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Products from Celeb Docs: worth it or not?


I’m probably going to get in trouble or receive threatening emails from PR folks over this comment but I am going to say it anyway. Stay away from products hawked by celebrity doctors! Let’s first talk about Dr. Perricone, much as I agree with him about antioxidants( I ate blueberries and salmon by the pound when his book came out! I’ve actually been obsessed with blueberries my whole life and Kelly is convinced that is why I am such a genius- haha), I do not like his products! I purchased the entire NV Perricone line when it debuted but had to return it all within 3 days. Why did I take it all back? Because my face broke out in a serious rash (and I have tough skin that can stand the strongest acids and peels!).

wexler.jpg Since then, I have tried products from Dr. Brandt (I know he uses more botox on earth than any other doctor but my question is does he use it all on himself? Look at his photo on upper left, he looks like a wax figure.) and Dr. Wexler, two of the most high profile dermatologists in the US. Again, I was sorely disappointed. And remember Michelle’s disaster with Park Avenue Dermatologist Dr. Neal Shultz’ products? It became obvious to me that being a great dermatologist and a genius with a botox needle doesn’t always translate to high quality skincare. I became curious as to why physician lines are so popular since most of them do not even hold up to drug store lines like Olay (at least for me) and the answer was clear. Not everyone can afford to be treated by doctors with celeb clientele (or get in as most are booked 6 months in advance), so they opt for buying the products and fool themselves into thinking that they look like Jennifer Aniston. Which is why so many doctors are cashing in on their clients’ fame.

After trying so many different lines from Celeb Doctors, my conclusion is you might as well buy from Victoria Principal or Cher on QVC, or better yet, run to the nearest CVS and try Olay’s Regenerist line. At least with Olay Regenerist you’ll see results without spending a fortune.

So that’s my two cents but what do you think? Products from Skin Docs, worth it or not?

Beauty Snob note: I am not against all doctor created product lines, just the ones listed above that I have tried and have found to be over-hyped. All info in article is my personal opinion based on experiences with the products mentioned.



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  1. great post!

    I have never tried any of these lines, but have always been curious about them. I’ll most likely give them a try some day, but I might be a bit wary now!

  2. The magazines all tout these lines as the next coming and they are not. Every single magazine talked about Dr. Wexler’s line filler for the lips. I immediately ran out and bought it and it literally feels like I put melted wax on my mouth and does nothing to fill lines. I do, however, like the cleanser from that line. I just repurchased it this weekend – but that’s not the product the magazines are pushing. At any rate, the cleanser probably isn’t any better or worse than most of the stuff that’s out there in the marketplace.

    I agree with you on the Perricone products. I believe his diet advise is dead on but the product line was an overpriced disappointment.

    I don’t know if they sell different versions in their office (i.e. strongre) but I think my favorite product line that you buy in a doctor’s office is MD Formulations II. I love everything from that line.

  3. that lip wax thing is what I tried from Dr. Wexler! It’s beyond gross!

    I agree about MD Formulations II being nice products. I believe that is actually a cosmeceutical company who sell through professional retail outlets as doctors’ office and spas. There is a difference between lines that are created for sale in doctors’ offices because of its stregnth in formulas and celeb doctors selling products at your local Sephora.

    You can read about MD Formulations here

    And remember, some of my favorite products are from Skinceuticals, again products you can mostly find at doctors’ offices or through your estheticians.

    From the Skinceuticals website: Founded in 1997, SkinCeuticals discovers, develops, and delivers innovative dermatology products that improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.

    Early in our history, a SkinCeuticals research team helped pioneer the advent of cosmeceuticals with the original topical vitamin C formula that protects skin from premature signs of aging caused by environmental damage. SkinCeuticals continued to lead the industry as one of the first companies to provide scientific evidence to support product benefits — publishing clinical studies in respected medical journals usually reserved for pharmaceutical research.

  4. My daughter’s best friend is an aesthestician and she says stay away from Dr. Wexler products. It is truly awful – full of chemicals that are better for stripping furniture than taking care of your skin.

