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Gerard Darel Soho


We first featured Gerard Darel last July to much fanfare. We even picked it as one of the top 10 bags of the year. These bags are hugely popular in Europe and is now getting ample attention in Hollywood with Eva Longoria toting them around recently (Gerard Darel is her favorite boutique in Paris). This new Soho bag for fall, appropriately named for being downtown city chic, is ultra cool with patent leather and the signature ruched sides. The interesting zippers and flap pocket give it that lower east side look. I totally love this bag, it’s cute and bad ass all at the same time (just like how I think of myself!). This is perfect for girls who need something wearable with everything but has that edge a plain ‘ole black bag doesn’t give you. Go to Gerard Darel’s website for details.



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  1. Oh wow, I just went to the website and looked through all the fall/winter bags, I want one… are they available online anywhere, or on the west coast in general?

    I’m so completly in love with his bags…

  2. This bag does look rather remarkable and interesting. I do have to comment on two things, however. First, when did “lower east side” become an adjective? That’s kind of silly. And two, when I was in Paris, I stopped by the boutiques and have to say that I wasn’t impressed with half of the bags in the place. They really photograph beautifully, though.

  3. I checked out the website and I love the bags especially the one you featured.I also noticed that the model they used for the handbags is Charlotte Gainsbourg, the daughter of Jane Birkin, the muse behind the Hermes Birkin Bag.

  4. Just got back from London a week ago and I made sure that I purchased a Gerard Darel over there since they are impossible to get here in the States. The bags are beautiful, well made and extremely cheap (compared to my other bags). I got a dark silver/pewter one and I get compliments on it all the time.

  5. Tried to locate this bag here in the States and impossible! They no longer sell them at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf doesn’t have any and there are only a handful of online shops that sell them and not even really nice ones actually. So good luck and if you find any places, please let me know!

  6. Ladies,

    I got two, one for myself and one for a French friend of mine, in Neiman Marcus, on sale, last season. Now, they don’t carry them. It is…get ready…red patent leather. We both love them…I digress. To get one, either have a friend pick one up while in Europe, or go to the French ebay site. They are too ubiquitous in Paris now, and have started to fall out of favor. Therefore, fashion forward French gals are selling theirs off. Good luck!

  7. Oooh! There’s a boutique in Montreal! I have a cousin who lives up there… might have to have her make a run over there and pick me up a bag or two. They look gorgeous!