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“Japonesque” Roll Top Beauty Tote


How much do you cherish your valuable beauty products? This nifty little carrier will have all your beauty making treasures well protected and the roll top allows convenient access at your finger tips. It has a divided center for all your bottles and many pockets inside and out for smaller items. This is perfect if you have a second home or a life that requires you to look perfect all day long (that would be all of us!). If you’re like Tina and has the energy to switch bags on a daily basis, why not pack all the products you’re using for the day and tote it around in your car? You never know what the day will bring. If nothing else, you will be able to look fresh and smudge-free til the wee hours and impress all your girlfriends with your “natural” composure. It’s also perfect for those who have long distant relationships who need to look their tip-top right off the plane! I should know because I had to change my clothes and put on a full face of make up in yucky Logan Airport bathrooms once or twice a month until I got the rock on my finger! Tina was mortified that I might show up looking like a tired mess and would always remind me to bring my make up case before each trip. She insisted that I didn’t touch up the make up because it wouldn’t be as fresh as newly applied make up (and she’s right). Isn’t that what best friends are for? She also had really strict dating rules that forbade me to wear short skirts until the 6th date! I couldn’t apply this rule (or any rules) with my husband when we were dating since we got engaged on our 3rd date =) Never underestimate the powers of perfect make up!! Beauty Tote only $55, Exclusively at Nordstrom.



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  1. Hi, This doesn’t relate to your article but I’ve been reading your blog ever since you wrote your first article and I must say I’m a really big fan! I have a question concerning what products you would put in a waiting room to sell at a high class MediSpa that will already be carrying top of the line cosmetics. Thanks for your time. Hope to here from you soon!

  2. I just read this (see, I don’t even have time to read our own sites) and have to say that it is absolutely necessary to always have fresh make up on when dating. Especially after work. No matter how little you wear, make up gets caked in your pores and when you “freshen” up all you are doing is caking more stuff on it. Always wash and re-apply whether or not you have time to run home.

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