genuine. Comes with the eco-book that started the campaign (rrp $18.00) and I also supply the email order receipt from wearewhatwedo.

    Shipping is $30.00 insured, tracked to the US and $35.00 to the Far East.

    If you want one of these bags email me @ payment also by Paypal to that address.

    Stephie x

  359. Hi I know its been awhile but I was wondering if anybody had any one of these fab bags left with book….any color…please!! been looking everywhere and nothing…I dont want a fake..thanks so much


    I have a 100% genuine (USA Blue) “I’m not a plastic bag” for sale!

    Wearewhatwedo in the UK have sold out!! Fakes are rife on eBay too. So buy this and know that it is 100% genuine. Comes with the eco-book that started the campaign (rrp $18.00) and I also supply the till receipt from the Design Museum London.

    Shipping is $30.00 insured, tracked to the US and $35.00 to the Far East.

    If you want one of these bags email me @

    payment also by Paypal to that address.

    Stephie x

  361. hello,

    I am hoping that someone can help me. All my friend has wanted since this Anya Hindmarch bag and eco-book came out is one of them especially the brown one (I believe its the UK version)but I’m sure she won’t mind grey ahh I’ve been on e-bay too long soo many different versions and colours – so many prices that very… its soo confusing… that and its hard to know if your going to be the ‘sucker’ that falls for the scam… which I have before and it sucks.

    Anyhoo, I am hoping that someone will reply to this and maybe I can give her the ultimate birthday present without breaking the bank I am located in Canada and can be contacted at


  362. Hi,

    I was wondering where I can get two of the Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a plastic bag” bag. Authetic–not good knock-offs

    Thanks a ton!

  363. Christine:

    I have a few friends and customers that purchase my mirror image replica bags, I can get this ” I am not a plastic bag” for you if you want that but why don’t you check out my website and tell your friends.

    We offer mirror image replicas of major designer handbags at a fraction of retail price. Let me make you understand these are not cheap, polyurethane bags, these are imported from different suppliers in Italy, France and Spain.

    In addition to handbags we have all the latest styles in ladies fashions, including “Ed Hardy”.

    Best Regards

    Tracy (Owner)

  364. Is there any way to purchase the I’m not a Plastic Bag without going through eBay? I would love to have one if it’s not too late.

  365. Hi,

    I have the brown UK edition bag that I have never ever used (I live opposite sainsbury’s so just carry my shopping home).

    It seems a waste me having it (I was going to hold onto it to see if it became collectible, but it may as well go to someone that really wants it). I have looked on ebay and they seem to be selling on there, but I don’t like ebay (too many disappointments from bidding on there and losing – and too much fake stuff).

    I got it from the Camden Town Sainsbury’s in London on the day of release. It didn’t come with the book (at least i don’t remember a book).

    If you are interested then drop me an email.

  366. Hi:) I have been looking for an authentic Anya hindmarch I’m Not a Plastic Bag but have yet to find a real one on eBay:( If anyone one has one for sale, or knows where I could get one, I would be most grateful. You can contact me @ Thanks in advance for your assistance:)

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  368. Okay so this might be kind of REALLLYYY late but is the bag still available in the market? Any possibility of it being sold anywhere at all?

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with it!

  369. Okay so this might be kind of REALLLYYY late but is the bag still available in the market? Any possibility of it being sold anywhere at all?

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with it!

  370. Greetings fellow Bag Snob’s! I am aware that years have now passed since the debut of Anya’s bag, but if ANYONE out there has one for sale, please feel free to email me… with a price and photo if possible. I’ve been looking for one for a few years, but it’s hard to find one that’s genuine! Thanks for your help!

  371. Greetings fellow Bag Snob’s! I am aware that years have now passed since the debut of Anya’s bag, but if ANYONE out there has one for sale, please feel free to email me… with a price and photo if possible. I’ve been looking for one for a few years, but it’s hard to find one that’s genuine! Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi, I just saw your reply to me, sorry it is so late.

      I still have the bags. They have the brown lettering.

      Would definitely be interested in selling one of them. Where abouts are you?

  372. Hello all! Just taking a chance that someone might have an extra bag they are willing to sell?
    Please let me know price! I just love them but don’t want to take chances on a fake. Cheers! 🙂
    PS I am in California, USA