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Chloe Heloise


I wasn’t going to comment on this bag because it is neither here nor there for me, but someone asked about it so I will impart my opinion. All in all, this is not a bad bag but unfortunately you have to take the bag as a whole and the chunky braided handles ruin it for me. It adds nothing aesthetically and although it doesn’t interfere with function since it ends before it gets to where your shoulders go, it still distracts from the rest of the bag. And what’s up with those rings intertwined into it? No likey. I do like the pleat and pin-tuck details of the bag and the tab gussets, that would have been enough to make the bag interesting. They should have stopped there and left the handles plain. The other plus is the super functionality – a divided interior, tons of pockets and has one open side pocket. Girls are going to buy this bag and if other Fall bags are similar to this it would be a step in the right direction for Chloe but this is still not my most favorite. Pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman, $1980 for Mocha in the large version and $1525 for the red.



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  1. dear bag snob,

    i have to tell you i am one that is so upset about Pheobe Philo leaving us. I found an entire table full of Chloe bags in the Neiman Marcus store all on sale. That i’m sorry you would have never seen with her designs. I have been wondering around lost in all fine department stores really trying to spend money on a new purse.

    As always thank you for being our wonderful fearless leader.

    a fellow bag snob…..

  2. This bag is not ugly but it is not beautiful eigther…

    It’s absolutly nothing special about it…and if I am about to spend like $1500 on a bag it has to be special…

    It is so sad that Phoebe left Chloé, she was the best thing that have ever happend to Chloé (yes I am aware that Karl and Stella once worked for Chloé…)

    The new desinger…something Anderson has not impressed me yet…

  3. While looking for a new coat at Intermix the other day, I saw the Heloise satchel in black. You know, I really liked it, so I got it.

    It has more of a classic line to it (and a far cry, thank you very much, from that hiddeous Elvire) and you know, the leather is still that great Chloe leather. I didn’t get the WOW factor when I bought my first paddington, but, I do like this bag and plan on using it a lot.

    Oh, and by the way everyone, it looks so much better in person.

  4. I bought the red one on Bluefley, (yes, really) and I have to tell you that the bag is gorgeous in person. I don’t think the other colors of the Heloise are as good and I agreee that the braided straps are OTT and unnecessary. They also make it somewhat difficult to carry the bag smoothly on your shoulder. I debated about keeping it or sending it back and one day said “what the hell” and took the tags off and I’ve been loving it ever since. It’s not a bag for those who like things flashy or want instant label recognition. It’s more subtle and I like that.