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Get to the Beach with Bobbi Brown


Can’t get to the beach? Or maybe you just can’t stand sand in between your toes, the heat or the crowd? Whatever your reason, you don’t have to give up the beach experience this summer. My favorite things about the beach are the smell, thebobbibrown_sandbar.jpg exfoliation factor of the sand and salt water and the glossy sheen of sun tan oil (Bain de Soleil anyone?). These products from Bobbi Brown are my absolute favorites when I need a beach fix. It all started with the Beach Shower Gel ($32) (it was given to us at a conference where Bobbi was a speaker. She is an impressive woman and Tina and I were totally inspired). I just loved the smell of this shower gel and couldn’t get enough so I got her entire line of Beach best-sellers. The Sand Bar ($16) soap is just plain brilliance in a brick form, it is bar soap that contains sand so it exfoliates as you use. So perfect for the guest bath! And if you have a beach house, how can you not have this? I used to walk around in the summer with Bain de Soleil on because I love the smell and I love the look of shiny tanned skin so I am happy to discover that the Beach Oil ($28) gives me what I want without the stickiness (and for some reason I now find it unacceptable to walk around with sun tan oil on when I am not actually tanning). Bobbi Brown products are available at Saks and Neiman Marcus if you want to stop by for testers. Savor the summer!



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  1. Really? This was in the goodie bags? You took mine so I never got this. I’ll expect you to replace it in the next package sent out to me.

  2. Hi Tina –

    I think I have your bottle of shower gel! Kelly sent this to me a while back and it got lost under a pile of beauty products in my bathroom! I actually just pulled it out this morning to write about!


  3. Haha, I am glad you got it and she did not hoard it all. We actually got 4 goodie bags as the girls next to us left early and didn’t get theirs 🙂 That’s what happens when you are rude and leave before an event ends.

    Hope you are enjoying it! xo tina

  4. This is too funny about the missing bottles of shower gel!

    I love the Bobbi Beach Scent, I really believe it is the ultimate summer scent. Almost exactly like Bain de Soleil, but somehow even better! I love pulling this out at the end of the spring, to me using this scent again signifies the beginning of the summer beach season.

  5. More than funny. I was in New York with a girlfriend last month and she left hers in the shower when she went back to LA so I actually took hers and brought it home with me! hahaha

    So now I owe her a bottle of Beach and Kelly has to replace it for her since she owes me a bottle.

    We should send this story to Bobbi Brown, she’d get a kick over all the obsessive stealing, wheeling and dealing of her Beach shower gel.