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Look what the Hermes stork (actually, the Hermes stork is a pony named “Hermie”) brought me this week, a birkin in Chocolate Lizard! Now you know I love all my birkins equally and try not to favor any of them but let me just tell you, it is hard not to favor this scrumptious darling! Hermes Lizard skin is smooth as silk and it has a gorgeous glossy sheen unlike any other exotic skin. I even think the Chocolate Lizard is prettier than the Chocolate Crocodile, it is that exquisite and elegant! I feel like I have been neglecting my birkins lately with so many other bags I have to carry but nothing beats the feeling of putting one of my yummy birkins on my arm. I am so excited about my excitement over my new birkin, it’s really amazing how each birkin makes me feel like it’s my first birkin. That, my friends, is the power of Hermes.

IMG_1351.JPGHermie the Hermes pony wanted me to tell you that he’s also got a gorgeous 50cm travel birkin in Olive with chartreuse straps. (which would make a fantastic manbag!) And yes, the photo below was taken at the Hermes boutique, who else but the Bag Snob would be allowed to take photos at Hermes? Call Hermes only if you are a serious buyer of this fab 50cm travel birkin!


More photos of celebs and their birkins after the jump!


Posh has a really great Hermes collection, I have this grey color in a regular birkin, she is carrying the JPG birkin.


I guess there was a fire sale on the hot pink ostrich birkin, I no longer covet this bag. I am now dreaming about the Indigo ostrich…..

I read in WWD that Hermes has bought many of it’s leather suppliers to ensure the supply of top notch leather. Vertical integration has become common practice with high end designers in an attempt to fend off counterfeiters. I just hope that also means they can control prices as well since they are not competing with other manufacturers for the skin. Regardless of price though, Hermes is a great investment, what other bag can boast a re-sale value of double the retail price? Even Hermes bags from the ’60s command current retail prices and you know it didn’t cost that much back then! These bags are heirlooms in the truest sense. How can you blame me for my obsession?




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  1. The problem I have with Hermes is that there’s no variety of bags I mean there’s knock off selling at flea markets and on some websites with all kinds of different materials some are even better then the real thing. I do like how the bags are made and how Hermes makes you want more but change the pattern of you bags Hermes some thing new and different.Oh and the green does not look nothing to a manbag I would never carry it

  2. Bag Snob Tina, what a delish bag. And ManBag is thinking about buying that man bag. I must ponder it…I always make myself wait a week after an impulse first hits me. And I love the color of Posh’s birkin – what a beautiful grey. I purchased an LV Trotter GM bag in the grey bequia leather with shiny brass hardware and I love it. But the grey on that Hermes is BEAUTIFUL…a dark grey almost putty-like color. Thanks for the man bag hint!! =)

  3. Is this the one you were carrying when I saw you? It is really beautiful. The color is fabulous (just like you)!!

  4. It is a beautiful bag-that chocolate lizard and I also fancy the Indigo one.The one Victoria is wearing is cool too.I´m sure the croco ones,especially if there is a grey version would also make me hum.People always carry these bags open,why so I don´t know.Although these bags are desirable ,they are not meant for me.They are just too sophisticated for my needs and my lifestyle.Nice to look at though.

  5. Hi, Bag Snob Tina, I have a question. If you would like to invest on a Hermes Birkin for the first time, which model will you recommend, the classic one or the JPG one ? What type of leather would you recommend and in what size? Thank you so much for all the Bag tips and reports. I love them and will check them out everyday.

  6. Hi Widi

    I would not recommend the JPG as a first birkin. The birkin is a much wiser choice as it will last through time. When JPG is replaced at Hermes, so will his eponymous bag. As for size, I recommend the 30cm. It is the most wearable. The Director at Hermes told me that Paris headquarters are shocked that Americans still covet size 35cm, in Europe and Asia, everyone wants 30cm and 25cm.

    Mette- I have a dark grey crocodile on order called “Graphite”, will keep you posted. As to why we wear the bag open,it’s for easy access. The reason Kelly bags are not as popular is because the buckle is very inconvenient! Thanks all for your kind words and support.



  7. Bag Snob Tina, I think you are right, the classic one might be a better choice. The only reason why I like the JPG version is because it is shorter. I love short and longer bags as I do not need to dig and rumble through my stuff to look for things, especially if the bag is dark in color. Thank you once again for the tips and advice.

  8. I have not been on in a while. Wow this dark coco brown is beautiful . Lizard is very classic. Just when i thought I was over the Birkin! .

