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Bag Snob Pop Quiz – Aug. 15, 2007

UPDATE: Congrats to Elaine for identifying this buffed out celeb as Claire Danes!!! Your Bag Snob Bag Hook will be shipped to you soon!


Now this is what I call toned biceps! Do you think she got it from lugging around heavy bags or from working out? Seriously, we love this Valentino Braided Leather Histoire bag in Ivory and the celeb carrying it. Once again we are asking you to give us the NAME OF THIS ACTRESS and not the bag, it being obvious as the logo is in plain view :) The first person to get it right will win the engraved Bag Snob Bag Hook! You have no idea how useful these hooks are, your bags will stay clean and safe hanging under the table instead of the floor or back of a chair. Leave your answer in comments, US residents only please. Valentino Histore Bag available at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,695.


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240 thoughts on “Bag Snob Pop Quiz – Aug. 15, 2007

  1. claire danes

  2. Claire danes

  3. Claire Danes

  4. Clair Danes

  5. Clair Danes

  6. claire danes

  7. Claire Danes!

  8. Claire Danes

  9. claire danes

  10. Claire Danes

  11. claire danes

  12. clare danes

  13. Claire Danes

  14. claire danes

  15. Michelle on said:

    Claire Danes

  16. It’s Claire Danes, of course!

  17. Heather Leon on said:

    Claire Danes

  18. claire danes!

  19. lori wisniewski on said:

    claire danes

  20. Claire Danes

  21. Claire Danes

  22. Keilani M. Goggins on said:

    Claire Danes

  23. claire danes

  24. rachelle on said:

    Claire Danes!!

  25. claire danes

  26. Claire Danes

  27. Cristy dela Paz on said:

    claire daines?

  28. Anonymous on said:

    It’s Claire Danse.

  29. Claire Danse

  30. Claire Danes

  31. Claire Danes

  32. Sunny Lim on said:

    Clair Danes?

  33. Sunny Lim on said:

    Clair Danes??? from Romeo and Juliet

  34. Jenny Herce on said:

    wow! claire danes has nice biceps!

  35. claire danes?

  36. Claire Danes

  37. Claire Danes

  38. Claire Daines!

  39. Sorry! Could you please not post the last message I sent? I live in the UK.

    Sorry again,


  40. Claire Danes

  41. hows about Claire Danes?

  42. michelle on said:

    claire danes

  43. claire daines?

  44. It’s Claire Danes!

  45. keira knightley?

  46. Claire Danes

  47. Claire Danes?

  48. She is Claire Danes

  49. Gwyneth Paltrow?

  50. Or Claire Danes? What can I say, I am not a celebrity snob :(

  51. claire danes?

  52. Claire Danes?

  53. Claire Danes

  54. Claire Danes?

  55. Claire Danes

  56. Elizabeth on said:

    Claire Danes

  57. Claire Danes

  58. claire danes

  59. It’s Claire Danes!

  60. Anonymous on said:

    claire danes

  61. yumieecandiee on said:

    claire danes

  62. oops! Claire Danes!

  63. Claire Danes

  64. miz sienna miller ~~~

  65. its claire danes

  66. claire danes!

  67. Anonymous on said:

    Claire Danes

  68. Claire Danes.

  69. Claire Danes

  70. claire danes. she scares me. but been looking better these days.

  71. Kiera Knightly?

  72. claire danes

  73. Daisy Pena on said:

    It’s Claire Daines of course!

  74. that’s Claire Danes in the picture

  75. thefashionscientist on said:

    Sienna Miller

  76. is it claire danes?

  77. Stephanie on said:

    Claire Danes

  78. Claire Danes!

  79. Claire Danes

  80. sen yu hsia on said:


  81. senyuhsia on said:

    claire danes…????

  82. Is it Claire Danes?

  83. Claire Danes?

  84. Claire Danes

  85. Diana Fan on said:

    claire dane

  86. Can a man partake in these contests? I have a gf who would love a hook…it’s Claire Danes.

  87. Claire Danes

  88. Is it Claire Danes?

  89. Elizabeth Miner on said:

    Claire Danes

  90. It’s Claire Danes post-workout!

  91. Claire Danes

  92. Claire Danes!

  93. claire danes!

  94. Claire Danes!

  95. claire danes!

  96. claire danes.

  97. Christina Lee on said:

    Claire Danes!

  98. crispycreme on said:

    claire danes! thats claire danes!

  99. claire danes!

  100. Claire Danes

  101. Claire Danes

  102. Sharon Fuller on said:

    Its Claire Danes!

  103. Claire Danes

  104. is it claire Danes?

  105. Claire Danes?

  106. Claire Danes!

  107. Sarah Kimmel on said:

    Is this Mischa Barton? I think so!

  108. Meredith on said:

    Claire Danes

  109. Claire Danes, of course1

  110. s. hopkins on said:

    I believe it’s Claire Danes.


  111. Claire Daines

  112. claire danes?

