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Hermes Silky Pop Bag


If you adore anything Hermes, you must check out the latest incarnation of the iconic scarves, the Silky Pop Bag, Hermes’ answer to the eco friendly re-usable shopper. Just as the name suggests, the bags are made of silky fabric which fold up into the size of a CD and then popped back into shape when you’re ready to show them off, I mean use them. Sounds convenient for shopping trips but I seriously advise against taking this baby to the grocery store. You’ll be decadently chic while being environmentally friendly but $960 (or 700 euro) is a bit riduculous for a re-usable shopper even for the Bag Snob. I know, I know, it’s Hermes but come on now, do you really want to shove your bloody steaks or chicken into this? We don’t even want chicken touching our Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a Plastic Bag” shopper and it was only $15. This is more for the pretentious mall shopper who has to make that walk of shame through the mall or in to a Chanel boutique while clutching a Forever 21 shopping bag. If you really don’t mind blowing a grand on this, my advice is to use it as a summer travel bag to tote all the goodies from the souks in Morocco.

foldup.jpgAs for me, I am way too messy and hard on my bags for something so delicate as a silk bag (I’ll stick with my birkins thank you very much) plus my son would wipe his nose and hands all over it but if you are meticulously neat and do not have sticky toddlers clinging to you, go ahead and splurge on this tres extravagant summer accessory. At and Hermes boutiques. Or call Craig at 214-528-0197 to order!


Photos: Hermes

UPDATE: Chicago Tribune has a story today about going green with re-usable bags. Bag Snob Kelly was quoted in it although I do not sound as environmental as I think I am =)

8 thoughts on “Hermes Silky Pop Bag

  1. “This is more for the pretentious mall shopper who has to make that walk of shame through the mall or in to a Chanel boutique while clutching a Forever 21 shopping bag.”-classic bagsbob-ism. I almost fell of my seat laughing!

  2. OMG, so funny! I am LOL and being stared at by my boss who is walking by. heheee

  3. andrine on said:

    I agree with you that the price is too much for an eco friendly reuseable bag. Just wondering, are there any star sightings of this bag?

  4. Pretty, but yes, kind of crazy to pay that much for a eco bag. I just don’t see me using silk bags for the groceries you know.

  5. I love the design on this bag, although I would never wear one… its just not my style.

  6. I think the bags are wonderful !

  7. what is wrong with shopping at forver 21? I have shopped there before. and I dont walk through the mall with shame because I can (and have) also afford Chanel. but then again, I am only 23. So I assume you are talking to old women who past the age of 40!

  8. Hermes Love on said:

    I love my silkp pop! Granted I won’t fill it with groceries, but it comes in handy for extra carry on bags! And it looks super cute too! Durable (for silk) and beautiful too.

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