  9. I love the way a Birkin looks when in use. Much character. How I’d wish for the grey one in 30cm. What a great neutral to go with my entire wardrobe. Can’t wait for you to share the story on the croc Graphite. Pretty sure it’s drool-licious!

  10. Hi BagSnob,

    I love reading your blogs on bags. I am also looking for the classic Birkin. I like the gold hardware. I would love to purchase from the Hermes boutique but the problem is there seems to be very limited availability. I am thinking black or chocolate or chestnut brown. It’s not my choice, right? You take what they offer seems to be true.

  11. Bag Snob

    I want to buy a birkin from the Highland Park boutique, but does it really take 3 years to get one??? Do people always wait that long to get one?

    BTW, I am going to Paris in August, and do you have any adivse on any chance I can buy a birkin there?

    Please help me.

    Thank you. =)

  12. Bag Snob what do you think of the Rue du Bac Bag ? its not hermes . But its classic . I forgot the name of the designer? I was in a airplane when i read about it.

  13. Bagsnob,

    I have a brown kelly, but I love the birkin so much! Do u think I should put my brown kelly on ebay and swap it for a birkin. I love my kelly, its my first hermes, but I do not! Please HELP ME!!! I am also looking into getting my mom a birkin for her birthday, how would u recommend I do so?

  14. Hubby has promised to get me a Birkin once the waitlist opens but that seems like forever over here in Singapore. Do you know where or how can I get one in the shortest time(other than flying to Paris)?

  15. several days a week big hermes shop in paris has a few bags delivered,if you go there early in the morning you could have one!the other possibility is 1:go to paris 2:order 3:go back to paris once you’ve received the letter(or maybe a call) which lets you know your special order is ready. KISS

  16. Bag Snob Tina….where did you find that stork? I think I’d like one of those chocolate birkin’s also. So classic, so elegant, so expensive. Sigh. Saving my money here in Iraq for a Hermes. Sad that it will take me two to three years to get one.

  17. Hello want a birkin of course there’s still a hope(If you want something we call exotic skins it gonna be a little bit more difficult but possible anyway!)So you have your hope,my heart & all the bagsnobs KISS

  18. love reading about hermes birkin bags, i have a colletion of mine which over the years is now 7, i know they are very difficult to get but i have become a vip customers over the years and can get hold of them quite easily should any one dieing to get one.

  19. Hi Tina,

    I am a fan of your very informative site, and I need some advises from you:

    I have an opportunity to buy a black 35cm Birkin with palladium hardware from a co-worker’s wife who got it as a gift from her very wealthy cousin in UK. This birkin has no box, no dustbag, nor the rain coat but the key lock. However, it is in good condition. How much do you think I can get it for? My budget is no more than $2,000 as this 35cm birkin with palladium hardware has incomplete parts that are supposed to come with it. I already have a 30cm Togo birkin with palladium hardware, and would not mind to enhance my collection of Hermes birkin bags (inspiration from you). Can you please share your wisdom on how much you think is a reasonable offer? I trust you!



  20. Hi Tina,

    Real fan of your site now that I have found it.

    I have a true dilemma

    I have a Hermes Birkin (original) purchased in Dublin which I LOVE, I never used any of my other LV’s, Guccis’ etc since I purchased the Birkin. Dilemma: I cannot afford to purchase a second Hermes, does anybody recommend a fake, are they any good, or is this just a complete sin??



  21. I have a forest green pebbly finish, gold hardware.

    I wish I had a lizard or croc.

    I think one can never have enough, so almost any color

    will find a way to be worn. Authentic is best, but if someone

    can buy a real one for 2,000, why not?

  22. Let me begin by thanking you, Tina, for ALL I’ve learned since beginning to read your articles. They’re informative and insightful with opinions right on target with mine… it’s phenomenal.

    I have a question moreso than a comment. I hope you’ll indulge me and respond. I’d love to know about the flap on the Hermes Birkinm if you will. Some photographs have the Birkin with the flap under the locked belt while others do not. Is there an insider’s secret to flap vs. no flap? (Be warned: This may come across to you experienced Birkin lovers as totally lame.) When the flap is missing, where does one place it?

    Please help me gain knowledge while simultaneously trying to resist the obvious whetted appetite this beckoning bag brings.

    Thanks, Tina!


  23. birkin is hard to get? i think it’s a myth.. i live in australia and there are 4 HERMES boutiques in this country. i have been to every single one of them and they always have got some birkins and kellies on display.. you can take them home if you’ve got the money.. no waiting..

