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Borba Acai Gummi Boosters

Eat your way to health and beauty? How about eating yummy gummi bears? Borba’s line of Acai berry gummi bears claim that they provide the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will restore your skin’s radiance, clean your pores and clear up your skin. Too good to be true? Well, this is nothing more than any multi-vitamin that is essential to good health and the yummy gummi format is just like the kind we had when we were kids. The big deal is it contains acai berriers, which is the new miracle cure-all. Dr. Perricone has proclaimed it the #1 superfood. It is a berry from a palm tree that is grown in South America. Research has found that in the lab it actually killed human leukemia cells (it is not yet determined if it will prevent leukemia in humans). The potential of this fruit is not yet fully known but it is the richest in antioxidants of any food. It is highly perishable so unless you are a neighbor of the Amazon, chances are you will not be getting fresh acai berries. So the best you can do is freeze dried powder or alternatives like this Borba Gummi. I did pop a few in my mouth and they taste just like candy (the texture is smoochier and are sweeter than regular gummies). They recommend that you eat as many as you like but don’t worry, 2 gummies are only 15 calories, 3 grams of sugar, totally fat free and organic. $25 for a pack of 136 gummies at Sephora.



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  1. Loved hearing about these bears. I have been reading so much about the Acai Berry. Many great testimonials although I am from Missouri the “Show Me” state. On your recommendation, I will run out to Sephora to buy the Gummy Bears.