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So I’m still makeup shopping for my fabulous trip to Maui this week. (I guess I sort of have my priorities messed up – I already have a bunch of new makeup but still no bathing suit!) Anyway, one of the new things I got was this really smart lip gloss set from CARGO. Their GlossBox is seven different shades of lip gloss (2 wands of each shade) packaged in a handy little case. This is perfect for traveling because the wands are essentially only good for a few applications, so if you loose them or leave them in a hotel it’s not much of a loss. There are all the practical colors you could want in the box (with the exception of the green). From nude shine to a raspberry shimmer you’re almost certain to find a shade you like. This will be perfect for my trip because it’s one less thing to pack on the way home. All the better to fit everything I buy! $15 at CARGO GlossBox™

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  1. fliibraud on said:

    i personally love Rhianna’s new line of lip gloss

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