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YSL Uptown Patent Bag


I am so happy Fall bags are arriving!! Yes, it is the ultimate conflict, buy sales or get the latest? Well, here is a bag that is going to make that choice very difficult. There was the Downtown so of course we would expect to get an Uptown bag from YSL. I absolutely love this bag. It is for the uptown lady who is a little bit naughty, very sexy!! It’s perfect in patent for that bit of edge and of course the Navy is so dreamy (also come in black but it’s so blah, but Bergdorf’s has it in Red Grape which is nice). The bag is small, 11.5″ X 8.5″ (the size of a piece of paper), so it’s really cute! Pre-order at Saks, $1895.

No need to poll on the snob worthiness of this bag, it is not up for debate! But…



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  1. When I first saw the Uptown, I thought it looked too sophisticated for me, and that the only way I could justify this bag was if I were going on a business trip or meeting or maybe 40 and going to brunch with my girlfriends at the country club. But I have to say, the bag has grown on me a lot but I still would probably buy the Muse over the Uptown since the Muse seems more appropriate for my age and it still is deemed a classic bag. Though truthfully, I think I’d get the Tribute before any of these bags.

  2. bagsnobs, it’s also the season for weekend beach trips and vacation – can you recommend weekender bags or luggage that doesn’t look luggage-y? i would be very, very grateful!!

  3. Yes. I have had the rare opportunity to get hold of three YSL bags during the last year with the help of my loving husband and a very special Mr.Darren Sharkey from YSL boutique Berlin,Germany.He has the skill to find just the bag I desire and the service has been just amazing.I am so grateful for both of these men and hereby extra hugs for both of them.My husband is a darling.I am anxiously waiting to see all the new bags because now I really am a YSL bag fan.

  4. PS.I´m sorry that I in my previous comment forgot to say thanks to both of you Bagsnob girls for opening my eyes into the bagworld. I now realize that a great bag really can make you feel secure both inside and out. Please continue your good work.

  5. I am really loving fashion’s return to sophisticated glamour. I’ve always hated the grungy, hippy look…and now this bag says it all. I also agree…the grape red looks great.

  6. This is the prettiest ysl bag I’ve ever seen. I’m not usually a ysl bag fan, but I’m buying this bag. If they keep making more pretty bags like this I will be a fan. It kind of remind me of my hermes bags.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So tough because I just spent $1800 on a Chanel which I waited for forever since silver hardware is hard to come by in the booming metropolis of Atlanta (I am being sarcastic of course about the booming metropolis part). But DAMN this is a gorgeous bag, and the navy patent… I am hyperventilating.