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Zac Posen Abbey Satchel

Just in case you are sick of looking at crocodile bags and reading my long stories, here is a quickie about an adorable addition to Zac Posen’s hand bag line up for Fall. The Abbey Satchel looks like something the most popular girl in high school would carry because it takes a certain personality to carry a big red bag that just shouts, look at me! The smooth leather is spiced up with just a touch of patent trim, so you get to be trendy without trying to hard. I love the curved shape of the bag, it softens up the bowler bag and makes it a bit more feminine. After a couple of rocky seasons, I am finally on board wtih Zac Posen bags, he’s made his signature nutbolt hardware lighter and with magnetic flap so you don’t need an actual screw driver just to open your bag. How could you not love it? Zac Posen Abbey Satchel available in red or black $1,500.

7 thoughts on “Zac Posen Abbey Satchel

  1. morgan on said:

    I love this. It’s young and fun, perfect for me.

  2. Tired of crocodile? Never! That however is a beautiful bag.

  3. I love your long stories. You describe exactly how I feel when I see a “must buy”.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Fun and colorful! I only like patent in small doses, this is very cute.

  5. Caroline on said:

    I see a pair of sleepy eyes when I look at this bag. Does anyone else see it too?

  6. Catherine on said:

    Now this is adorable! And I’m not so young but I would definitely carry this bag.

    Caroline- I’m seeing those sleepy eyes too!

  7. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    LOL. you have me seeing the sleepy eyes too, which makes it even more adorable. It’s like some Japanese cartoon character!

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