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Awake Skin Renovation Day Cream


It is so hot right now, I feel like I am constantly sweaty. I even feel icky and sweaty when I wake up in the morning so the last thing I feel like doing is applying a thick, heavy moisturizer over my already slick face. I know the imagery is a little much but it’s August so I know you can all relate. But of course, we cannot go without moisturizing and it’s an absolute sin to not apply sunscreen, that is why this Awake Skin Renovation Day Cream is so great. This is the lightest moisturizer I’ve ever used, and it still has everything I need, including SPF 17 and antioxidants to prevent aging and promote cell regeneration. I usually go overboard with my moisturizers, I use super anti aging and anti wrinkle treatments so that I can be ahead of the game, but honestly in the middle of summer, I just can’t deal with heavy creams. With this Awake product, I avoid having to walk around with an oil spill on my face and don’t need to compromise my obsession with not getting wrinkles. At Neiman Marcus for $65.



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  1. i won the awake products last month and loved them so much that i am absolutely going to have to try this cream! thanks for the tip.