  113. Claire Daines

  114. claire danes?

  115. clair danes

  116. Clair Danes

  117. Heidi Klum

  118. claire danes coming back from a work out.

  119. claire danes

  120. Annie Mulgrew on said:

    Claire Danes!

  121. Lee Ying on said:

    Claire DAnes

  122. Heather Lichtman on said:

    Claire Danes

  123. Clair Danes?!?

  124. michelle on said:

    Is it Claire Danes?

  125. Claire Danes!

  126. I know i’m too late, but its Claire Danes.

  127. Thi Van-Dinh on said:

    it’s clare danes

  128. claire danes

  129. Claire Danes

  130. Claire Danes

  131. Claire Danes

  132. claire danes

  133. It’s Claire Danes….

  134. Claire Danes

  135. Claire Danes

  136. Claire Danes

  137. Emily A. on said:

    Claire Danes

  138. Claire Danes

  139. Hartanto on said:

    claire danes

  140. claire danes!

  141. Cicely Weathington on said:

    Claire Danes

  142. Claire Dane!

  143. Claire Danes!

  144. I think she is Claire Danes.

  145. claire danes

  146. Claire Danes

  147. Jamie York on said:

    cameron diaz!

  148. Hello Kelly on said:

    I believe it is Claire Danes.

  149. Looks like Claire Danes!

  150. clare daines

  151. It’s Claire Danes!

  152. the actress is Claire Danes.

  153. Sara Boston on said:

    claire danes

  154. Anonymous on said:

    It’s Claire Danes

  155. Claire Danes

  156. Claire Danes

  157. Claire Danes and the Valentino Histoire bag…such a classy combination

  158. claire danes!

  159. Clair Danes

  160. Thuy Sixt on said:

    Claire Danes

  161. sillyolbear on said:

    claire danes

  162. Claire Danes

  163. Anonymous on said:

    Claire Danes?

  164. The actress name is Claire Danes.

  165. Clarie Danes

  166. Claire Danes

  167. Estefanía on said:

    buuuuuuu i know!! but i’m from Chile!!!

  168. Claire Danes?

  169. Clair danes!

  170. Clair Danes!

  171. Misha barton????

  172. Christine on said:

    claire danes!

  173. Deborah Cinotti on said:

    It looks like Clair Danes.

  174. Anonymous on said:

    Claire Danes?

  175. Claire Danes?

  176. Caroline on said:

    Claire Danes?

  177. claire danes?

  178. claire danes!

  179. claire danes (spelling?)

  180. Laura Chen on said:

    Claire Danes?

  181. Clair Danes

  182. Tiffany Gonzales on said:

    Claire Danes

  183. pad thai on said:

    Is it Claire Danes??

  184. irene kim on said:

    claire danes

  185. Claire Danes…

  186. claire danes

  187. claire danes

  188. sarah kuo on said:

    it’s claire danes!

  189. sarah kuo on said:

    it’s claire danes

  190. its Claire Danes

  191. Samantha on said:

    clare danes

  192. why it’s claire danes!

  193. Caroline on said:

    Claire Danes!

  194. Claire Danes

  195. christopher on said:

    claire daines.

  196. claire danes

  197. claire danes

  198. Claire Daines

  199. Is that Claire Danes?

  200. Genie Tang on said:

    The actress who is carrying the Valentino Braided Leather Histoire bag in Ivory is Claire Danes.

  201. Claire Danes!

  202. Jacky Lee on said:

    It’s Claire Danes!!!!!!!!

  203. it’s claire danes!!!

  204. stephanie on said:

    Claire Danes?

    ps – love your blog.

  205. Carolina on said:

    Claire Danes

  206. Ronald M Gonzales on said:

    Answer is Claire Danes

  207. Marissa Gordon on said:

    Hey Snobs, I think this might be Claire Danes!?

  208. Claire Danes

  209. is that jennifer gardner?

  210. claire danes?

  211. Julia Zirinsky on said:

    claire danes

  212. Claire Danes

  213. Claire Danes

  214. Brittany on said:

    Claire Daines

  215. Claire Danes?

  216. Is it Claire Danes?

  217. claire danes

  218. dahlia n on said:

    keira knightley

  219. Claire Danes!

  220. Claire Danes (?)

  221. Claire Danes?

  222. katie mckenna8 on said:

    claire danes

  223. Kate Brown on said:

    It’s Claire Danes!

  224. It’s Claire Danes!

  225. Claire Danes!

  226. Vanessa San on said:

    Is that Claire Danes? :)

  227. Clare Danes

  228. clare danes

  229. Claire Danes?

  230. obfuscated on said:

    Claire Danes

  231. THANK YOU BAGSNOB FOR THIS WONDERFUL PRIZE!! I absolutely love it!! I used it the day I got it for a night out with my girls and the second I took it out everyone wanted one and was asking me where I got it! I just told them to start reading Bagsnob everyday! THANKS AGAIN!

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