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Devi Kroell Carlyle Clutch


I saw these beautiful little darlings in a case at Barneys today and I had to get my little hands all over them!! These babies are so delicious and it’s not just because it is python, I love the detailing on the chain, the little gold discs stranded together look like flower pedals. The whole thing is so danty and sweet yet packs a punch with the look and style. It is a frame with a clasp opening and the python is laid over the case, so although the clutch is hard, the flaky soft skin of the python makes the bag look delicate. You can’t help but touch it! The best part is that it goes with everything. It comes in different metallic colors as well as an off white so if you choose one that goes with your favorite finish, it will work with most of your evening wardrobe. You will definitely be seeing these on the red carpet, especially since exotic is such a huge trend for Fall. I am kind of confused though because I thought python was illegal in California and Beverly Hills is definitely in California. I know anaconda is allowed here so maybe they are saying it is anaconda but I checked with Devi Kroell and this is definitely python. Or am I getting them in trouble here by noticing the difference?? $1190 at Barneys and Devi Kroell online.



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