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Badger Anti-Bug Stick


Post by Michelle

So this week my company has decided to hold their annual “summer outing” this week. They’re bussing us all out to Cape Cod where we will play tug-of-war, race in potato sacks and have lots of mandatory fun. I’m not too excited because unless it involves sand and an ocean, I’m not one for the great outdoors. I hate sitting on the grass because all sorts of bugs crawl around in it. I know, I’m a priss. I choose to embrace it. I’m planning on slathering myself with Badger Anti-Bug Stick. It’s an awesome (and not to smelly!) bug repellent. My favorite thing about this is that it doesn’t feel like you’re putting on bug repellent. It’s moisturizing without being to greasy. And it really works! The last time I was forced into a wooded area I left without a single bug bite! And it’s an awesome price! Only $9.00 at C.O. Bigelow



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  1. Does this work on mosquitoes? We are in the midst of Little League baseball season and they all decide to come out right when we begin to play. I can only take so much “Off”.

  2. Badger does this fantastic sleep balm that is so fabulous!!! It smells so gorgeous and you can rub it into your neck muscles to relax and wind down. It’s my staple in my travel case.

  3. Hi! This should work on mosquitoes! The web site says that it was tested in a place where mosquitoes carry malaria and they were okay!

    I’ve never gotten a bite with it on! (And it’s much better than Off! (I think!)

  4. Thanks. I looked for it in Bath and Body Works today because they carry that brand but it was the last day of the Big Sale and they were pretty picked over. I will check this out. I enjoy reading you as you grow into a BS. xox