  24. Hi Tina,

    I’ve come to the conclusion tht it is time to start investing in my wardrobe, and the first thing i want to buy is a birkin – what size is best for a guy, i dont want a travel bag but i want something that looks a little more masculine than the smaller ones.. also, what colours would you recommend? i find black really boring, i was thinknig the grey shown in the pictures carried by victoria beckham, or orange – Do you have any other suggestions? bearing in mind that once i buy i won’t be looking to purchase another for at least 2/3 years?


  25. Hi,

    I love this site and the “conversations” between the people. It makes me feel a little less freakish for obsessing over a handbag. I really want a graphite chevre 30m palladium BIrkin and there is no way to get one here in SF. I’m terrified that I’ll end up with a replica and that would put me over the edge.

    For my 40th last year I did buy a limited edition patchwork LV that I love, but I feel it can’t be worn year-round. Plus , come on, a Birkin is a Birkin.

    Oh the agony.


  26. Hi Rachael,

    Hold out for the graphite- you might have luck in other cities. My friend walked into the Toronto Hermes and scored a white birkin, just like that!


  27. After few years waiting I finally get a call from Hermes that a 30cm Black Birkin bag is ready for me to pick up. However, the one I want is with gold hardware but the one that they have now is with silver hardware. Should I take it or wait for the next round. Does anyone can tell me gold or silver hardware is more popular ?

  28. I think those bags should not be sold to Victoria Beckham, anyway it doesn’t even look good on her. She is a pain in the arse; she is so damn rich just because she is a celebrity. I want you, the person who is reading my message to STOP Posh the Pathetic Panda from buying those bags.

    Or I will sue you.

    Love always,


  29. Hi Tina,

    Please help me out here. I got a black birkin for my wife as a suprise but I notice there are some lines, sort of like rivers pattern on a map, running from top to bottom on the front and back leather of the bag.

    Is that normal for a black birkin? Her smaller 30cm birkin does not seems to have the lines.

    Also, what kind of leather are the birkin made of? (Its kind of like Lychee)

    Many Thanks


  30. I think that the 50 would be good. They are of course HARD TO FIND after Katie Holmes was spotted with one. If you see a celebrity with a Birkin they will probably get harder to buy. I suggest a 50cm in black. Thats the one I am looking at which would be perfect for a guy I think.

  31. Dear Tina!

    Just found your site!

    Like someone else said, I’m glad I’m not a freak at love, love, LOVING Birkins!

    I have yet to start my collection, and so I have questions.

    I plan to be Italy in May ’09.

    Is there any way that I don’t have to wait 3+ years for a Birkin?

    Also, do you know anyone who would like to sell a used Birkin?

    Thanks for all your help, in advance!


  32. they make the best ever. they use ex hermes craftsmen to make bags. you can even get a real diamond croc birkin in whatever color you want. they are truly awesone . these are also the bags you see sold on ebay as authentic

  33. they make the best ever. they use ex hermes craftsmen to make bags. you can even get a real diamond croc birkin in whatever color you want. they are truly awesone . these are also the bags you see sold on ebay as authentic

  34. Dear Ko,

    Are you still staying in Australia? where can i get the birkins in Australia, which part of Australia?

    Many thanks,


  35. I just got back from Tokyo, Japan and got my first Hermes Kelly in goto leather. Awesome price, no waiting list involved at Brand Shop in Kasai. Just be ready to pay custom dues getting back.

  36. Hello. I just read your comment about the ebay store that makes Hermes bags(replica). I really want to get Birkin that looks very authentic. Please give me the name of the ebay seller. Greatly appreciate you help!

    Thank you!

  37. I also have a Hermes Togo Birkin 30 Mandarin

    I am willing to part with if anyone is interested… Perfect condition Hermes Kelly in Ostrich (gold) – one tiny interior pen mark but Hermes sent it in for me and you can not even notice it anymore. Let me know if anyone is interested!!!!

  38. I have a jpg black 42 that I am planning to take to London in 10 days and I want to sell it. I bought it on ebay 6 years ago and it came from Germany and i have original receipt from Dusseldorf. I am looking for £4000. I also have a 50 cm Birkin HAC – perfect man bag, again been to the Hermes Spa so guaranteed authentic, I am looking for £5500 for that. They are part of my collection – and I want to go back to the 40cm Birkin I had before the jpg just for a change.

  39. I cannot afford all this and I like the soft picotin bag. Anyone knows in Singapore where I can buy a good replica. Thank you.