  5. First, Tina and Kelly you are both amazing! I love both bagsnob and beautysnob. Keep up the excellent work!

    Second, OH MY GOD! I can’t believe this!!! I was reading your nightly routine and thought to myself….damn, I need to go try out Natura Bisse. So off I go to Neimans on a Thur. night before they close. I ask about Natura and the SA gives me a bunch of samples. I then comment on how lovely her skin is and she mentions Perricone. So we stroll over to Perricone, and she starts to give me the song and dance and pulls out this book that the Dr. wrote and blah, blah, blah, blah. I figured that before I spend ANY money, I want to try the products first. I come home with my goodies and try the Perricone–some acid anti-aging, stuff. Rubbing into my face and neck and go to bed. Then, all of a sudden I start to get a tickle on my neck, than it turns into an all out scratchy red patchy mess! For 2 days I had friends and 2 SA’s at Neimans actually said to me “Wow, that’s some heat rash!!” NEVER AGAIN WILL I TOUCH PERRICONE PRODUCTS!

    Well, I do LOVE Natura and I’m just trying to figure out a good routine for me. I too have oily T zone and dry cheeks. And I don’t have your typical milky white Asian skin that I’ve longed for – I’m hoping Natura will help me to get it!

  6. beauty snob great work here! i am addicted!

    a quick question- am 31 and have a few dry patches on my face- should i go for microdermabrasion or get natura bisse glyco peel for this problem?

    i just ordered phyto+ and B5 moisturizing gel form skinceuticals from coopersalon last week.

    i cant wait to try these products..:)

  7. I’ve tried some products from Perricone. I was never impressed with his stuff. The $80 eye cream was a rip off.

    Although I do like the products from Peter Thomas Roth line.

  8. I’ve tried some products from Perricone. I was never impressed with his stuff. The $80 eye cream was a rip off.

    Although I do like the products from Peter Thomas Roth line.

  9. I was very surprised that you left out one of the first celeb doctors on the skincare scene, Dr. Murad. His products are wonderfully effective and deserve a mention.

  10. I forgot about Murad! I remember using the Glycolic wash back in college when it first came out. Good reminder. And I have to admit his line was worth using though I have not used it in over a decade. Thanks!

  11. I was wondering if the version of Perricone or Wexler products actually sold in each of their office was different from the Perricone/Wexler products you buy at Sephora or anywhere else they were sold. I would HOPE the ones sold in their offices were more effective.

    To me, Natura Bisse is the best line that you can get over the counter. Usually my skin develops a “tolerance” to products meaning at some point my skin stops reacting positively to such products. That has NEVER happened with NB and I’ve been using this line for at least 10 years.

  12. i’ve only tried murad and dr. brandt and i wasn’t happy with either. oh wait, i did try wexler, almost forgot, i think it made me break out or something. i don’t remember. yeah, i don’t really like celeb doctors lines. although, i am tempted to try dr. sebagh’s deep exfoliating mask. but i’m reluctant cause he is another celebrity doctor.

  13. I am in total agreement but have to add my totally irrelevant comment here. I met Dr. Perricone at an in-store. He was standing there all by himself and I don’t know if I felt sorry for him or what but I went over there and asked if I could take a picture with him. I need to find the picture and post it. Heee heee.

  14. 46 – have always had nice skin – no wrinkles – have been using Wexler for 1 1/2 – skin continues to get better – use cleanser, 2 step exfoliant and the pink serum. Works and is reasonably priced.

  15. Great article! I agree with you on the Olay Regenerist line–it’s a great value and works well. And I totally heart Skinceuticals–love CE Ferulic; I respect the research they put behind their products. And one last fave is the Peter Thomas Roth line.

  16. I found Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion to be good. His poreless lines was okay, as it took care majority of my acne, but I dont like the idea of putting so much chemical on my face. But the Microdermabrasion is very good.

  17. I’ve gotta be honest. I love Dr. Perricone’s stuff. Granted I haven’t used everything in his product line, but I religiously use his Vitamin C Ester face wash and face cream. I have insanely sensitive skin, and practically break out in hives with any thing else – including Olay products and even Cetaphil. So, while I’m not saying that it’s for everyone, I am really glad that Perricone’s stuff works so well for me.

  18. I just saw Dr. Brandt on Good Morning America and his face looked awful. Looked like a combination of a partial or full face lift and too much botox. It was hard to take him seriously as his own face just looked too severe.

  19. I love dr. Perricone. Products i probably use everthing in his line lov lov some products more than other. I use products don’t care go back and fall in love with product. I have sensetive skin and is the only product that has help w/ breakouts I have use other lines la mer broke my face use cold plasma to recover ..